商务英语 商务英语


(1)Do I have to make a reconfirmation?


(2)Is there any earlier one?


(3) Could you tell me my reservation number,please?


(4)Can I get a seat for today's 7:00 a.m. train?


(5)Could you change my flight date from London to Tokyo?


(6)Is there any discount for the USA Railpass?


(7) May I reconfirm my flight?


(8)Are they all non-reserved seats?


(9)Do I have to reserve a seat?


(10) May I see a timetable?


(11)How long will I have to wait?


(12)Which would you prefer,a smoking seat or a non-smoking seat?


(13)Do you have any other flights?


(14) When would you like to leave?


(15) Can I reconfirm by phone?


  • 商务英语建立关系网技巧2018-08-18

    Welcome back Business Skills 360 for the second part of our look at networking skills. In this episode, we’re going to focus on “network maintenance,” or how to make sure your network is healthy, o

  • 商业信函用语商务英语口语表达2018-08-17

    ●收信 我们收到了您1998年4月14日的来信。 We have received your letter of April 14, 1998. We have received your letter dated April 14, 1998. 我们收到了您的咨询函,非常感谢。 We thank you for your inqui

  • 商务英语BEC初级口语考试的短句2018-08-16

    1. The cartons are comparatively light, and therefore easy to handle. 相对来说,纸盒会轻一点,也容易搬运。 2. It is our usual way to pack these goods in cartons. 我方通常用纸盒包装这些货物。 3. Carton

  • 告知客户包装所用材料商务英语口语考试短句2018-08-16

    1. All our wooden cases are well sealed. They are not easily subject to sweat damage. 我方所有的木箱密封性很好。它们不容易被水损坏。 2. We believe that your clients will find the improved packing sati

  • 商务英语口语考试短句2018-08-16

    1. Every six month, we’d like to receive from you a detailed report on current market conditions and user’s comments on our products. 我方希望每半年从你处收到一份关于市场的现行销售情况和客户对我方产

  • 订货及确认的商务英语2018-08-16

    1. We are pleased to give you an order for 3000 computers in the current stock at the prices you quoted. 我方很高兴按你方所报从格条件订购3000套计算机,要求现货供应。 2. We wish to order from you your

  • 业务范围介绍商务英语BEC初级口语考试短句2018-08-16

    1. We wish to introduce ourselves to you as a sate-owned corporation dealing exclusively in light industrial goods. 我们是一家国营公司,专营轻工产品。 2. We are introducing ourselves as one of the lad

  • 要求优惠商务英语口语2018-08-15

    Part One 241.All your quotations are on FOB Vancouver basis may I ask if you allow any discount? 你所有的报价为FOB Vancouver,我想问的是能否有点折扣 242.Isn’t it possible to give us a little more dis

  • 商务英语订货及确认话题的初级口语2018-08-15

    1、We can now confirm you the order for 500 bed sheets and pillow cases.我方现在可以确认贵方所订购的500床床单和枕套。 2、We are glad to receive your order and confirm the acceptance for it.很高兴接到

  • BEC初级商务英语口语考试短句2018-08-15

    1. In case of any dispute, and no settlement can be reached through friendly negotiations, then we can submit the case to an international arbitration organization for arbitration. 如果出现争议,而且

  • 高职商务英语专业外贸电商人才培养模式探索论2018-08-15

    目前跨境电商已经成为外贸企业开拓国际市场的新渠道,是国民经济转型的重要支撑和未来经济发展的主流趋势。但是高职 商务英语 专业仍然应用传统人才培养模式,导致跨境电商人才的严重稀缺,也是限制中国跨境电商行业

  • 常用的商务英语口语2018-08-15

    Which would you prefer, a smoking seat or a non-smoking seat你喜欢哪种,吸烟座还是禁烟座呢? You’re going out of your way for us, I believe. 我相信这是对我们的特殊照顾了。 When would you like to leav

  • 处理商务英语听力中的生词的方法和策略2018-08-14

    摘要: 本文从作者的商务英语听力教学实践出发,研究学生在商务英语听力过程中遇到生词时该采用哪些方法和策略。学会这些方法和策略有助于提高学生的商务英语听力水平,从容面对生词。 关键词: 商务英语听力生词 方

  • 关于商务英语口译微课教学方法和措施2018-08-14

    一、前言 对于商务英语口译教学而言,要想提高教学效果,就要在教学方法创新上做文章。基于微课教学方法的优势,以及商务英语口译教学的现实需要,在商务英语口译教学中,积极应用微课教学方法,并制定具体的微课开

  • 大学商务英语课堂教学方法改革论文2018-08-14

    摘要: 在国际经济交流日益频繁的今天,商务英语这种将商业知识与英语知识相结合的课程应运而生。本文将从商务英语课堂教学的改革出发,探究商务英语新的教学模式,力求通过商务英语课程培养更多更优秀的适合社会各

  • 卖方对支付方式的要求的商务英语BEC初级口语考试短句2018-08-14

    1. Payment by irrevocable letter of credit is convenient for us and we shall draw a 60d/s bill in your bank. 不可撤消的信用证的支付方式对我方来说比较方便,所以我方将向你方银行开立见票后60天付款的汇票

  • 买方的支付方式的商务英语口语2018-08-14

    1. Payment by L/C is our method of trade in such commodities.? 用信用证支付这种商品是我们的贸易方式 2.Our usual terms of payment are by an irrevocable L/C to be established in the seller’s favour thr

  • 无锡市商务英语人才需求现状调查论文2018-08-12

    如 何 适 应 不 断 变 化 的 市 场 需求,如何根据现实需要对人才培养模式不断进行调整、优化课程设置和教学模式,以便更好地为社会培养 和 输 送 合 格 的 商 务 英 语 专 业 人才,这些问题是当前商务英语研究面临

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