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  —Are you going to see the movie with us tonight______

  — No, ________________________ .

  A.I haven’t seen the film B.I will go with you

  C.I have already seen the film

  I won’t arrive at school on time ________________________ my father gives me a ride.

  A.if B.when C.unless

  The fiction is ________________________ touching ________________________ I want to see it again.

  A.too, to B.so, that C.either, or

  When we heard the good news, we jumped up and down in ________________________ .

  A.excitement B.development C.satisfaction

  — ________________________ to Xing Kai Lake______

  — Yes.I went there last month.It’s quite beautiful.

  A.Have you been B.Did you go C.Have you gone

  ________________________ I know, he has no brother or sisters.

  A.As long as B.As far as C.As much as

  Ma Yun, head of Alibaba, is one of ________________________ persons in the world.

  A.rich B.richer C.the richest

  We plan to travel around.But we haven’t decided where ________________________ .

  A.going B.to go C.went

  Ten years ago, ________________________ foreign students studying in China was small.

  A.the number of B.a lot of C.a number of

  — ________________________ in the city______

  — About 1,000,000.

  A.How many populations are there B.What’s the population C.How much population are there

  —When did you become a volunteer______

  — I ________________________ in this group since 20xx.

  A.took part B.have joined C.have been

  —Will Tina go to the Bird’s Nest with Tom______

  —If you don’t, ________________________ .

  A.neither will she B.so will she C.neither do she

  The old toy car remind me ________________________ my childhood and my grandma.

  A.on B.of C.with

  If you want to know more information about the coming party, please ________________________ the website: Http:// www.happy-weekends.com.

  A.set up B.pick out C.look through

  — The light in his room is still on.Do you know ________________________ ______

  — Maybe at midnight again.

  A.if he is busy studying B.when he will stop working

  C.why he stays up so late


  The American government carry out(实施) new rules to limit(限制) junk food and sweet drinks in schools.The rules stop advertisements(广告) for______ _____ foods on school grounds during the school day.

  Big companies like Coca-Cola and PepsiCo are saying “yes” to the new _____ .Many have already started to advertise their healthier foods.For schools, they will ______ junk food advertisements like a Coca-Cola scoreboard(记分板).Schools need to get a(n) ______ scoreboard with a healthier message.

  “The new rule makes sure that schools should be a safe place where kids can ______ and where students can eat healthy food and keep a healthy______ _____ habit.” Tom, a government officer, said in a meeting.

  The new rules also plan to help _____ kids.They will make the schools serve breakfast and lunch to all _____ for free.The government says that will help feed about millions of kids in 22,000 schools.The rules will help keep____________ _____ on ways to build standards(标准) for foods.

  “ Obesity rates(肥胖) among children in the US have dropped greatly over the last 10 years.This means that at least for kids, we can do something helpful to _____ them from becoming too far.That’s why we come up with the rule,” Tom said.

  1.A.expensive B.unhealthy C.cheap

  2.A.books B.foods C.rules

  3.A.take away B.eat up C.run out

  4.A.big B.small C.new

  5.A.learn B.work C.play

  6.A.eating B.singing C.working

  7.A.clever B.poor C.young

  8.A.teachers B.students C.workers

  9.A.companies B.families C.schools

  10.A.learn B.stop C.leave


  Camping has always been the best way I know to be outside.Whether you prefer to be in the woods, mountains, or swimming in the river, camping is wonderful.

  Before you just take off and go there are a few things you should know about before you leave.First of all you’ll need your boots, a tent and of course a backpack.The right boots are an important thing that you’ll need.Packs come in all different sizes.For over a week you will need at least a 6,000-inch pack.Your tent should have the main tent, the rain fly(防水布), along with the support(支撑) poles(柱,杆), and these hold up your tent.You should also bring along a piece of ground cloth.This is a piece of plastic that goes under your tent.It can keep your tent dry and clean from the ground.

  During the camping, always remember to keep your things dry and keep them in a zip lock bag.Use fires only when you must.Fires scar the land.If you do use a fire make sure to use it in the fire rings if possible.Keep noise level down.This way you’ll have more of a chance to see wildlife.Always remember that hiking is depending on your personal health.Never be afraid to ask your hiking partners to stop for a break.It’s important.

  Finally, keep your camera close by.Make sure you don’t miss out on the natural wonders.You’ll enjoy them later.It’s simply great fun to go on camping!

  1.The writer thinks the best way to be outside is ______________________________ .

  A.camping B.climbing mountains C.swimming in the river

  2.The second paragraph is mainly about ______________________________ .

  A.getting ready for the trip B.the right boots and packs C.keeping your tent dry

  3.Look at the chart below.Which can be in the empty box______

  A.boots B.a backpack C.support poles

  4.During the camping, why do people try not to use a fire______

  A.Because it can destroy the land.

  B.because they don’t have the fire rings.

  C.Because the smoke is bad for their health.

  5.The underlined word“wildlife”may be ______________________________ .

