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  BA0059 to Cape Town


  27th AUGUST

  Dear customer,

  I am sorry for the disruption(扰乱) to your journey today.When flying Morocco, your aircraft changed its course and flew to Barcelona due to a medical emergency.As a result, the cabin crew are legally out of flying hours to continue on to Cape Town.The service has therefore returned to Heathrow Airport, London to allow for a change of crew.

  Your new departure time will be 18:00 on 28th August, arriving in Cape Town at 06:40 on 29th August.

  We have arranged rooms for you to stay at the Renaissance Hotel.Breakfast, lunch and a three-minute telephone call will also be provided for you.

  We suggest that you take your hold luggage with you when you go to the hotel.For your transport to the hotel, you will need to make your way to bus stop 15.This is located outside the main Terminal (航站楼) building.

  Transport back to Heathrow Terminal 4 has been arranged at 14:15 on 28th August.Check-in will be available at Zone A from 15:00.Passengers travelling in First or Club World may check in at Zone D.

  I again apologize for the inconvenience and frustration you have been caused.I can assure you we are doing our best to make your wait as comfortable and brief as possible.Thank you very much for you understanding.

  Yours faithfully,

  Reg Harper

  Customer Service Duty Manager

  PO Box 10 Heathrow Airport

  Hounslow Middlesex TW6 2JA

  1.What will be offered to passengers

  A.Three meals.B.Three telephone calls.

  C.An overnight stay at a hotel.D.Transport to and from their homes.

  2.When will passengers come back to Heathrow Airport.

  A.At 15:00 on 27th August.B.At 14:15 on 28th August.

  C.At 18:00 on 28th August.D.At 06:40 on 29th August.

  3.What’s the main purpose of the letter

  A.To give advice.B.To issue an apology.

  C.To show thankfulness.D.To make an announcement

  Bedtime on the Orient Express.We stood in the corridor while a woman pulled our bunk beds (双层铺) into place-- there wasn’t room in the carriage for all three of us.Barking the news that she would be waking us at 7 a.m.with a cup of instant coffee and a piece of cheese, the woman left and we retired for the night.

  ‘ Bunk beds ’ you may be thinking.Small carriage Instant coffee This can’t be the real Orient Express! Oh, but it is.This is a very real Orient Express indeed.In search of a long weekend in Vienna, there seemed no more attractive way for my friend and me to get there.

  The original Orient Express service was started in 1863.Luxury carriages ran the route from Paris, France to Giugiu, Romania.In 1934, Agatha Christie sent Hercule Poirot on just such a journey in her novel Murder on the Orient Express.However, there was a rise in air travel which was quicker and cheaper and eventually the whole operation was brought to a halt in 1977.The name was reused in 1982, when the Venice Simplon-Orient-Expresss took its first voyage between London and Venice.

  Admittedly I would have loved to take the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express, with its on-board shop and piano in the bar, but at around £1,700 per person for a four-night one-way journey, it was too expensive for us.So we chose this excellent way of buying into the romance for a small amount of the cost.

  But we loved it.Ours was no luxury bedroom, but it had its own rough charm-- not to mention the magic of travelling across international borders overnight.I haven’t slept in a bunk bed since I was seven, and climbing up into it took 25 years off me.For one night only, it was comfortably appealing.Naturally, I took a copy of Murder on the Orient Express to read on the train.I smiled at the descriptions of airy dining cars and fresh coffee.

  My weekend in Vienna was wonderful and reunited with the cut-price Orient Express at the end of the holiday, we were rather delighted to see our little carriage again.Good old bunk beds.Terrifying old attendant.And best of all, nobody got murdered.

  1.What does the underlined word “halt” in Paragraph 3 mean



  2.What do we know about the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express

  A.It was first put to use in 1863.B.It runs between Paris and Giugiu.

  C.It referred to a railway line at first.D.It is luxurious and its fare is expensive.

  3.What made the author choose the ordinary train

  A.The low price.B.The bunk beds.

  C.The air of romance.D.The shop and the bar.

  4.Why did the author smile while reading Murder on the Orient Express on the train

  A.His experience was different from the book’s description.

  B.He felt relieved that nobody got murdered on the train.

  C.The book was very interesting and amusing.

  D.He enjoyed his train journey very much.

  Imagine this: You’re at the movies seeing the latest box-office hit.The leading actor chases down the film’s bad guy before winning over the beautiful leading lady.What does he do next He sucks on a cigarette.

