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毕业生英文求职信 篇1

Dear leaders:

  First of all, thank you for an ordinary graduates for taking the time to read the cover letter!

  I do not have university qualifications, nor is it what Dr. Masters, in the school during the评优not winning more, but I have my own love and pursuit. In addition to complete their studies, I also read books and participate in social practice, their confidence, passion for life, request your company for giving me an opportunity, let me prove that my performance ability, and with my unique ability to create benefits due.

  I graduated from the Shandong Institute of Business and College English Majors, results in general, Japanese do not highlight the results, but they can speak English fluently and those who speak Japanese as well as communication. School, I majored in journalism, since that achieved excellent results, once planned to apply for the Graduate, Renmin University of China, and will very firm, but the end for family reasons and has no choice but to give up. In addition, I have been self-study economics, sociology and law, a wide range of interest, are covered. University during my spare time mostly spent in the library, in particular, often go to newspapers and periodicals reading room, with a variety of newspapers, reviews and features like.

  I love writing, three hours wrote a 150,000 word novel - "纸团destiny", but due to lack of funds, failure to publication. To enter university, the campus is doing during a press, but also wrote a large number of communications and information. Certainly, there are a number of novels, essays and poetry, scattered on my blog.

  Sophomore year, I also have been set up called the "old tree" magazine, readers, there has been quite a good reputation. During this period, regardless of editing or engage in business, I have accumulated a lot of experience, it is also my firm belief that the newspaper industry into the future.

  Holidays, I have been with the students participated in social surveys, and write a report every time; I did advertising salesman, managers often deal with the boss; lobbied for sponsorship, cultural and recreational activities have been planned; made tabloid press; been engaged in a propaganda.

  I hope your company can not accept me, in my dedication and efforts, and work together for a better tomorrow to write a brilliant poem.



毕业生英文求职信 篇2






  Dear Sir,

  In response to your advertisement in the newspaper of January 15, I wish to apply for the position of (secretary, accountant, clerk, salesman, etc). I am twenty-five years old and a graduate of ____ college. My experience in this line of work includes six years as an assistant accountant with the ABC Company. The reason for leaving my present employment is because they are closing their office. I am enclosing my resume together with my photo, and believe that they may be found satisfactory. With respect to salary, I shall expect HK$5,000 a month. I assure you that if appointed, I will do my best to give your satisfaction.

  Very truly yours,


毕业生英文求职信 篇3

** respected company leaders:


  thank you for your busy schedule to review my site applications.

  into the school year, i insist that hard to learn, through the accumulation of three years, and had as a student should master the basic knowledge of theoretical and professional knowledge.

  in schools, the emphasis on coordination and cooperation exercise their ability to actively participate in the enthusiasm of the group activities in schools and access to a number of honorary titles. at the same time, i also use after school hours to strengthen the practice of their ability to enrich their school life, and hard.

  as the heaven revolves, gentlemen, when self-improvement. i am sure i will be a good step by step walk better! but i also understand their own ordinariness, know that they need in all areas to further improve. perhaps your company's job-seekers in i am not the best, but i believe their overall strength, but also believe that your eye. i hope you can give me a platform to show their own. i care about more than just the number of pay and, more importantly, was at work in the end how much dignity as a human being.

  university road,止于至善. i sincerely hope to test you in detail, i would like to consider, i am with your co-development and excellence, creating brilliant!

  my past is for the development of your company prepared for savings;

  i am the future of your company is to struggle, hard work and dedication.




  **** ** on ** date in

毕业生英文求职信 篇4

Dear leaders:


  I xxx, graduated from the University of xx. I have very good ability to learn and willing to learn, innovate, and constantly strive for excellence; as a participant, I have an honest and credible character, full of team spirit; as a leader, I am able to work with, and decisive style, good interpersonal communication and coordination capacity. Have a strong endurance, willpower and the quality of tradition of hard work, serious and responsible work, positive and aggressive personality persistent optimism, the courage to face the difficulties and challenges.

  I am about to embark on work, earnestly in your organization need to be able to find the cause of the fulcrum of unlimited power, and my enthusiasm and passion for your organization will also bring the value should be, I believe your efforts to choose and I will create a win-win for us the results!

  Sincerely hope that you can provide me with a platform to display their talent and hope that I am joined to bring you excellent value!



毕业生英文求职信 篇5

  distinguished leadership of your company:


  due to your company and the longing for self-development, achievement of self-desire, as a society is about to become college students, i sincerely look forward to their own careers on the fan set sail smoothly from here.

  thinking - a guide for all actions. courses of study not only makes me more determined the direction of socialism, and made me more aware of a keen grasp of the political atmosphere of the times a company vital to the development of enterprises. especially in the process of establishing a modern enterprise system, it was almost reached a consensus: a powerful ideological driving force is one of the components of intangible assets. i am willing to use their own profession and the company is committed to business ideas with colleagues and enhance the company cohesion and combat effectiveness.

  management - an important aspect of the modern enterprise. people entering the management of the core stage, the study "how a mans work" indispensable. despite the complexity of the work of man can also have a sense of accomplishment. in addition to information on the ideological education of a large number of professional knowledge, i have a lot of self-study such as business management courses, often through the magazines in this regard, very interested in what the practice in this regard, the theory used in real life.

  law - the protection of the rights and interests of an effective weapon. to war, businesses will inevitably fall into economic disputes, in order to remove the obstacles to develop the adverse factors, it is necessary to resort to law to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests. although it is engaged in ideological education, but i also learn a great deal of hard laws and regulations, if the opportunity arises, i hope your company can become a legal service workers, for the company to share problem-solving.

  no man is perfect, so they are active at the same time to correct the shortcomings, i have to "live and learn" as its motto, i do not know your company can give me an opportunity to continue learning?

  thank you for your concern is whether i am chollima take you to decide by simple desire of shenzhou rocket you will be lucky hands toward me!

