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英文求职信 篇1

Dear Sir,

  I'm securing a job. Not any job with any company, but a particular job with your company only. Your organization is more than just a business house. It is an institution in the minds of the local public. It has a reputation for fair play and honesty with both employees and customers alike.

  For the past four years, while specializing in international trade at college, I have had a secret ambition to work for your organization. I will graduate in July this year. As I write this letter, I do not know that there is an opening at present in your company. I'm enclosing my qualifications which prompt me to make application now. I would be very happy to work under your supervision if it is possible. Thank you very much for your kind attention. Please send me an answer at your earliest convenience.

  Respectfully yours

  XI Meng

英文求职信 篇2

Dear Sir:

  How are you!

  Thank you for taking the time to check my application letter, hope I can for yourpanys brilliant contribute!

  I was a graduating student, from x x x, rural life created me honest, honest, good personality, cultivate the I am not afraid of difficulties and frustrations, indomitable struggle spirit. In the university lapse, through aprehensive, the system of learning, I not only to understand and master the secretary professional this field of knowledge, but also have a certain amount of actual operation ability and technology. For Office Office software, the conventional network technology can simple application. And participate in the intermediate secretary qualification training, human resources teacher training. In the learning professional knowledge, but also attaches great importance to cultivate your own practical capability, use 20 xx summers to x x x practice, work dependably, serious, and get the unit leadership the high praise.

  Looking for a master knowledge and expertise in a certain work ability and organizational capacity subordinates, is your wish. To a fully professional expertise of their own work units, and can be your concern is my hope; Capable assistant, to help you work; Suitable work units, help me to display their talent. Maybe we will be amon goal to stand together, and that is: will the expensive unit the brilliant history written guichanli more fun! Wish for the expensive unit work, and sacrifice their own youth and talent. Look forward and thank you for your choice!

  As a junior graduate student, although work experience, but Ill learn, positive work, dedicated to conscientiousnesspletes the labor of duty. Sincere hope to get your unit joint about or to give me an interview chance, so as to further examines my ability.

英文求职信 篇3

  Dear leaders:


  I am a graduate of HebEi Normal University of Science & Technology. Upon completion of their studies, about to enter the community, I need to find a suitable development. Your organization now have the opportunity to job-seekers, I am very honored.

  I majored in professional information management and information systems. The main learning the basics of information management, systems design and database maintenance and use of the function and use of computer-aided and web production. In addition, the economic specialist study, accounting, statistics knowledge, can be engaged in the maintenance of information systems, database maintenance, computer work, and site-building, systems, network maintenance and so on.

  I have my have a strong sense of confidence on their own. University life, I learn to good results for the future work of the professional and lay a solid foundation. And to integrate theory with practice, and actively carry out professional practice, and test their own knowledge, so they have a strong analysis of issues and the practical ability to solve the problem. In order to meet the economic, scientific, technological and social development needs, I rounded all-round development, but also actively participate in various social activities. Through a long period of study and training, and accumulated some experience. After all, it is not enough.

  My lack of experience may allow you to hesitate, but ask you to believe that the drive is my hard work and efforts of the capital, honest and trustworthy is my moral standards of life, innovation and practical way is my way of thinking, which is sufficient to make up for my current inadequate. Therefore I would like to join your group. I will do my job well, will do our best to obtain good results, with you through thick and thin, create a better future.

  Finally, thank you for your reading, look forward to your reply, your company would like to prosperity!

  Yours sincerely,


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英文求职信 篇5

  Today,I am writing to apply for the application engineer of your company,below i will give you some general information about myself.

  I graduated from**** university in 20xx, and got a MBA degree,

  In my campus life, i have received the most excelent award three times,i have served in the colleague baskball team and as monitor for about two years.and in my spare time , i also love reading ,everyday even i am very busy,i will spare at least one hour to read my favoriate book.

  Through search ,and i know that your is a famous company with excelent management ,so if i have the opportunity to work in the company ,i believe that i will be able to full develop my abilities and obtain strong knowledge ,and the same time i will make valueable contribution to your company.

  So look forward your reply.

  thank you,

  Kumwing Ho

英文求职信 篇6

Dear Sir or Madam,

  I have learned from an advertisement that your company is in need of a secretary. I would like you to consider me for the position.