  What’s wrong with this picture Doesn’t the beautiful woman see her hero’s yellow teeth Doesn’t she smell his smoky breath And wouldn’t the good guy have trouble chasing, since smoking causes a person to cough

  But you don’t see any of that when someone smokes cigarettes in the movies.And there is a lot of smoking in movies.Actors light up in more than 50 percent of youth-rated (G, PG, PG-13) movies, according to the American Legacy Foundation, which aims to put an end to smoking among young people.That means that Hollywood is showing 14 billion images of smoking to young people every year.

  All that exposure to on-screen smoking can influence teens to smoke.The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) argues that 44 percent of teens who begin smoking do so because they’ve seen smoking in movies.The CDC reports that teens are two to three times more likely to start smoking after seeing repeated smoking scenes in movies than teens who are lightly exposed to smoking in movies.

  Several organizations are working to remove smoking in youth-rated movies.And adults are not the only ones who care about this issue.Many teens are actively involved.Livia Clandorf, 16, of Chatham, New York, is a member of Reality Check, an organization that educates teens about what it considers to be the manipulative(巧妙处理的) practices of tobacco companies.Livia participated in an event called a “movie stomp(跺脚)”.Reality Check rents out a movie theater and screens a youth-rated film that shows smoking, they stomp their feet and show disapproval by shouting “boo”.

  1.What purpose does Paragraph 1 serve in the passage

  A.To provide background information of a movie.

  B.To attract readers’ attention to the topic.

  C.To describe a plot in a movie.

  D.To offer some basic knowledge of cigarette.

  2.What is the picture you are asked to imagine like according to the author

  A.It’s touching.B.It’s beautiful.

  C.It’s frightening.D.It’s unreasonable.

  3.What can be inferred from the CDC’s words

  A.Over 50 percent of teens smoke.B.Teens should watch more movies.

  C.Many movies cause teens to smoke.D.Teens are less likely to smoke than adults.

  4.When will participants in a “movie stomp” stomp their feet

  A.When they are active.B.When they are excited.

  C.When they feel like smoking.D.When they see smoking scenes.

  Floating on the surface of the seas of the world are billions of tons of small plants and animals called plankton.Most of these plants and animals are too small for the human eye to see.They move about lazily with the currents, providing a basic food for many larger animals.Plankton has been described as the equivalent (相等的东西) of the grasses that grow on dry land, and the comparison is an appropriate one.In potential food value, however, plankton far outweighs that of land grasses.One scientist has estimated that while grasses of the world produce about 49 billion tons of valuable carbohydrates(碳水化合物) each year, the sea’s plankton produces more than twice as much.

  Despite its enormous food potential, little effort was made until recently to farm plankton as we farm grasses on land.Now scientists have at last begun to study this possibility, especially as the sea’s resources appear even more important as a means of feeding an expanding world population.

  No one yet has seriously suggested that “planktonburgers” may soon become popular around the world.As a possible farmed supplementary food source, however, plankton is gaining considerable interest among scientists.

  One type of plankton that seems to have great harvest possibilities is a tiny creature called krill(磷虾).Growing to two or three inches long, krill are a major food source for the giant blue whale, the largest animal ever to live on the Earth.Realizing that this whale may grow 100 feet and weigh about 150 tons, it is not surprising that each one swallows more than one ton of krill daily.

  Krill swim about just below the surface in huge schools sometimes wide, mainly in the cold Antarctic.Because of their pink color, they often appear as an entire reddish mass when viewed from a ship or from the air.Krill are very high in food value.If krill can feed such huge creatures as whales, many scientists reason, they must certainly be competitors among possible new food sources for humans.

  1.Which of the following correctly describes plankton

  A.It has a higher food value than grasses.B.It is food for most small sea animals.

  C.It can grow on dry land as well.D.It grows up in the deep water.

  2.Why does the author mention”planktonburgers” in Paragraph 3

  A.To show scientists’ interest in plankton.

  B.To describe the appearance of plankton.

  C.To question the food potential of plankton.

  D.To suggest plankton as a possible food source.

  3.According to Paragraph 4, the blue whale___________.

  A.feeds mainly on krill.B.can grow up to 150 feet.

  C.suffers from lack of food.D.was born two or three inches long.

  4.Which of the following is TURE about krill

  A.They mainly live in the Arcitc.B.They are of great value to humans.

  C.They are the smallest sea animals.D.They come in many different colors.


  Happiness doesn’t mean being joyful or laughing all day long.Although happiness should be defined by each of us for ourselves, a general understanding of it could be having more good moments and memories than bad ones and having an overall feelings of satisfaction and fulfillment.1.Read on and you will know the answer.

