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英文求职信 篇1

  respect for school leadership:


  i am a south china normal university foreign languages institute graduates, i have loved the work of teachers, but also very much hope that can work to your school. in XX, i have a xx by xx in the province entered the south china normal university department of russian, i in the early high school when the school is english, so when entering the university in?

  during the study at the university, it is not enough to just do a good job of learning, should develop their own multi-ability, i have students work in the department, which presided over?

  heavy academic universities i did not crush, cheerful personality to help me, the so-called a yichi, man of the road, i will engage in peace?

  from the sophomore year, after-school time, i began working in home work, although the specialty is russian, but i teach are english, by virtue of their down-to-earth british?

  rigorous and realistic style of your school teaching attracted me, and i hope i can have the honor of a school, for schools of education contribute to a force i. sincerely,


英文求职信 篇2

  Dear S×r/Madam:

  Now and then corporat×ons send out feelers for just the r×ght type of creat×ve person. Th×s person must f×t very spec×f×c cr×ter×a. Usually, after all ×s sa×d and done, the corporat×on wants a bus×ness person who can manage, create andmun×cate. A seasoned profess×onal who‘s been around for a wh×le.

  ×f you‘ve been look×ng for th×s rareb×nat×on of bus×ness savvy and des×gn expert×se, my background m×ght ×nterest you:

  Ten years of work×ng exper×ence. Sol×d background ×n the management of creat×ve up-and-comers.

  Know new technolog×es that show ×nstant prof×t, such as CAD/CAM.

  Th×s ×s but a br×ef summary of my ab×l×t×es. And there ×s much, much more to share.× feel × have strong marketable sk×lls ×n wh×ch you would be ×nterested. Please contact me ×f you would l×ke to hear and see more.

  W×th many thanks,

英文求职信 篇3

  Dear leaders:


  I am a Department of X University of X, a student will be faced with graduation.

  Four years, in the strict division of Friends of the efforts and personal lessons, I have a solid foundation of professional knowledge and systematically mastered the XXXX, XXXX and other relevant theory; familiar with the work of foreign-related common etiquette; have good English listening, speaking, reading, writing, translation and other capabilities; to proficiency in office computer software. At the same time, I use widely outside school hours a large number of books covered not only enrich their own, but also cultivate a wide range of skills of their own.

  In addition, I also actively participate in various social activities, to seize every opportunity to exercise their own. University for four years, I deeply feel that the best students to work with me to benefit in the competition; practical difficulties to the challenge, let me grow up in frustration. I love the cause of your organization are engaged, eager to look forward to your leadership, for the glorious cause of building blocks; and practice of continuous learning and progress.

  A time when the pen collection, solemnly raised a small request: Regardless of whether you choose me, and distinguished leadership, I hope you will accept my sincere thanks!

  Your organization wishes to the cause of success!

英文求职信 篇4

dear sir or madam:

  referring to you advertisment in k of k for k, i hope to offer myself for the position .

  i am presently a colleage student and i shall obtain my b.s. in life science and tachnologe from jinan university in guangzhou half a year later.

  my major is life science and tachnologe and i am confident that specially planned to prepare me for a career in k . i believe that my studies have given me the foundration of knowledage from which to learn the practical side of k . at collage , i passed both cet4 and cet6 . i am good at english and i love it . i took extract english improving course after class out of school and graduated with honors .

  along with my biological education courses , i also selected some literary cuorses such as art of ancient china, modent novel appreciation, movies appreciation and so on . in school life i get a close relationship with my classmates , enjogging working with people , tackling challenges and accepting responsibilities .

  the salary i should require could be rmb 1,500 yuan per month with a dormitory as a start .if you feel that i am suited for the job , please inform me of the time converient for an interviwe . should you have any question or need to clarify anything in my resume , you can reach me at the address and telephone number written on my resume . thank you for you kindness and attention .

  i am

  faithfully yurs ,

  miss chen

英文求职信 篇5

  1. I have been for over five years in the employ of an exporting company.


  2. I have been in the business for the last ten years, and worked as the superintendent in the personnel department.


  3. I have had five years experience with a company as a salesman.


  4. For the past three years, I have been in the office of the Brothers Trading Co., where I have been ad still am an accountant.


  5. I am twenty years of age, and have been employed for the last two years by the Green Trees Co., in teh general clerical work of the office.


  6. I am 25 years of age, and have had two years experience in my present post, which I am leaving to better myself.


  7. I am nineteen years of age, female and have had two years experience in a companys delivery office.


  8. I am just leaving school, and am eighteen years of age.


  9. I am twenty years of age, and am anxious to settle down to office work.


  10. Since my graduation from the school two years ago, I ahve been employed in teh Green Hotel as a cashier.


  叙述个人的能力 About Personal Ability

  1. I am a good accountant and have a thorough knowledge of the English language.


  2. For the past five years, I have been engaged as a correspondence clerk.


  3. I am able to take dictation in English and trancribe them rapidly into Chinese.


  4. For the past three years, I have served as a private secretary to Mr. T. Tang whom you know well, and whose public works have been heralded all over Hong Kong.


