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  Dear Sir/Madam:

  Please consider me for your Sales Management Program. My background is one of selling ideas, concepts and programs, and of motivating myself and others to realize our potential.

  Attitudes predict behavior - or so goes the saying in sales. If this holds true, I am sure to be as successful in sales management as I am in my college endeavors. My unceasing optimism, self-determination and ability to set goals have allowed me to achieve academic and personal objectives.

  Because of my can do attitude, sales will provide the challenge and opportunity to continue my successful history of setting and achieving goals. Please allow me the opportunity to elaborate on how my background predicts sales success. I guarantee you ll be providing your corporation with an outstanding sales management . Thank you for your attention.



Dear xxx:

  Good morning / good afternoon, my name is Yang Haiyan, you can call me yanzi. I like the swallow flying in the air.

  It really can have this opportunity to interview a great honor, I would like to answer whatever you may raise, and I hope I can make a good performance today.

  Now I will introduce myself briefly. I this year 20 years old, born in Jiangsu province. I grew up in a family of sweet, composed of my dad, mom, my brother and I. I am an optimistic and confident girl. I have full confidence in a bright future, I believe I can do the best. Punctuality and diligence are the most important future career, I will try my best. Although I just graduated from school, I have confidence in my future.

  Flying in the sky become airline stewardess has been my dream since childhood. This is why I want to work in an airplane, why I am standing here, coming here for an interview. I hope my application will be granted, so I will put the dream of my best service all over the world, the Civil Aviation Administration of China I can come true a member.

  All this. Nice talking to you. Thank you.




Dear Sir/Madam:


  I was from the XX university marketing professional yjbys.

  I like to read books and newspapers, because it can enrich my knowledge; I like running, because it can hone my will, in the end I was what kind of person?? I am a lively, cheerful, warm, persistent, strong willed. Since today is the competition for the position of sales manager, I want to talk about their understanding of sales. Is not the same as a sales promotion, but sales are an important part of the sales. In order to do a good job in sales, the first is to do a good job of self marketing. Let a stranger trust himself is a certain degree of difficulty, but only customers believe that can, will believe their products, in order to better products into the market. I want to "be a man, do things, do business" is probably the meaning of it!

  I think as a sales manager. In addition to should have some knowledge of sales outside, should also have good communication and coordination ability, can bear hardships and stand hard work, has the good team cooperation spirit, pay attention to professional ethics. As a monitor, I, in three years time, organized a variety of activities in the class. Through the organization of these activities, improve their organization and coordination ability, strengthen the sense of teamwork. And I realized that personal ability after all is limited, only through teamwork, brainstorm, complement each other, in order to better completed work. If this time I was fortunate to sales manager, I want to build a platform, let their colleagues in a relaxed and yet the atmosphere of strict, we cooperate with each other, have good team spirit.

  At the same time, I think, sales is also a kind of service. Since it is a service, it should be done so that we are satisfied with the enthusiasm and sincerity to do. Passion, an indispensable element in the work, is to promote our continuous innovation in the work, the power of the whole body into the work. Passion plus a sense of challenge, I believe I can do this job.

  "Integrity is the foundation of our cooperation, win-win is our common goal!" I would like to work with XX culture to develop together to create a glorious history!




























  Dear Admissions Committee:

  I am pleased to have this opportunity to recommend one of my capable students at the ABC University, Mr. Hung-Doe Doe, to your universitys master degree program in computer science for entering class fall 19xx. Through my extensive observation of him in both academic and extracurricular fields, I have come to the conclusion that Mr. Doe possesses a number of valuable qualifications that will make him an outstanding member of his graduate class.

  I have had the pleasure of knowing Mr. Doe when he was under my instruction in the course of Electrical Engineering during the academic year of 19xx. While attending this requirement course, Mr. Doe has left me with the impression as a bright and hard-working student who is highly motivated in his coursework. His academic integrity can be reflected by the fact that he ranked in the top 10% in the class. Unlike most of his peers, who gained knowledge merely from school lecturing, Mr. Doe has spent a great amount of effort and time on reading advanced articles and textbooks and therefore has developed a firm grasp of this subject. I am of the opinion that my class has provided Mr. Doe with a solid basic background in electronics and circuits analysis, which is valuable to his academic pursuit in computer science.

