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  1、We'd like to order your products. We'll send our official order today.我们想订你们的货,今天会寄上正式的订单。

  2、Did you get our order for your telephones?你是否收到了我们订电话机的订单?

  3、We've noticed that your orders have been falling off lately, haven't you?我们发现贵公司的订单最近逐渐减少了,对吗?

  4、I am writing to confirm / enquire / inform you...我写信时要确认/询问/通知你…

  5、Can you let me have the name and quantities?你可以告诉我货名和数量吗?

  6、Unless you order in March, we won't be able to deliver in June.除非你方三月订货,否则我们无法6月送货。

  7、I am writing to follow up on our earlier decision on the marketing campaign in Q2.我写信来追踪我们之前对于第二季度营销活动的决定。

  8、from our decision at the previous meeting...如我们在上次会议中的决定。。。

  9、As mentioned before, we deem this product has strong unique selling points in china.如先前所述,我们认为这个产品在中国有强有力且独一无二的销售点。

  10、Be assured that individual statistics are not disclosed and this is for internal use only.请确保个人信息不会外泄且只供内部使用。

  11、Can we make a change on order No. 29734?我们可以修改一下29734号订单吗?

  12、Our offer is reasonable and realistic. It comes in line with the prevailing market.我方的报价是合理的、现实的,符合当前市场的价格水平。

  13、We make a counter-offer to you of $150 per metric ton F.O.B. London.我们还价为每公吨伦敦离岸价150美元。

  14、There are a number of issues with our new system.我们的新系统有些问题。

  15. Enclosed is our brochure.

  16. We hope you will reconsider the offer. (委婉地让客户重新考虑下订单。)

  17. Should you have any inquiry, please kindly feel free to let us know.

  18. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

  19. We look forward to the opportunity of being of service of you.

  20. Thank you again for your kind cooperation.

  21、We are obliged to thank you for your kind attention in this matter.不胜感激贵方对此事的关照。

  22、We should be grateful for your furnishing us details of your requirements.如承赐示具体要求,不胜感激。

  23、It would give us a great pleasure to render you a similar service should an opportunity occur.我方如有机会同样效劳贵方,将不胜欣慰。

  24、"We assure you of our best services at all times.我方保证向贵方随时提供最佳服务。

  25、"This places our dealers in a highly competitive position and also enable them to enjoy a maximum profit.这样可以使我方经营者具有很强的竞争力,还可获得最大的利润。

  26、I would appreciate your kindest understanding with/regarding this matter.我很感激你对这件事情的理解。

  27、It's our principle in business to keep our promise."守信用"是我们经营的`原则。

  28、Could you please send me your replies to the above questions by the end of June?请您在6月份前答复我上述问题好吗?

  29、Please feel free to call me at any time, I will continually provide full support.请随时与我联系,我将持续地提供全程支持。

  30、Hope this is clear and we are happy to discuss this further if necessary.希望上述说明很清楚,如有必要,我们很乐意再进一步讨论。

  31、We apologize for the delay and hope that it doesn't inconvenience you too much.我们为耽搁道歉,希望这没有给您带来太多不便。

  32、Your understanding and cooperation is greatly/highly appreciated.很感激您的理解及合作。

  33、I would like to hold a meeting in the afternoon about our development planning for the project A.今天下午我建议我们就A项目的发展计划开会讨论一下。

  34、Let's make a meeting next Monday at 5:30 PM SLC time.下周一盐湖城时区下午五点半开会。

  35、I want to talk to you over the phone regarding issues about report development and the XXX project.我想跟你电话讨论下报告进展和XXX项目的情况。


  1. Thank you very much for your kind reply.

  2. We would like to take this opportunity to introduce our company and products。

  3. Thank you for your inquiry dated on *** (date of the email from your customer) concerning *** (your product).

  4. It gives us great pleasure to send along the technical information on the model together with the catalog and price list.

  5. Received with thanks. (收到某附件并表示感谢。)

  6. Inquiries regarding our new product, *** (your product), have been coming in from all parts of the world. (有点吹牛逼的成分,但主要是为了吸引客户的重视。)

  7. You should note that the recent advances in raw materials have affected the cost of this product unfavorably. (如果觉得自己的价格会偏高,可以这么说。)

  8. The falling market here leaves us little or no margin of profit. (拒绝客户的还价要求时,可以跟客户这么解释。)

  9. Our current situation leaves us little room to bargain.

  10. We will make every possible effort to speed up delivery. (为客户争取尽快发货。)

  11. In response to your letter of *** (the date), we regret your complaint very much. (处理客户的抱怨。)

  12. Please kindly find the attached BL darft, Thanks. (让客户查收附件常用的表述。)

  13. Please kindly find the telex release letter as attached, and confirm your receipt by return.

  14. Pls check and confirm your receipt by return. (要求收到后回复。)

  15、We seek your assistance to cascade / reply this message to your staff.我们请求你的帮助,将此信息传达给你们的员工。

  16、Could you please let me know the status of this project?请让我知道这个计划的进度?

  17、Please let me know if there’s anything I can do to help.请让我知道任何我可以帮得上忙的地方。

  18、Please accept our thanks for the trouble you have taken.有劳贵方,不胜感激。

  19、I'm afraid I don't find your price competitive at all.我看你们的报价毫无任何竞争性。

  20、This offer is based on an expanding market and is competitive.此报盘着眼于扩大销路而且很有竞争性。