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英文求职信 篇1

  dear leaders:


  first of all, thank you for your busy schedule to visit my自荐信for enthusiastic students who want to open a door.

  liu i xx, is a forthcoming in july XX and graduated from northeast institute of the first optometrists, jinzhou medical college students in optometry. to take this career, i with a sincere heart and pursuit of the cause, in good faith, recommend their own.

  i love, as the optics and the application of professional, school, the systematic study of optometry, optometrists and other optical theory and practice of professional knowledge, but also to study the optical shop management and marketing knowledge and talents to community needs to guide efforts to make their own talent to develop in the direction of complex, time after school to learn computer knowledge, familiar with the windows 98 operating systems, proficiency in the use of networks, the internet can quickly find the necessary information. in december XX adopted a three-level english examination, and have achieved outstanding results.

  personally speaking, take part in dance competitions in school was third, host to participate in competitions and achieved good results, but also presided over a successful social evening. while studying at the school has been serving as student leaders, in the classes has been a leader in the post, has a certain ability and capacity to organize and coordinate, with a strong sense of responsibility, able to bear hardships and stand hard, honest, confident, dedicated. i have a strong practical ability and good down-to-earth efforts to everything.

  actively participate in operational training and a strong design, optometrists on behalf of institute of china central television in an interview, i stressed the importance of special places in our hands the ability, because i know that in today's society, apart from the empty theory is far from not enough, the need to apply the theory to practice, such as street to the popular propaganda spectacles and contact lenses, as well as to a number of homes for the elderly and other activities for the clinic.

  the past does not mean that the future is the true meaning of hard work, practical work for i believe that i was able to quickly adapt to working environment, familiar with the business, and in practical work, keep on learning and improving themselves, do their jobs.

  good people who live day to three thousand more to swallow a miss; where there, things become, qin bai chu is the final clearance.

  look forward to your feedback!



英文求职信 篇2

  Dear sir,

 Four years as a senior clerk in sales department of the new world products company have,i believe,given me the experience to qualify for the job you advertised in thursday.

  Since1981i have been responsible for all office details in the administration of sales, including writing much of the correspondence. in the course of my work,i have become familiar with the various sales territories,and have also in my spare time experience of handling business problems other than my proper sphere.

  The years before i was employed at the new world,i was a secretary for long brother,an accounting i became familiar with accounting terms and procedures.

  I was graduated at wah yan college,in june am twenty-five years of age and single.

  I am leaving my present position because i can use my capabilities more fully in a position with wider present employer knows of my ambition and is helping me to find a new place.

  May i see you at your office to tell you more about myself and show you just how well i can do the work you require.

  Yours faithfully,

英文求职信 篇3

  Dear leaders:

  Hello! Thank you for your busy schedule to review my cover letter.

  I Department of Hanyang University College of English Department of Foreign graduates in 20xx, facing the choice, I am full of longing and expectation, your organization is willing to put themselves forward to a frank, and submitted my letter of the material, please review.

  I am a young graduate of the school, sixteen years of hard I created a self-improvement. University four-year short and full of life, a thousand days and nights to come, I wisdom boat, Ying, Chaoyang, send Traveling in the ocean of knowledge. I understand that: modern society, the opportunities and challenges; I know: Only unremitting efforts to have a good harvest. It is with this conviction, I am optimistic and enterprising spirit, hard-working hard learning attitude, work hard pragmatic work style, the principles of teamwork skills, to forge ahead and beyond the self, and strive to become an innovative spirit, a positive open compound talents.

  University life is my life, one of the most important stage of my exploration of life, the practice of true value, independent and wisdom, towards a more mature process. During this period I learned not only textbook knowledge, such as computers, the legal basis for Marxist political economy and other public courses and intensive reading, extensive reading, speaking, listening, writing, translation, Japanese, psychology and other professional courses, as well as the mathematical culture , the basis for economic management, logical thinking and methods, the wisdom of Western philosophy and dialectics of nature, such as elective courses, but also truly understand the meaning of life, the value of life. Work in the future, I was able to engage in English translation, administration, economic management, English education, the modern office, clerical and related work, such as import and export trade. Over the past few years, I am determined to make a study of excellence in this professional college, I not only have a solid theoretical foundation, but also a certain degree of practical ability and the spirit of hard team work. Born in rural families, I have a hard work, hardship, and pragmatic spirit and style. Rural life cast of my simple, honest, kind-hearted personality, I am not afraid of difficulties in cultivating the setbacks, the struggle of the spirit of unwillingness to admit defeat.

  College, I constantly improve their knowledge structure, to improve their overall quality. "天道酬勤", today I have the system to learn and master all the courses set up and familiar with the development needs of the international situation. For this reason, in the university community during the many practical activities. And to integrate theory with practice, active in school practice, test their knowledge at the same time, so they have a strong analysis of issues and the practical ability to solve the problem, at the same time enhanced the lives of students of my high organizations and the leadership and management abilities, especially in the company model of grace on the stage even more enhanced my courage and self-confidence. Self-confidence and perseverance are my principles, I am calm and optimistic attitude, a broad-loving enrich me. Facing the choice, I have full confidence in their own community and the desire to be recognized by society, to have the opportunity to play to their wisdom, have contributed to society.

  "Decade of grinding sword today to show-jun." I do not have university diplomas to sponsors, no political background to the rich decor, but I have a healthy and natural for me, self-confident and not arrogant, modest and innovative, mature and full of vitality. I would like to with the nature of my most sincere heart and with other students to accept your selection. "Master said a few heroes? Loyalty and fear of the public and its Literature," in the real world, such as the countless number of talents, that is, the god of the universe, it is difficult to pick up one by one, I can come to the fore, the only real value of post-mortem practice. Looking back, I have the courage to be diligent in their studies to explore the road of knowledge; Looking to the future, I would be willing to devote themselves to the cause of the business the way to open up.

