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英文求职信 篇1

Dear Sir / Madam:


  Thank you for taking the time to visit me this introductory letter, to a graduating university students an opportunity, in the time I expressed deep gratitude!

  First of all, let me introduce myself, my name is way xx, is the 20xx session of the South China University of Foreign Trade English graduates, learn your organization recruit more capable personnel, but to my screen name, sincere desire to join, as your organization future building blocks, more ready to contribute their own labor and wisdom.

  Bing Zhao thirst for knowledge, persistence in learning English in school during which I seriously learn the knowledge, and adopted the CET examination through the National Examinations in Computer II. Organizational members in the class post office, organized a class outing body, in class activities such as fun games, of course, these are small things, but the opportunities to develop my organizational skills and good coordination.

  I actively participated in extracurricular school activities, has represented the professional in the knowledge I gained the first prize competition, and I also participate in social practice, had done in school tutoring during the post also served as a steward at the Internet cafe post, also Noah made electronic dictionary market research, social practice through which I learned a lot less than the knowledge learned in the classroom, the community has some knowledge and understanding. 07 summer students working for a company in Shenzhen, on the running and operation of foreign things with personal experience, I think this is the most valuable experience.

  I usually hobbies, favorite music, sports, playing guitar, at school also took part on behalf of my professional football. Meanwhile, the military and political rather concerned, often bought on the military and political aspects of reading newspapers and magazines, and consumer electronics products in today's world there is a certain concern. With youthful enthusiasm and desire to know, I am about to finish the four-year journey seeking knowledge, a better university life, cultivate my strict scientific way of thinking.

  I also created a positive and optimistic attitude towards life and the pioneering spirit of innovation. Inside and outside the classroom social practice, a solid foundation of knowledge and broad vision, made me a better understanding of the community; to develop a continuous learning work, rigorous, pragmatic work style and excellent quality of unity and coordination, so I am sure they are completely able to positions in setting, dedication, more business! Music eye and began my trip to Trinidad. Force of the wind strength of the grass, the Long Run. Ancient houses, this point will have horses. Peter remains to be willing to take you to you "use" to prove.

  Yours faithfully,


英文求职信 篇2

Respect yourpany leadership:

  How do you do! First of all thank you for taking the time to see my letter of application.

  I am wuhan ErQing industrial technical school graduates of the class of 20xx. I love die the professional and its input for the high energy and enthusiasm.

  In the three years of technical school life, I work hard, and strive to up, study hard foundation and professional knowledge, after school time positive to broaden their knowledge, and take an active part in school in various sports activities. As was about to step out of the school, to social JiJiaoSheng, I full of passion and confidence to meet all of this.

  In todays society need high quality talents, so www.lunwenwang.com I always pay attention to own improve, and build a reasonable knowledge structure. In the mold and numerical control (nc) has a profound theoretical foundation, and mechanical drawing, mechanical process, tolerance fit, machinery manufacturing, professional mathematics, mechanical processing,puter graphics and so on various aspects have certain base.

  Three years technical school life study and exercise, give me is only a preliminary experience, for towards social not enough, but the so-called and to know already person to die, I believe my full of working passion and serious academic attitude can make up for the deficiency of the temporarily. Therefore, in the face of the past, I with no regret, here is a wise choice. Facing the present, I strive for success diligently; Facing the future, I look forward to more challenges. The conquest of difficulties, holds each opportunity, believed that oneself certainly will deduct splendid one.

英文求职信 篇3

  dear sir or madam,

  my name is qiu job. i am currently a graduate of nanjing university of posts and telecommunications in early july of XX. i am writing to express my interests in your company. the job sounds particularly interesting. it is precisely the kind of work i have wanted to do for many years. my experiences obtained from inside or outside university thus far have, i think, given me the attitudes and the understanding that would enable me to learn the details of the position you are in demand.

  if an ability to take direction well, and to carry out orders faithfully, is important to you, then i may be the good person for the job you’ve advertised.

  i’d very much appreciate the chance to talk to you, and to get your opinion on whether my background and qualification would be suitable for the job you offer.

  i can be reached by telephone at 86-138-0903-0984 or you can also send email to zhanggang0519@qiewo.com .

  thank you for your time and consideration.

  sincerely yours,

  zhang gang

  july 13, XX

英文求职信 篇4

  (1)Explain the reasons for writing the job search letter (简明写求职信的理由)

  a. Your advertisement for an assistant chemist on June 30 th newspaper arouses my interest a great deal.I hope to offer my service at you company because of my following qualifications;…


  b.In reply to your advertisement in yesterday Wuhan Evening Paper,I respectfully offer my service for the position.


  c. Your very attractive advertisement in yesterday Changjiang Daily seemde made to order for me…and me for the job.


  d.This morning China Daily carried your advertisement for a computer operator at a large company.


  e. Ability to organize marketing campaigns and to supervise employees.


  f. Six valuable years of experience in the retail grocery business,with both a small privately ownde chain and a large corporte chain.


  g.Direct first -hand knowledge of all phases of the business operation.


  h.I should like to apply for the position mentioned in your advertisement in Changjiang Daily of October 18.


  i.Learning from Mr.Hong that you are looking for a sales manager,I should like to apply for the position.


  j.In answer to your advertisement in today Hubei Daily for a secretary,I wish tender my service. 贵公司在今天湖北日报上登载的招聘秘书的广告,我希望能得到这个职位。

  k.I would like to apply for the position of financial director you have advertised through the Personnel Market on Chezhan Road.


