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  dear sir,

  i would like to ask you to consider my qualification for the position in sales that you advertised in jobs.

  i graduated from the college of business in june of 1990. since that time i have been taking night courses at polytechnics in sales techniques and mass media advertising.

  i have worked as a vehicle salesman for the ford co. for the past three years. at present i am their chief salesman and account for over one half of the sales. before my present employment, i worked for the chains deparment store as a salesclerk in the electrical appliance section. we worked mainly on commission and i was able to earn a substantial amount although i was very young.

  i would like to make a change now because i feel that i can go no further in my present job, i feel that my ability and my training should enable me to advance into a better and more responsible position, and it appears that this will not be forth-coming at my present position.

  if you would like to know more about my ability, i can be available for an interview at any time convenient to you.

  sincerely yours,














  在学好专业课的同时,我严格要求自己多参加实践活动,不断提高自己的实际操作能力:20xx年-20xx年担任安徽师范大学外国语学院学院助理,协助学院领导完成学生管理工作;20xx-2015学年我担任外国语学院直属团总支宣传委员,参加了20xx年安徽师范大学暑期赴金寨县小南京学校的义务支教活动;20xx-2015学年我任学生会主席,并在大一、大二学年分别担任学工通讯部成员、副部长、副主席、学工通讯部部长,参与外国语学院毕业生晚会、迎新生晚会导演工作。我个人因此荣获校级“优秀学生干部” “优秀团干”称号。




  Dear Mr Ho

  Application for the position of Sales Manager

  I was very interested to learn that you are inviting applications for the above position in yesterday's Jobs and would like to be considered for this post.

  As the enclosed resume indicates, I have accumulated over ten years of experience in the sales departments of two well-known companies. My major responsibilities include analyzing market trends, training sales personnel, as well as preparing sales proposals and organizing sales promotion campaigns. Moreover, I have strong communication skills and am able to prepare and deliver presentations to decision-makers at all levels.

  I enjoy working at my current company, but feel that the time has come when my experience in sales and marketing has prepared me to take up the responsibilities of a sales management post.

  Should you require additional information, I would be glad to meet you to discuss my qualifications in relation to your needs. Thank you for your consideration.

  Yours sincerely


  Dear leaders:

  First of all, thank you for an ordinary graduates for taking the time to read the cover letter!

  I do not have university qualifications, nor is it what Dr. Masters, in the school during the not winning more, but I have my own love and pursuit. In addition to complete their studies, I also read books and participate in social practice, their confidence, passion for life, request your company for giving me an opportunity, let me prove that my performance ability, and with my unique ability to create benefits due.

  I graduated from the Shandong Institute of Business and College English Majors, results in general, Japanese do not highlight the results, but they can speak English fluently and those who speak Japanese as well as communication. School, I majored in journalism, since that achieved excellent results, once planned to apply for the Graduate, Renmin University of China, and will very firm, but the end for family reasons and has no choice but to give up. In addition, I have been self-study economics, sociology and law, a wide range of interest, are covered. University during my spare time mostly spent in the library, in particular, often go to newspapers and periodicals reading room, with a variety of newspapers, reviews and features like.

  I love writing, three hours wrote a 150,000 word novel - destiny", but due to lack of funds, failure to publication. To enter university, the campus is doing during a press, but also wrote a large number of communications and information. Of course, there are many novels, essays and poetry, scattered on my blog.

  Sophomore year, I also have been set up called the "old tree" magazine, readers, there has been quite a good reputation. During this period, regardless of editing or engage in business, I have accumulated a lot of experience, it is also my firm belief that the newspaper industry into the future.

  Holidays, I have been with the students participated in social surveys, and write a report every time; I did advertising salesman, managers often deal with the boss; lobbied for sponsorship, cultural and recreational activities have been planned; made tabloid press; been engaged in a propaganda.

  I hope your company can not accept me, in my dedication and efforts, and work together for a better tomorrow to write a brilliant poem.



  dear sir / madam:

  hello! thank you for taking the time to review my cover letter and hope you give me a self-display and the realization of the value of the platform.

  as a junior college students in school, majored in business management, will also be faced with graduation, so during the holidays to find the right intern to test and exercise at the university since their knowledge and ability. i have expertise in business management areas have more solid theoretical foundation and the ability to think and research, especially on strategic management theory of enterprise knowledge, business management. although the lack of work experience, but i will learn, work positively and work faithfully in doing their own due diligence. sincerely hope that your organization or about the next chance for an interview with a view to further test my knowledge and ability.

  university is a life shaping values, culture and practice thinking skills with the ability of the people, not only to explore the pursuit of truth and the spirit of truth, there are doubts about the spirit of all, universities are open and inclusive spirit of the temple, although there is a variety of institutional constraints, but the thought that i was such a spirit of nobility from the students. on that occasion, i look forward to the opportunity to practice training, but also a result of your. a sincere heart in the hope that you trust. i will create the opportunity to change my life, i will be the accumulation of knowledge and my ability to play for your organization should be the level and i can.

  looking for a solid grasp professional knowledge and ability to work with some of his subordinates and organizational capacity, is your desire; for a full play to their professional expertise to work unit, and can get your attention, i hope. powerful assistant, help you to work to one's liking; appropriate work units, help me to display their talent. perhaps we will be a common goal and stand together, i chose you, you chose me. sincerely look forward to and thank you for your choice!

  i wish you successful work!





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