  An open-minded individual who never let go any learning opportunity and is always willing to share with people his own opinions and ideas, Mr. Doe, often came to me discussing various questions and problems he encountered during his studies. I was pleased to learn of his strong interest in electronic related subjects and the most up-to-date advancement in this field. His diligence and commitment to coursework has left a deep impression on me. I have, without any doubt, come to consider him to be a highly promising student. With the intelligence and persistence that Mr. Doe has displayed, he will have no difficulty in succeeding in any academic environment and continue to perform outstandingly in your graduate school.

  In general, I consider Mr. Doe a highly promising applicant to the master degree program in his proposed field. I have the least reservation on his potential to succeed in his future educational as well as professional pursuits. I give him my highest recommendation.

  Thank you very much for your time and consideration. Should you wish to discuss anything pertaining to his application, please do not hesitate to contact me.

  Best regards

  Sincerely yours,



  I wish to apply for the position of editorial assistant advertised in JobsPower.com.

  I have had considerable editorial experience and am familiar with proofreading, rewriting, and production, as well as the more creative aspects of this type of work. I should like to summarize briefly my experience:


  For two years I was employed as managing editor on an ABC weekly newspaper having a circulation of about 30,000. Here I did a great deal of original writing, wrote the headlines, and worked directly with the printer in setting up the paper.


  Previous to 1978 I worked as assistant editor in Baker International Guide Book, where my duties consisted chiefly of reading proof and rewriting, as well as composing lengthy articles and shorter item.


  I also worked as assistant editor on a trade journal in the food field the Dairy Weekly, where my tasks were similar to those described above, but also included a great deal of interviewing and personal contact with members of the industry.

  All in all, I have had eight years of business experience, and am familiar with all phases of office routine. At present I am employed as promotion manager on an advertising magazine, the future of which is so uncertain as to make its employees desirous of securing a foothold in a more firmly established organization.

  I was graduated from Boston College in June, 1979 with honors, after six years of attendance in the evening session, while working full-time during the day. I majored in English literature and am continuing my studies in this field at present at Thornton University, where I expect to receive my master's degree in June, 1985. At Boston I was for two years managing editor of the evening session newspaper.

  As much as I should like to join your organization, it would not be advisable for me to do so for less that $9,500, which is my present salary.

  I shall be able to call for an interview at your convenience, and shall be able to supply any necessary or examples of my previous work.


dear sir,

  i would like to ask you to consider my qualification for the position in sales that you advertised in jobspower.

  i graduated from the college of business administration in june of 1996.

  since that ti. i have been taking night courses at city polytechnics in sales techniques and advertising.

  for the past four years, i have worked as a shipping salesman for maersk, one of the world largest shipping .pany.

  at present i am their chief salesman and a.ount for over one quarter of the sales in asia.

  before my present employ.nt, i worked for abc chains boutique as a salesclerk.

  we worked mainly on .mission and i was able to earn a substantial amount although i was very young.

  i would like to make a change now because i feel that i can go no further in my present job, i feel that my ability and my training should enable . to advance into a better and more responsible position, and itappears that this will not be forth-.ing at my present position.

  if you would like to know more about my ability, i can be available for an interview at any ti. convenient to you.

  sincerely yours


  Dear Sir, I take the liberty of writing you to apply for aposition in your corporation. In 1981,graduated from the Powerman Course nd Electrical Equipment Repair Course of the U.S.Engineer College and also graduated from the Management Course of Industrial College of the U.S.University in 1985. I have just returned from the United State.I would like to work in your corporation.I believe that Ican perform well under your leadership. I sincerely hope that you could give me an opportunity of first of all.

  Enclosed herewith are three copies of the U.S.diplomas and acopy of my resume for your reference. Your prompt reply in thi***atter would be greatly appreciated. Yours very truly, ?Dear Sir, I take the liberty of writing you to apply for aposition in your corporation. In 1981,graduated from the Powerman Course nd Electrical Equipment Repair Course of the U.S.Engineer College and also graduated from the Management Course of Industrial College of the U.S.University in 1985. I have just returned from the United State.I would like to work in your corporation.I believe that Ican perform well under your leadership. I sincerely hope that you could give me an opportunity of first of all. Enclosed herewith are three copies of the U.S.diplomas and acopy of my resume for your reference. Your prompt reply in this would be greatly appreciated. Yours very truly, ?