  Choose the good and the Migratory birds, the main and optional thing. "Distinguished leadership, one in urgent need of the sky eagle wings, good horse riding to be a party to the path. Your organization created to develop performance and long-term prospects, I admired for a long time. am sure I will be diligent in their own sweat, along with colleagues in your company for a bright future endless struggle, my dedication and enthusiasm of young talent! I sincerely hope to become a member.

  I believe: It is the Federation of luminous gold! Past achievements have become history, the glorious future efforts need to be created and realized. In this gorgeous and colorful, ever-changing era, only high-quality, high-quality, high-capacity integrated talent to fierce competition in an invincible position. You believe that your trust and I will be a combination of strength for our common success. Meng Gu you a letter, be grateful!

  I wish the work!


英文求职信 篇4

  Dear Handan xx hospital leadership:

  Hello! Thank you for taking the time to start my cover letter, I was a series of Guiyang Medical College, in clinical medicine (in the direction of Integrative Medicine) 20xx final year students.

  After six years of university study north, south to medical school, With strict professional attitude of humility, the spirit of benevolence doctors professional ethics, to be with a teachers guidance, I believe I can go to outstanding clinicians and acupuncturists direction .

  Heard so much about your hospital is the professional medical standards, skilled treatment techniques, quality service attitude to social recognition. Your hospital keep the entrepreneurial spirit, comfortable and harmonious working environment, teachers and teaching methods, the pursuit of doctors who benevolence of the concept makes me very professional admiration. Want to be the embodiment of one of them, the platform for a common philosophy and firm to complete their chosen career.

  My academic performance are in the upper reaches. Western medicine more than the range of learning English, can accommodate complicated, break the routine, but creative. I examination capability may not be superior, but music in scholarship, and constantly self-charging.

  School nearly six set, the initial conditions into the clinicians basic quality. While in practice, combined with clinical, self-study Auricular acupuncture therapy to the number of patients during treatment, and achieved a certain effect, received more profound study of the bodys career in medicine doctor benevolence way.

  Monsanto Hospital of Guangxi during his medical clinic with the teacher trainee, preliminary master of acupuncture techniques in the treatment of patients up to 200 people, familiar with common medical and acupuncture, to broaden the thinking; in western Guangxi University Affiliated Ruikang hospital internship, master of the clinical basic skills and diagnosis and treatment of common diseases, and understand the thinking of clinical syndrome differentiation and communication skills with patients; In addition, in Lucky and China, the Chinese game centers and other large companies planning cooperative projects, so I create a more systematic and comprehensive way of thinking and and social, interpersonal, communication a certain ability to the company; to Beijing to study the experience of well-known colleges and universities to enrich the reading, and learned to take it lightly in the face of setbacks capacity. I believe these make the work can be multi-faceted thinking, flexible, coordinated approach teamwork and interpersonal relations.

  Today, the health care system, physician-patient relationship in the continuous improvement in the period there will be complex and diverse temporary, doctors face not only the treatment of diseases, as well as a range of issues, so responsible, thinking, jumping, insight, patience and strong adaptability, I, acupuncture, medical psychology, environmental, and planning editorial photography, yoga is my specialty. Practice of doctors who have been hoping to line benevolence concept in the medical profession as a physician-patient multi-seeking related to each other needs. Sincerely hope that under your leadership for this worthy cause aggressive.

  Finally, please accept my most sincere gratitude, I wish success in your work!



  Zijian: Wang xx

  In January 20xx xx xx Day

英文求职信 篇5

Dear Mr. Wickard:

  As today's economy and competitive pressures place tighter constraints on business, IT professionals with a diverse background can provide greater value when budgets are tight.

  As a versatile MIS professional, I have experience in project management for a wide variety of business applications in systems and database design, quality assurance, troubleshooting and programming. My B.B.A. in Accounting has given me an exceptional understanding of financial applications.

  While at Johnson Corporation, my hands-on management style and strong technical skills have enabled me to meet deadlines in high pressured environments.

  I am seeding a position in applications management developing business systems,or a liaison position between IT and the user community.

  My current compensation is $65.000. Should you have an appropriate opening which parallels my background, I would appreciate a personal interview. I look forward to hearing from you.

  Thank you for considering my credentials.

  Very truly yours,

  Sandra B. Timpkins


英文求职信 篇6

Dear school leaders:

  Hello.First of all,to express our deep respect your hard work!Also thank you forreading my introductory material in spite of being very busy.I was a student at the Chengdu University,Sichuan Foreign Languages University Englishspecialized 20xx sessions,will soon be faced with graduation.After four years ofuniversity education and university life,in the face of new opportunities and challenges,I am more firmly "self-confidence,self-reliance,diligence,modesty"life creed.

  Sichuan University of foreign languages is a famous English talent training base,in order to rigorous scholarship,education and well known.In such a learning environment,I truly feel the joy of learning English and determined to be ateacher of the people devoting themselves to the cause of English education,whether in the intellectual capacity,or in the quality of self-cultivation,I have benefited from.

  Knowledge,courage and insight and I look forward to your appreciation!

  Wisdom,love and confidence I also will help you achieve great ambition!

  Finally I wish your school education is advancing wave upon wave,tomorrowbetter than today!

  Yours sincerely