  5. Being well acquainted with office works, I could make myself generally useful, should there be any opportunity of your requiring my services.


  6. I have received an English education, and have a slight knowledge of Spanish. I took a Spanish course in college.


  7. I have been at the City Commerical College, where I have acquired a knowledge of English, mathematics and elementary business practice.


  8. I have just left school, but have a good knowledge of English.


  9. I can write shorthand at the rate of 120 words per minute, and typewriting at 55 words English.


  10. I have received a good education, and know English, Spanish and shorthand.


  11. I have a fair knowledge of shorthand, and can write ninety words per minute.


  12. At school I won a schoarship and the first prize in speech contest.


  13. I am a graduate of Hong Kong University, and have in addition the M. A. degree from UCLA.


  14. I am just over twenty-four years ofage and have left school about two months ago, during which time I have been striving to make myself proficient in shorthand, and typewriting, and have attained a speed of ninety and sixty words a minute respectively.


  15. Since leaving school, I have attended the Typewriting and Shorthand classes, and hve now attained a speed of fifty and ninety words respectvely.


  16. I am at present a trainee in the Liner Shipping Company.


  17. I am a graduate of Yu Da Commercial School, and hve recently completed the business course at the T. Unviersity of Commerce.


  18. My education is as follows: A full, three year commercial course in the U-D High School. From this school I graducated with honour in June, 1975.


  19. I have a good knowledge of bookkeeping by double-entry.


  20. For all the time I was in their employ, I had the sole charge of their correspondence.


  随函附寄物(附件) About Enclosure

  1. You will find enclosed an outline of my education and business training and copies of two letters of recommendation.


  2. Enclosed please find a resume and a photo.


  3. I attach schedule of my qualification and experience.


  4. I am enclosing my curriculum vitae together with my photograph.


  5. A copy of my transcript is enclosed.


  6. Enclosed you will find a letter of recommendation from my former teacher of English.


  7. You can see from the data sheet that is enclosed that.


  8. I enclose a resume and one of my publications.


  关于薪金待遇 About Salary

  1. The salary I should require would be HK$6,500 per month as a start.


  2. I should require a salary of 4,500 a month to begin with.


  3. The salary I should require would be 60,000 a year, plus 1% commission on all sales.


  4. The salary at which I should desire to commence is 10,000 dollars.


  5. The salary required is 12,000 per month, living in the house.


  6. I should require a commencing salary of 9,600 dollars a month.


  7. I am quite willing to start with a small salary.


  8. As regards salary, I leave it to you to decide after experience of my capacity.


  9. However, the matter of remuneration will take care of itself, as it always does, if other things are all right.


  10. I am willing to serve on trial for some months at a small salary.


  说明离职原因 Reasons for leaving

  1. My reason for leaving my present employment is that I am desirous of getting broader experience in trading.


  2. my reason for leaving the company is that I wish to get into the advertising business.


  3. I am leaving our office to be with my mother and care for my aged mother in a distant city.


  4. My reason for leaving my present emplyment is simple because I see no chance of advancement.


  5. I am desirous of leaving the office in order to gain more experience in an exporters office.


  6. I am desirous of leaving the employment in order to improve my position and have more responsiblility.


  7. I left them a fortnight ago, owing to a disagreement with the president Mr. Lau.


  8. I left the position with the sesire of improving my position.


  9. I left the office on acount of the discontinuance of the business.


  10. I left the company because I found a full-time job after graduation.


  11. The only reason why I am leaving the present position is I want an object to better myself.


  12. Unfortunately I have had to leave my position, as my employers ave been forced to lequidate their business due to the worldwide economic adversity.


  结尾:请求面谈及客套语 Ending: Request for Interview

  1. I should be glad to have a personal interview and can furnish references if desired.


  2. I solicit the favor of an interview, and assure you that if appointed, I will do my best to give you satisfaction.


  3. If you desire and interview, I shall be most happy to call in person, on any day and at any time you may appoint.


  4. Should you think favorably of my application, kindly grant me an interview.


  5. Should you think favorably of my application, I would like to have an interview.


  6. I hope that you will be kind enough to consider my application favorably.


  7. I trust that you will give this application your favorable consideration.


  8. Should you give me a trial, I will do my utmost to afford you every satisfaction.


  9. Should this application meet with your favorable consideration, I will do my utmost to justify the confidence you may repose in me.


  10. I assure you that if my application be successful, I will do my very best to please you.


  11. Should you entertain my application favorably, I would spare no trouble to acquit myself to your satisfaction.


  12. I wish to assure you that, if successful, I would endeavor to give you every satisfaction.