  Respect yourpany leadership:

  How do you do!

  My name is , 29, is university college enterprise management professional graduates.

  Yourpany is the famous Chinese and foreign joint venture, chairman of the board to use its fruits, I traveled already a long time. When I saw yourpanys recruitment notice , the more inspired confidence in my application, I am eager to serve yourpany, chairman of the board of directors for effectiveness.

  I during her study at school, pay attention to ideological and moral cultivation, strict demands on themselves, and positive to participate in social practice, the academic record outstanding, 3 times get excellent student scholarship. I studied the system of enterprise management, industrial management, business management, tourism management, marketing management, market research, the secretary study, marketing, public relations practice, document processing and other disciplines, familiar with this article writing, deal with the official document knowledge. Learning aputer operation technology, can adapt to the modern office work need.

  I am cheerful, warm honest, familiar with English, last year already through national level 4 English exam. My hobby is widespread, like recreational and sports activities, participated in literature and art performances, was awarded the second prize of college studentspositionpetition, On behalf of the school to take part in college students speech contest won honorable mention. I successive vice-monitor, youth corpsmittee, student propaganda department chief and so on. I am willing to do work enthusiasm, actual extensive, also use holiday to make social investigation and part-time work, accumulated some social work experience. I especially like secretarial and propaganda work. How article in daily, weekly, , WenCui selections from newspapers, magazines, such as published. I am the city registered permanent residence, unmarried, no burden, a set of ErFang living, such as yourpany hired, can go to work. In thepanys culture, I will do a good job.


  Dear sir or Madam,

  I am writing to you in the hope of that I may obtain opportunity of teaching post in your school .Currently , I am a senior 3 student in Lanzhou City University ,my major is English.

  According to the advertisement ,your position requires top university,Bachelor or above in Computer Science or equivalent field and proficient in Windows NT4.0 and LINUX System. I feel that I am competent to meet the requirements. I will be graduating from Graduate School of Tsinghua University this year with a M.S. degree . My studies have included courses in computer control and management and I designed a control simulation system developed with Microsoft Visual InterDev and SQL Server

  In Lanzhou City University ,I have been working hard and doing well in the major courses .Not only I have I passed cet4,cet6, but more important ,I can communicate with others freely in English .I have good command of spoken and written English .At present, I work hard and try my best to pass the TEM4.Besides,I am skilled in computer useage ,such as CAD.

  Teaching practice do enrich my working experience .During my teaching practice,I was always preparing my lesson plan carefully .I have combined theories into practice. Miss Liang Fang, my director teacher thought well of my enthusiasm, devotion, intelligence, and diligence .I was also popular with my students. My teaching practice which increase my responsibility to be a teacher ,meawhile I gain first step to my career.

  The education gave me a wide range of vision and taught me how to cooperate with others.

  The working experience offered me a good chance to improve my ability.

  I do believe that with my solid education background and rich working experience ,I would be an excellent member of your school.

  I would appreciate time in reviewing my enclosed resume. Thank you for your time and Your consideration. I am looking forward to you reply.

  According to the advertisement ,your position requires top university,Bachelor or above in Computer Science or equivalent field and proficient in Windows NT4.0 and LINUX System. I feel that I am competent to meet the requirements. I will be graduating from Graduate School of Tsinghua University this year with a M.S. degree . My studies have included courses in computer control and management and I designed a control simulation system developed with Microsoft Visual InterDev and SQL Server.

  During my education, I have grasped the principals of my major and skills of practice. Not only have I passed CET-6, but more important I can communicate with others freely in English. My ability to write and speak English is out of question.

  I would appreciate your time in reviewing my enclosed resume and if there is any additional information you require, please contact me.I would welcome an opportunity to meet with you for a personal interview.


  Dear Sir or Madam,

  I would like to express my interest in applying for the summer positions with your company.Throughout my internship search and conversation with the recruiter,I have come to respect the professionalism that characterizes your firm and its employees.I am confident that the company team’s values and objectives would complement my own strengths and enthusiasm.

