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  Distinguished leadership:

  hello! Thank you can came in spite of being very busy toglance reading my cover letter! Good image of your company (bank) and the staff quality attracts me, I am eager to join your company and contributing to the development of the bank's own a!

  My name is XXX, graduated from xx university financial professional. During the period of school through careful thinking, assiduously, completed with high honors from the professional knowledge of learning. I have a strong sense of endeavoring, like challenging work, and see through continuous learning to constantly improve themselves, beyond the self.

  During the period of school, and actively participate in various activities organized by the school, teacher and classmates get along with, can speak English fluently, also in the self-study courses related to international trade professional. In amateur I plan to take time to read a lot of professional books, and strive to expand own aspect of knowledge as possible. During the holiday, out of the school, I can as far as possible to catch every opportunity to exercise, get along with people of different levels, to maximize the zero distance contact with the society, feel the life, taste of life acid, sweet, bitter, spicy, let oneself to adapt to the society as soon as possible the "family". I really hope to work in your company (bank), make oneself learn theory knowledge and practice, to make your own life can have a qualitative leap. I believe that your company (bank) the overall image, management mode, working atmosphere will be more attractive to me, is my heart's pursuit of an ideal goal. So I am confident to promise: you choose me, you will never regret!

  Once again thank you for taking the time to consult my cover letter, thank you!

  I wish you good health and a happy family; Zhu GUI enterprise progresses day by day, the source of money widely enter!













  Distinguished leadership:


  First of all, thank you in spite of being very busy toglance take time to read my cover letter. I want to apply for your bank's personal finance sales representative position. The following is my personal information:

  I am xx, xx school of economics, 200 x session of new graduates, major is finance. Though not from the first-class famous university, but I time to high-quality talents requirement to exercise itself, fully display their personality, play to their potential.

  Looking back through the university life, from childish to mature, trained professional deep interest, has the spirit striving to make quality and strong ability of self-study, and pay attention to the cultivation of practice ability, to actively take part in a kind of club activities, with body and good psychological quality, have strong ability to communicate with people, believed that can adapt to the fast pace of modern life and work, to engage in creative and challenging work. During the period of school, I can take an active part in collective activities, to use every chance to improve their various aspects ability, he had attended the school organization of computer association, calligraphy and painting association, etc. I am a creative thinking, and ability to work independently; Character cheerful, good at communicate with people, team work ability; Energetic, high enthusiasm for the work and strong sense of responsibility; Obey company's discipline consciously.

  In today's society, knowledge economy, wto accession after the reform, the baboon worryingly network hurricane weaving together the life our times background, the world is so full of fierce competition, "all day to fold, the survival of the fittest" become the main melody of The Times. In the face of competition and challenges, looking for a good assistant is your hope, and seek an ideal space for development, is the dream of my three years, so we are facing a two-way choice. The performance of your company and good image deeply attracted me, and I was confident, have a passion, is also a kind of sedate, "discipline, to bring a wide" is my motto. "give me a starting point, I can pry up the earth" is my motto, sincere willingness is my rules, as long as you give me a chance, a stage, your trust and my strength will create the common success for us.

  In addition, I also actively take part in all kinds of social activities, seize every opportunity to exercise myself. Every holiday I will run around looking for a job, take this opportunity to exercise and absorb his social experience. Four years to cultivate a person is not long, I deeply felt, and work with outstanding students, make me benefit in competition; To challenge the practical difficulties, let me grow in frustration. I love what the expensive unit is engaged in the business, eagerly hope under your leadership, for this glorious cause; And continuous learning in practice, progress.

  Finish, solemnly make one small request: no matter whether you choose me, respected leadership, thank you for taking time to read my cover letter.





  我叶xx ,是xx经济学院200x届应届毕业生,专业是金融学。虽然不是来自第一流的名牌大学,但本人时刻以高素质的人才要求来锻炼自己,充分展示自己的个性,发挥自己的潜能。




  收笔之际,郑重地提一个小小的要求: 无论您是否选择我,尊敬的领导, 感谢您抽空阅读我的求职信。