  My name is XXX. I am twenty-three years old. I am studying business management in Xiamen University. I will graduate this summer. I am familiar with computer operation and officesoftwares, which can help me do the office work very well. And I have learned English for ten years.In the past two years, I have been an editor for the English Paper of my department. My grades come out top in my department. What's more, I like office work very much and I also think that I can be competent for the job.If I could have the opportunity to get the job I will be quite appreciative.

  Thank you for your consideration. I look forward to hearing from you.

  Yours faithfully   XXX






  您忠实的朋友 XXX

英文求职信 篇7

  Name: Hao Wu

  Gender: Male

  Birth: 13/08/1983

  School Graduated: Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts

  Degree: Bachelor of Arts

  Telephone: 086--xxxxxxxx

  E-mail: ****@****.cn

  Address: No.4 Tianwei Rd., Hebei District, City of Tianjin Hobbies: Design of ethnic style, various kinds of painting, literature, music, sports


  Winner of the scholarship for “Excellent Student Leader” of Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts in 20xx

  (The Outstanding Awards of the Final Round of Men’ Wear Section of Zhonghua Cup International Fashion Design Competition in 20xx and 20xx)

  Work experience

  Founded Tianjin Training Studio of Fine Arts in 200x and have since tutored a lot of students most of whom got enrolled into many famous schools later on)

  Employed by Yun Zhijun Tang Suit Company from the 2nd half of 200x to the 1st half of 200x. Mastering various designing processing software. Handling the skills of layout and grading and know something about crafts and arts. Having a stable foundation of freehand drawing and design sketch. Knowing well about the process flow and being able to work independently.

  Employed by Guangdong Yue Hua Spinning Company from 200x to 200x as a designer. Designed commodities foe the China Importing and Exporting Trade Affairs of 200x and winning a lot clients for the company. By then having been testified on the ability of designing. Self assessment

  Being diligent, progressive and unflinching. Having a love for designing, a strong sense of teamwork and the ability to follow the need of market. Having based a stable foundation of freehand sketch and designing and acquired the ability to form the thinking and aesthetics. Being able to use various soft wares to do the design. Having a research into theory of clothing cultures.

英文求职信 篇8


  I am a graduating undergraduate course graduate. I am honored to have the opportunity presented to you my personal information. In society, in order to better play to their talents, would like to make a few self-Leaders recommend.

  Good university life, cultivate my rigorous scientific thinking method, I also created a positive and optimistic attitude towards life and pioneering spirit of innovation consciousness. Basic knowledge of both inside and outside the classroom to expand the vast social practice, a solid and broad perspective, so I understand the society; to develop a continuous learning and work. Excellent quality is rigorous, the steadfast work style and the unity cooperation, so I am sure they are completely in the positions in setting, dedication, more business! I believe that my skills and knowledge required by your organization is, I sincerely desire, I can sacrifice for the future of their own youth and blood!

  I am cheerful and lively personality, interests and broad; open-minded, steady work; collective concern, a strong sense of responsibility; sincere, serious work of the initiative, with professionalism. In the four years of study and life, I have a very good professional knowledge, learning achievement has come out in front. In my spare time, I read a lot of professional and extra-curricular books, and mastery of a variety of design software written word is not advertising, not pass. But I know: a young man, can through continuous learning to improve themselves, to prove himself in practice. Dear sir / miss, if I can won your appreciation, I will dutifully take practical action to prove to you: your past, I too late to participate; but your future, I would like to sacrifice my life of hard work and sweat! Once again extend my most sincere thanks!






英文求职信 篇9

  Dear Sir/Madam:

  i am writing to inquire about any vacancy for a nurse in your hospital.I have been working in a Grade two Class A hospital as a nurse since i graduated from college ten years ago, meanwhile, i am now also taking my further education in Zhongshan University. by considering about my personnel development in future, i am looking forward to working in a higher grade hospital where i can learn and experience more than where now i do.

  In a view of so many top grade hospitals , you distinguished hospital is considered as my best choice and preferred place i would like to move to. Please kindly consider me as a candidate if there is any. Again thanks for drawing your attention to my application letter.

  Best Regards!



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