  I would like to be considered for an information technology,computer system,software,electrical,or similar position that requires refined analytical and problem solving skills.

  As an Engineering student,competent leader and effective team builder with a lengthy experience;I possess a diverse background in assisting,planning,scheduling,developing,supporting,and management of various projects and activities,not limited to working with Verizon,Vgo,Samsung,Novatel,Alcatel-Lucent,Ericsson senior engineers.

  Recent accomplishments include designing a handover web user interface for JFW programmable attenuator in Verizon LTE Innovation Laboratory.Furthermore,I have had great deal of design experience in electronic,hardware,and software.In the laboratory I have performed circuit analysis using function generators and oscilloscopes,designed and simulated analog integrated circuits,output/driver stages,feedback amplifiers,timing circuits and mixed use of analog/digital circuits.

  Designed and tested an Infrared Audio Link with 3 meter distance requirement.For the microwave component,analyzed and tested Gunn diode,slotted line,vector network,directional coupler,impedance matching and tuning,cavity resonator in laboratory.For the computer system,designed and analyzed the digital system using CPLD hardware and ATmega32 microcontroller.

  Also implemented pipeline MIPS machine simulator in C and programmed Altera DE2 FPGA embedded system to interface with webcam,handshake networking,and data compression.

  In addition,I have extensive experience with Java,Java Scrip,Flot,PHP,HTML,Android,C/C++,Excel,Microsoft Office,Mat Lab,Mathematica,Verilog,and PSpice.I believe that I would be an asset to your program.This internship would provide me with the ideal opportunity to expand my career skills.

  Please review the enclosed resume and consider my application for your summer internship program.I would appreciate the opportunity to meet with you and explore the internship environment.Thank you in advance for taking the time to review my resume.For further information or references,I can be reached at zzheng@student.umass.edu or (646) 2XX-2188.



Dear Madame or Sir

  When you read this cover letter, I know I have seen the aurora of hope. Thank you for reading my cover letter during your busy work and giving me a chance to show myself. I learned from the internet that your university wanted to hire an English teacher. I’m interested in this job very much. I’d like to get this job. Now I’d like to introduce myself to you. My name is Yao Yang. I am 25 years old and 175 cm tall. I like swimming, singing and playing basketball in my spare time. I will graduate from English Department of Luhansk Taras Shevchenko National University with the master degree, majoring in the English language and literature. Owing to be born in the educational family, I own the good quality,and eager to engage in the education career. Logicality, friendly and actively are three main aspects to modify my characters. I am willing to work hard and have good cooperation with difference people.

  My professional learning has laid a solid foundation of English knowledge and relevant theories; In the meantime, I have good achievements of language study and especially with the Extensive Listening, Extensive Oral English and Russian. I am confident that the courses studied in university, such as the theory of communication, linguistics, advanced English, Oral Translation, English American Literature, etc. Contribute effectively to my future work in the field of education. In addition, I am familiar with the teaching theories and skills in China, USA, Ukraine and Russia.

  In addition, I am quite skillful in computer operation, such as WORD, EXCEL and so on. I was a leader of arguer in my department when I studied in HuaiHua College, and did well in any tasks about moot. I took active part in the sports team of my department and got great achievements. Besides, I am quite skillful in guitar playing, singing, and performance arranging.

  During my study, I am not only accumulating knowledge, but also putting the knowledge into application. I have participated in lots of practice in my spare time and vocation. Sometimes to be a tutor, sometimes to be an office clerk, and sometimes to be a tourist guide. Therefore, I own numerous experiences.

  As known to us all, your university is one of the most prominent universities in this area. Not only depends on your leadership, but also attributes to all of the teachers’ efforts. Now I will graduate from university and I am looking for a suitable field in which will make development all the time. The only principle for me to choose job is that I can make good use of my potential; I believe that I am the best candidate.

  I would appreciate an opportunity to have an interview. I am enclosing a brief resume as you requested. If there is further information that you wish in the meantime, please let me know. Because I am still in Ukraine, you can contact my mother in China at Tel: 15807409664. And I can always be reached at TEL:....Looking forward to hearing from you soon and best regards. Thank you very much.


  Dear bank,

  Hello! Your bank has been a good reputation in the community with a good image, I will soon graduate, if there is a chance to work for your company is willing to a modest effort!