毕业生英文求职信 篇6

  dear sir or madam:

  i saw a recruitment advertisement of your company from newspaper recently.i think it is a wonderful position to me.so now i’m writing this letter to ask for an interview.

  i’m a senior student of guangzhou university now . my major is business administration.in the past three and half years, i’ve been working hard on my courses.and i’ve learned a lot about business management 、finance、accountancy and so on.in this process i have not only gained lots of knowledge,but also have learned how to study and how to solve problems.what’s more,i’ve passed cet-4 and cet-6 smoothly.i have a big interest in english and i can do well in english speaking、listening、reading and writing.besides,i often use office software and i’m sure that the computer will be a good assistant in my work

  in my opinion,to be a good employee,a person should be responsible、hard-working.he should always be ready to learn new things and to figure out a better way to finish his work.above all,efficiency is the most important thing.i’ve been trying to improve myself and i will try to be a good employee.

  thank you for reading.i’m looking forward to your reply.if i got the the chance to be interviewed,i would take advantage of this precious opportunity you’ve given to me.

  yours sincerely,

毕业生英文求职信 篇7

Dear Mr Vice—Chancellor:

  Hello! I am a XX year XX Chemical College graduates, graduating in a time when all I have to do a good job of preparation, there is sufficient confidence and capacity to engage in teaching and research work in chemistry。 Sincerely hope that your school can teach, in effect you are under。

  Comparison of the character I cheerful, straightforward man, peace love love love爱闹laugh, but able to get things done in a serious sense of responsibility, and thinking more active, with a strong sense of innovation and capabilities。

  While studying at the school, majoring in chemistry and chemical with the curriculum and teaching—related experiments, the optional education, psychology, philosophy, the legal basis for such courses, a serious effort to learn, excellent results。 Teaching practice, the active—depth classes, the careful study of teaching, with an open mind to seek division, made rapid progress in education by teachers and students alike, outstanding internship performance。

  I am quite confident that their abilities, he directed and starred piece "youthful dream to fly," drama "Memory of Youth", also organized dance with my classmates had a rehearsal "happy home", "Chashan love", "Hongmei Chan, "and so on, also participated in dance competitions like school performance; I actively participate in school activities association training, also own the" Changchun Evening News "part—time clerk, in—depth community, the feelings of a lot; St。 Paul, I have to create "dusty studio," Contact tutor for students to work to taste the hardships of the pioneering joy and success。 After I contacted by phone to Zhejiang Pinghu internship, during the visit of the Soviet Union, hang two states, after Beijing, Shanghai, Dalian stop when they are, a simple march—site inspection, as a graduate to choose a reference direction。 I am a brave people who dare to do, like at the moment, I think of their own future, are also doing their own efforts。

  Make a good teacher is what I have been ideal; I have high education is people—oriented, individualized education。 Education, teachers, schools should be a service for students。 For all students, for students of all, I would like to use my life energy, carefully nurtured garden peach!

  Finally, thank you for your busy schedule to read my自荐信, but also hope to have the opportunity to personally thank you!


  XX on XX on XX years

毕业生英文求职信 篇8

  Respected company leaders:


  I was about to Nanning Vocational and Technical College graduate students in an accounting profession. From the "Nanning Information Port" The newspapers and magazines, it was learned that your company would hire accounting positions. I am your company's development has been very concerned, and accounting have great interest in this work is very happy to develop your company do something modest. I am honored to have the opportunity to you brought to my personal data.

  In the two years of university life, I have a good grasp of professional knowledge, learning of cost accounting, management accounting, financial management, computerized accounting, auditing, science and other professional courses. I seriously study, specialized courses average performance of 80 points or more, ideological and moral good moral character issued by the college has received outstanding awards, in-school period, I made the Ministry of Education Examination Center two certification computer certification, English B level qualified Certificate, Accounting Certificate. Photographic Association, served as Deputy Secretary-General post. I grid bright, passionate work, get teachers and students alike.

  I can skilled use of office software on the computer has a certain degree of operational capability, a skilled five-stroke input method. Two years in my spare time in the off-campus part-time. And through the work of learning responsibility to make me feel important. Life of the wind and rain so I have a hard-working spirit. Honesty and trustworthiness is my character. Because I know that accounting treatment is not careless sort of, not to cook the books. Serious and responsible in their duties.

  Respected corporate leaders, if I can Receives your common sense, I will dutifully take concrete action to show you: your company's past, I came for and participation; but your company's future, I am willing to sacrifice the hard work of my life and sweat! I look forward to your good news. After once again my most sincere thanks!



  Job Person