  A.flowers B.animals C.stars

  While smog(雾霾)is a problem in many of the world’s cities, few have it as bad as china.Most of last year, the air around Beijing was polluted.And the people of Harbin, in Northeast China, have not had it easy either.On days in winter, when air was really dirty, people couldn’t even see across streets and airplanes have a hard time landing.

  The problem is so serious that it has caused different ways to deal with the smog.The most usual way is wearing face mask(口罩)that almost no city people leaves home without them.There are also different kinds of air purifiers(净化器).Scientists are trying to clean the air using artificial(人工的') rain.

  The best way to control smog would be cutting emissions(排放).The government of China decided to do something to fight against the pollution that is becoming a serious health problem for its people.They have shut down some factories.They stop cars from going into cities like Beijing, on days when there is much smog.They have also planned to spend as much as 3 trillion yuan fighting against smog.

  But the fact is that is not effective enough to stop the smog and allow people to experience a bright sun.The right thing officials should do is: clean up China’s cities the old way — By cutting down emissions.

  1.On days, people couldn’t across the streets in Harbin because ________________________ .

  A.it’s too snowy B.it’s too cloudy C.the air is too dirty

  2.The second paragraph talks about ________________________ ways to fight against the smog.

  A.two B.three C.four

  3.What does the writer mainly tell us in the third paragraph ________________________ ______

  A.The government is trying to cut down emissions

  B.The government has shut down some factories.

  C.The government stops cars going into the big cities

  4.The underlined word “effective” in the last paragraph means ______________________________ .

  A.expensive B.difficult C.useful

  5.What’s the best title of the passage______

  A.Cutting down Emissions.

  B.The Dirty Air in Beijing

  C.Heavy Smog in Harbin


  Today I Ate A Rainbow is a useful game about our health.It makes eating a rainbow of fruits and vegetables fun for kids!

  In the game teachers or parents use a colorful rainbow(彩虹) chart and bright colored magnets(磁铁).They known about the fruits and vegetables they eat the whole day.

  “Sometimes it can be really difficult to get children to eat their fruits and vegetables.Says Mrs.Welles, “My little son is weak but he doesn’t like fruits and vegetables.He likes to eat junk food.I think this chart can help him know about his intake of fruits and vegetables.I’m sure the idea can work well.

  Fruits and vegetables have vitamins, minerals and nutrients.Many nutrients give fruits and vegetables their bright color … the brighter the better! The chart is made up of these important color groups: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green and Indigo.The different bright colors show the different nutrients that each fruit or vegetable has.So we can use the rainbow colors as a guide to know what we should eat today.


  1.What is Today I Ate A Rainbow according to this passage______


  2.How many parts is the game made of______


  3.What does Mrs.Welles’ son like to eat______


  4.What colors are there in the color groups of the chart______


  5.What can we use the rainbow colors to do______



  Chi Zhen, an 18-year-old student in Seville, Spain, used his camera to tell the story of two girls living next door.The photos went online 1.

  In the photos, Anna Maria, a fat Spanish girl, is watching TV, “ 2.”says Chi.“She loves watching TV so much that she just eats fast food in front of her computer every day.”

  Anna Maria hardly ever goes out because she thinks she’s not beautiful and doesn’t know how to communicate with others.She blames luck.“I’m not as lucky as Veronica,” she often says.

  3.,Veronica, the “lucky” girl next door, has taught herself four foreign languages and traveled to many places.She often goes to the library and her knowledge and experience help her take part in any conversation and become the center of attention.

  4..They stay in their little circles, always complaining about their luck, yet never changing it.

  “ They say ‘maybe I will do it in my next life’, but they are in their 20s, their best time.5.______” Chi says.

  A.She spends most of her time in front of her computer.

  B.How can they give up hope and accept this as their life

  C.But she doesn’t know that while she’s wasting time watching TV dramas

  D.Comments on the photos show that the two girls’ future is in their own hands

  E.Chi thinks Maria is similar to many of his Chinese friends who study abroad


  consider______ among______ especial______ hometown______ for______ childhood____________ honest____________ since______ borrow____________ own

  Have you heard of a living library______ Your answer is probably “No”.There is such a library in my 1., Beijing.It opened on December 24,20xx.

  In a living library, readers can 2.and return books as they do in a normal one, but the “books” in it are real people.They share their stories and ideas with readers.Some stories are even about their 3..Many people like spending time there,4.on weekends.

  “From here we get to know people with stories to share and also to understand who they are and the way they live,” said Li Xingning, owner of the living library.“5.I was a little child, I have always dreamed of being a librarian.Now I have 6.a library.”

  7.the “living books,” a man named Yu Shi is a street singer.He used to live a vagabond(流浪汉) life 8.nine months.He made a living by singing in the street.

  “To be 9., I really like the job.I’m 10.starting a library like this in my hometown soon.” said Li.


  根据下面的英文提示,适当拓展,写一篇70 词左右的短文,介绍你喜欢的书籍或音乐。

  What kind of books/music do you like______ Why______

  Brief(简明的)introduction about the book/music.

  What do you know about the writer/singer______ Have you met him/her______