  2.Many of us have the impression that we’re not allowed to be happy and that we don’t deserve it.Well, we all deserve to be happy, no matter what others say or even what we believe.So allow yourself to be happy.

  Smile even if you don’t feel like it.Yes, smile as often as you can.3.If you’re alone, smile for at least 3 minutes and our brain will take it as a real smile and will start producing feel-good hormones(荷尔蒙) and other chemicals.

  Enjoy the now.4.Worrying about the future will not make you any more ready for whatever it is that finally happens.Choose the now and make an effort to live it.

  Count your blessings.Take a piece of paper and something you like to drink and sit comfortably maybe with some nice music in the background.Then write a list of every blessing in your life.Start with the smallest ones: I’m alive...to the biggest ones you can feel.5.Once you’re done, leave the list on the table.Read it every morning during breakfast for a week.

  A.Don’t leave anything out.

  B.Give yourself permission.

  C.If you are with people, they’ll feel warmer.

  D.Be brave and imaginative with your words.

  E.So, how can we have more happy moments

  F.Feeling bad about the past will not change it a bit.

  G.Why not say something loving to one person today


  She wasn’t aiming to make history.But in the late 1990s, when Sumita Mitra, a chemist at 3M, _____ to use nanotechnology(纳米技术) to improve dental (牙齿的`) fillings, that’s exactly what happened.Now _____in dental offices--- and almost every mouth, her fillings are certainly one of the life-changing _____.

  Any invention starts with a _____ and so did Mitra’s fillings.Before the mid-1990s, fillings came in two different _____.One wasn’t strong enough for stress-bearing _____ of the teeth like biting surfaces, and the other was strong but could become rough from _____ and chewing.Dentists often had to use two types of materials for every filling, which _____ problems.

  In the 1990s, nanotechnology became a growing field for scientific advances.Mitra thought that _____ nanoparticles(纳米粒子) could be used to make a filling, the result would both look nice and be able to _____ wear and tear.Mitra didn’t have much _____ with nanotechnology, but scientists at 3M’s research labs were _____ with it for other uses.She joined them and _____ some very unique combinations of nanoparticles.Realizing that nanoparticles could _____ all the requirements was one significant moment, but the _____to combine nanoparticles was the big breakthrough.Nanoparticles are all the same size, and Mitra realized that she could _____them like a bunch of grapes.The work was groundbreaking and _____ the creation of a famous product--- the 3M Filtek Supreme Universal Restorative.The product was the first successful _____of nanotechnology in dental material and the first commercial application of nanotechnology at 3M.

  Though the invention isn’t _____ used in other fields, it has really taken dentistry by storm.Patients and dentists are _____with it.

















  17.A.dealt withB.led toC.looked intoD.came across






  Steam trains were replaced by electric ones many years ago, so when the newspaper I worked for 1.(hear) that the Admiral steam engine had been restored (恢复), they decided to send me on 2.(it) first trip.I wanted to go even though I 3.(general) disliked travelling by train.In fact, I was looking forward to 4.(see) something I had never seen before.

  When I arrived at the station, lots of people had already been there for a while, enjoying the 5.(celebrate) of the rebirth of the Admiral.At two o’clock, everyone was ready 6.(board) the train.I settled myself into a compartment (列车车厢) where I was soon joined by an old man 7.claimed to be one of the original workers on the Admiral.He told me how much he had hated being covered in coal dust all 8.time.His family had been too poor to buy more things 9.the basic necessities.It was a pleasure to listen to him.At every station, people were waiting to greet the train, and it was 10.(excite) to see their faces as the past seemed to come alive again.



  Last Saturday our class went hiking in a countryside.We meet at our school gate and set off at 8:00 am.On the way, we were singing and laughing happily while a girl suddenly fell into a deep hole.She felt so frightening and even burst into tears.One of my classmate found a long rope and we got him out.Fortunately, she didn’t suffer seriously injuries, but it seemed that her ankle slightly twisted.We managed to sending her to the nearest hospital.It is an experience we’ll never forget it, though we didn’t enjoy ourselves very much that day.


  为迎接“五四”青年节,你校将举办英语才艺表演(talent show),想邀请你校外籍教师Smith先生前来观看并做评论?假定你是学生会主席李华,请你按照下面内容用英语给他写一封电子邮件。

  主题:“校园生活,创意无限”( innovations on campus)


  内容:歌曲、舞蹈、课本剧(textbook drama)、故事演讲






  Dear Mr.Smith,




  With best wishes,

  Li Hua