  (2)Explain the reasons for leaving your previous employment (说明你离开以前工作岗位的理由):

  a.My reason for leaving my present employment is that I want to obtain broader experience in trading.


  b.At present I have to leave my position as my presint employer have been forced to liquidate his business.


  c.I have to leave my present job because I have little change to be promoted.


  d.The only reason why I am leaving the present position is that I try to win another opportunity to better myself.


  e.On account of the discontimuance of business at the company,I left the office.


  f.I would like to do with your company where the work will be more diversifiedand on a higher creative level.


  h.My present job can not offer me much chance for me to tap my potential in the field of computer.But the job you advertised on the newspaper is what I have desired to apply for ,because it offers me ……


  i. There is no prospect of promotion where I am at present and I would like something more challenging.


  (3)Express the demand for the starting salary (表示希望得到的起始薪金)

  a.I hesitate to state a definite salary. But ,so long as you have requested me to do so, I should consider 1500 yuan a month satisfactory.


  b.I am willing to serve on probation for some months at a small salary.


  c..Although it is difficult for me to determine what kind of salary level I can meet,I should consider 1000 yuan a month appropriate.


  d.I am willing to start with a smal salary.


  e.My present job pays 15000 yuan a year, in additon to health benefits and bonuses.I am looking to start here at 1200 yuan or above that figure with periodic inceases b

  ased on performance on the job ,plus the usual benefits package. 我现在的工 作待遇除了健康保险和奖金外每年还有15000元薪金。我想在贵公司工作的起点为每月1200元或更高,然后按工作表现,定期增加工资当然还包括一般的福利待遇。

  f.I should require a commencing salary of 1000 yuan a month.

  我需要的薪金起点是每个月 1000元。

  (4)Express strong personal qualities(表达个人的特长)

  a.My resume shows my success in corrdination a busy schedule of collegiate studies,part-time jobs,and extracurricular a ctivitise. The presidency of the students union at the university provides evidence of the trait which you require for the growth of your company.


  b.I have received a good education and learned taking notes in English shorthand.


  c.During my summer job with a joint venture in Tianjin,I gained a great deal of first -hand knowledge about foreign trade and learned how to communicate with people of defferent interests and backgrounds.


  d.My education has provided me with a broad background in the field of foreign trade and sales promotion.


  e. As a result of my experience in these two programs mentioned above, not only have a basic understanding of managerial processes, but also understand the terminology and viewpoint of professionals in data processing.


  f. This educational background plus my courses and experience with computers certainly rquip me to be an asset to your financial management department.


  g. My fluency in English and French is first-rate.


英文求职信 篇5

dear leaders:

  hello! first of all thank you for taking the time to read me the cover letter.

  i hu over the XX session of vocational and technical schools, professional secretarial fresh students, in july XX will face graduated, the following is my basic situation.

  i chose this school is in the form of work-study, in such an

  environment, both in knowledge and ability, personal qualities or accomplishments, i have benefited greatly. three years, the teacher's strict teachings and personal efforts, i have a solid foundation of professional knowledge; in learning to master a certain amount of my professional knowledge, familiar with foreign affairs common

  etiquette, proficiency in operating a computer office software, 3ds max flash photoshop and so on. at the same time, in my spare time involved extensive measures of the large number of books, not only to enrich themselves, but also to develop their abilities in various, more importantly, rigorous study and correct learning attitude shaped my simple, stable personality characteristics.

  i have a half years of working experience in the united states, sony internship, there are certain social practices, through the year and a half of work i learned a lot, but also to develop my perseverance and hard work spirit, enhance their sense of responsibility, communication skills and ability to learn, cultivate a spirit of

  solidarity, so that i can continue to work to overcome difficulties. i want my energy to get your loyalty and recognition, i am more rich social experience and helpful personality can get you to enjoy!

  i look forward to your flying the sky, i will use my sweat to prove your wise choice!

英文求职信 篇6

Dear Mr Wang:

  I came across your online advertisement for a marketing intern. My previous work experience and education make me a perfect fit far this position. Please find my resume and two references attached.

  I have several months of work experience in the marketing field as an intern with Computer Inc. as well as four years’ study in business and marketing in People’s University. My past experience has convinced me that I would like to pursue a career in marketing.

  On top of my desire to work for your company, I also feel that an internship with Electronics Company would benefit both of us. Your company is always thinking of new and innovative marketing techniques, and I have several work experiences creating marketing campaigns.

  I am confident that an inter-view would be a great way to discuss this position further. You can reach me via phone at 010-555-900 or email at xiaozhang@yahoo.com

  Thank you for your time.


  Xiao Zhang

英文求职信 篇7

  April 13,20xx Room 212 Building 343 Tsinghua University,Beijing 100084 Ms. Yang: I was referred to you by Mr. Zhang, a Partner with your Beijing office, who informed me that the Shanghai office of your company is actively seeking to hire quality individuals for your Auditor Program.

  I have more than two years of accounting experience, including interning as an Auditor last year with the Beijing office of CCCC. I will be receiving my MBA this May from Tsinghua University.

  I am confident that my combination of practical work experience and solid educational experience has prepared me for making an immediate contribution to your company. I understand the level of professionalism and communication required for long-term success in the field. My background and professional approach to business will provide your office with a highly productive Auditor upon completion of your development program.

  I will be in the Shanghai area the week of April 16. Please call me at 136001216901 to arrange a convenient time when we may meet to further discuss my background in relation to your needs. I look forward to meeting you then. Sincerely,

  Cheng Dan