商务英语 商务英语


(1)Do I have to make a reconfirmation?


(2)Is there any earlier one?


(3) Could you tell me my reservation number,please?


(4)Can I get a seat for today's 7:00 a.m. train?


(5)Could you change my flight date from London to Tokyo?


(6)Is there any discount for the USA Railpass?


(7) May I reconfirm my flight?


(8)Are they all non-reserved seats?


(9)Do I have to reserve a seat?


(10) May I see a timetable?


(11)How long will I have to wait?


(12)Which would you prefer,a smoking seat or a non-smoking seat?


(13)Do you have any other flights?


(14) When would you like to leave?


(15) Can I reconfirm by phone?


  • 商务英语口语例句——货物2017-11-13

    . Please effect shipment with the least possible delay upon receipt of the letter of credit in your favour established by us. 请贵方收到我方开立的以你方为受益人的信用证之后,立即发货。 . We hope that

  • 商务英语口语必备2017-11-12

    Unit Twenty-Seven 索赔内容及金额 Part One 791. The goods we ordered on February 12 have arrived in a damaged condition. 我方2月12日订购的货物抵达时已经遭损。 792. A number of cases are broken and the

  • 商务英语(BEC)中级口语考试范本2017-11-12

    口语考试分为三部分: 第一阶段:考官和考生交流,时间大约3分钟 1.Q:What’s your name? A:My name is (Kate) (注:括号内的为参考答案) 2 .Q:Where are you from? A:I come from (JiangSu Province) 3. Q:Are

  • 情景口语商务英语2017-11-12

    A: How long will it take for our order to be delivered? B: Lets see. You are importing fifty containers of textiles from China. They should be able to place your order before the end of next week. It

  • 网上营销 商务英语情景口语2017-11-11

    A: The new webpage design is much more effective than before. I feel confident it will rope in a lot more business because of its user-friendly format. B: Why do you think the new page is so much bett

  • 关于泄密事件的商务英语情景口语2017-11-11

    M: Did you hear what happened in the Scott case? Some of the sensitive material were leaked to the press. Now every newspapers is all over it. F: Oh...I bet the firm is fuming. Do they know who spille

  • 最新商务英语口语集锦2017-11-11

    1.Your?offer?is?wider?than?we?can?consider.? 2.We?very?much?regret?to?state?that?our?end?user?here?find?your?price?too?high?and?out?of?line?with?the?prevailing?market?level.? 3.We?appreciate?the?good?

  • 商务英语考试50句经典句型推荐2017-11-09

    1.我需要一个成套服务,包括机票和住宿 2 Id like to change this ticket to the first class. 我想把这张票换成头等车。 3 Id like to reserve a sleeper to Chicago. 我要预订去芝加哥的卧铺。 4 I wont check thi

  • 关于商务英语函电常用句型2017-11-06

    1.Please accept our thanks for the trouble you have taken.有劳贵方,不胜感激。 2.We are obliged to thank you for your kind attention in this matter.不胜感激贵方对此事的关照。 3.We tender you our since

  • 商务英语口语考试经典句型整理2017-11-06

    The answer is zero! 白忙了! The dice is cast! 已成定局了! The same as usual! 一如既往! The walls have ears! 隔墙有耳! There you go again! 你又来了! Time is running out! 没有时间了! We had better get g

  • 关于BEC商务英语阅读常见的关键句型2017-11-06

    BEC商务英语阅读常见关键句型(1) 1. It作先行主语和先行宾语的一些句型 She had said what it was necessary to say. 2. 强调句型 It is not who rules us that is important, but how he rules us. 3. All+抽象名词

  • 商务英语登机常用句型20句2017-11-05

    商务英语登机常用句型 1、I want a package deal including airfare and hotel. 我需要一个成套服务,包括机票和住宿 2、I’d like to change this ticket to the first class. 我想把这张票换成头等车。 3、I’d li

  • BEC商务英语阅读常见句型汇编2017-11-05

    1. as…,so…结构,这里的so的意思是in the same way(也是如此)。此结构表明两个概念在程度上和关系上相似。 As rust eats iron, so care eats the heart. 2. if any结构,if any和if ever,意思是果真有……,即使

  • 商务英语考试写作开头结尾高分句型归纳2017-11-05

    第一部分、BEC作文段首句常用句型 一、对立观点命题形式的首句 1. Many people do not doubt that A is superior to B , while others think quite differently on the issue of _____. Personally, I stand on the

  • 有关商务英语证书(BEC)学习的教材资料及常用商务英语句型参2017-11-04

    有关商务英语证书(BEC)学习的教材资料 教材: BEC初级 :《新编剑桥商务英语学生用书(初级)(Pass Cambridge BEC Preliminary Student book)(第二版)》,定价:40.00元;《新编剑桥商务英语(学生用带)(初级)(Pas

  • 商务英语常用句型汇总2017-11-04

    1. I am writing to confirm /enquire/inform you… 我写信是要确认/询问/通知你… 2. I am writing to follow up on our earlier decision on the marketingcampaign in Q2. 我写信来追踪我们之前对于第二季度营销

  • 精选基本商务英语句型集锦2017-11-04

    I decided to start my own business. 我决定自己开家公司. I built it up from nothing. 我白手起家. How did you raise the money? 你们是怎么筹集资金的呢? Prices have rocketed. 价格飙升. Business is booming

  • 商务英语考试写作的典型句型2017-11-03

    1. It must be noted that learning must be done by a person himself. 必须指出学习只能靠自己。 2. A large number of people tend to live underthe illusion that they had completed their educationwhen they

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