  My name is _____. I am studying in Shanghai university, majoring in financial management. Below, I made a brief self-introduction to myself.

  I have made some basic acquaintance with your bank. Industrial and commercial bank of China was established on January 1, 1984. It is one of the largest commercial Banks in China, one of the five largest Banks in China, one of the world's top 500 enterprises and a listed company with the largest customer base in China. As a student who will finish his studies and enter the society, I have the confidence to accept the test of the society and the challenge from myself. During my study in school, I studied hard and seriously, strictly demanded myself, respected teachers, and actively participated in various activities organized by the school. I had the honor to participate in the volunteer work of _____, and was praised for my excellent performance. On weekdays, I get along well with teachers and classmates. In English, I passed the cet-4 and cet-6. I know very well that bank staff need to have a strong sense of responsibility. Therefore, during the school, I tried different internships and jobs. I have worked as a secretary, a salesman, a tutor, a waiter and other jobs, which have given me different experiences. I have gradually changed from an ignorant little girl to a girl with independent thinking, problem-solving ability and teamwork spirit. In order to be invincible in the work, better job.

  I really hope to work in your bank, so that I can combine my theoretical knowledge with practice and make a qualitative leap in my life. I believe the overall image, management style and working atmosphere of your bank will be more attractive to me, which is my ideal goal.

  Finally, thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to pay attention to me.

  Best regards!


  April 13,20xx

  P.O. Box 36

  BIIT University

  Beijing,China 100000

Dear Sir/Madam:

  Are you searching for a telecommunications manager with expertise in project management and team leadership? I specialize in creating and implementing high-performance strategies that directly impact growth and profitability of large telecommunications companies. In addition to my knowledge of business processes, I also offer proficiency in telecom software development and cutting-edge technologies.

  I am relocating to Shenzhen and would be interested in opportunities with your firm. Currently, I serve as manager for BIT Company‘s Information Industry Division. Briefly, some of my accomplishments include: Developed a tool to track and forecast price,quantity,and revenue, which enables client to monitor business performance Implemented a customized end-to-end testing process and SQL database .My business acumen, technical expertise, and leadership capabilities have contributed to a number of successful projects. The enclosed resume outlines my credentials and accomplishments in greater detail. I would welcome an opportunity to meet with you for a personal interview.


  Gu Bin



  central university of [xxxxx]x department of economics [xxxxx]xx(100000)


  central university of [xxxxx]x

  department of economics management, major: international

  enterprise management

  bachelor of management 20xx

  academic achievements

  university scholarship (level iii) for academic excellence merit of excellence for research paper on social research title:“thoughts on creativity in enterprise management”

  2、english skills:

  excellent written and spoken english skills.


  cet 6.

  bec level 2 (achieved excellence in spoken english exam).

  3、computer skills

  proficient in office applications: microsoft powerpoint, microsoft access, microsoft outlook.

  knowledge of and experience with photoshop, freehand.

  proficient in c, basic, and foxbase programming languages. passed microsoft atc (advanced) office xp exam.

  certifications: microsoft office20xx expert, microsoft

  outlook20xx proficient user.

  4、marketing experience:

  1)[xxxxx]x guangzhou june 20xx

  marketing representative

  conducted marketing planning with other team members. analyzed current consumers and competitors. predicted future target consumers and developed marketing strategies. several major survey results and suggestions were adopted by the company.

  2)pointzero survey, inc., april 20xx

  market surveyor

  conducted survey in lower-class residential areas. collected data


Dear Sir,

  In reply to your advertisement in JobsPower.com regarding a vacancy in your office, I wish to apply for the position of senior clerk, which you have specified.

  I feel confident that I can meet your special requirements indicating that the candidate must have a high command of English, for I graduated from the English Language Department of - University three years ago.

  In addition to my study of English while in the University, I have worked for three years as secretary in the firm of ABC Trading Co,Ltd.

  The main reason for changing my employments is to gain more experience with a superior trading company like yours. I believe that my education and experience will prove useful for work in your office.

  I am enclosing my personal history, certificate of graduation and letter of recommendation from the president of the University, I shall be obliged if you will give me a personal interview at your convenience.

  Very truly yours

  yours faithfully,



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