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  Today,I am writing to apply for the application engineer of your company,below i will give you some general information about myself.

  I graduated from **** university in 20xx, and got a MBA degree,In my campus life, i have received the most excelent award three times,i have served in the colleague baskball team and as monitor for about two years.and in my spare time , i also love reading ,everyday even i am very busy,i will spare at least one hour to read my favoriate book.

  Through search ,and i know that your is a famous company with excelent management ,so if i have the opportunity to work in the company ,i believe that i will be able to full develop my abilities and obtain strong knowledge ,and the same time i will make valueable contribution to your company.

  So look forward your reply.

  Thank you,

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  6年前,该广告公司的创立者鲍勃·基尔莲开始将那些写得很差的求职信匿名公布在公司网站上。这些错误包括丢字,如“我想找份新工作,因为我最近被人睡了(‘laid’,其实本意是想表示‘laid off,没工作’)”,“我有英语学位,擅长修改语法和打字错误(其实自己就打丢了一个字‘in’)”,或毫无意义的废话,如“我最喜欢的颜色是红色、蓝色和淡紫色,我认为这些颜色最能描述我的个性,我选择红色是因为当我尴尬时会脸红”。




英文求职信 篇3

  1. Shall you need an experienced desk clerk for your hotel nextsummer? 贵酒店明年暑期是否需要一名有经验的柜台部职员?

  2. Because I am very desirous of receiving actual experience in accounting during July and August, I am writing to inquire whether you will need the services of a young man with three years of educational training and some part-time experience. Perhaps I could fill in for one of your office staff during the vacation period. 因我渴望在七、八月间获得会计实务经验,特备函问询你处是否需雇用受过三年训练略有经验的年轻人?在假期中我或可添补贵公司空缺。

  3. Gentlemen: Attention of Personnel

  Manager I am looking for a postion asassistant shipping clerk. 人事部经理勋鉴:本人正在谋求一份助理船务职员的工作。

  4. Perhaps there is a position in your organization for an young, experienced, and

  conscientious secretary stenographer. 请问贵公司是否需要一名年青、有经验、负责的女秘书兼速记员?

  5. I want a job. Not any job with any company, but a particular job with your company. Here are my reasons. Your organization is more than just a busienss house. It is an

  institution in the minds of the local public. It has a reputation for fair play and honesty with both employees and customers alike. For the past four years, while specializing in accounting at colege, I have had a secret ambition to work for your organization in the accounting department. I graduate in June. As I write this letter, I do not know that there is an opening at persent, but here are my qualifications which prompt me to make application now. 本人需要一份工作,不是任何公司的任何工作,而是贵公司的一个职位。贵公司不只是商店,而是大众都知晓的机构。以公正、证实的`美誉远近驰名。在大学主修会计四年来,内心早就想到贵公司会计部工作,今年七月即将毕业。写此信时,不知贵公司目前是否有空缺,但是下列的资历促使本人冒昧提出申请。

  6. As it is nearing the Christmas season, it occurs to me that you many need additional assistance in selling gifts n iyour shop. I have a whole week before Christmas, from December 18-24, when I mssist you. I could aslo work evenings from six oclock on, before December 18. 圣诞节将届,想到贵公司可能需要销售礼物的助理,本人在圣诞节前一周(十二月十八日至二十四日)有空,可以帮忙。十八日以前每晚六时后也可以。

  7. Gentlemen: Attention of Personnel Manager Like many other young men, I am looking for a position. I want to get stated, at the bottom, perhaps, but started. 人事部主任:本人和很多年青人一样正在寻找工作。本人想要有个开头,从基层做起。

英文求职信 篇4

  Hello. The bank has been a good image in the social reputation, I am about to graduate, if there is a chance is willing to your company can effect a modest! My name is XXX, graduated from the China University of Mining and Technology, was studying financial management specialty. The following is my personal letter of introduction.

  I to your bank for some basic understanding. As a newcomer students finish their studies, I have the confidence to accept the social test and the challenge from its own. During my college study hard, strict demands on themselves, respect for teachers, and actively participate in various activities organized by the school. On weekdays, and teachers and students live together in peace together. In English, passed Band Four six examination. I know, the bank clerk is the need to have a strong sense of responsibility, practice. Therefore, in school period, I tried a different practice and work. I do Secretary, did the promotion, has made the family, worked as a waitress, different occupation has given me a different experience let me gradually from a silly little girl into an independent thinking, problem solving skill and teamwork spirit. In order to remain invincible in the work, do a better job.

  I hope to go to your bank to work, to learn the theory of combination of knowledge and practice, so that their life can have a qualitative leap. I believe that your bank is whole image, management mode, working atmosphere will be more attractive to me in my mind, is the pursuit of the ideals and goals.

  We enclosed a copy of my resume, hope to be able to notice will have the opportunity to meet.

  Sincerely yours









英文求职信 篇5

Dear Sir:

  You are good! First please allow me to extend the sincere regards and the good wish to you! In spite of being very busy heartfelt thanks you in to glance through my this material, and wishes the expensive unit enterprise to be prosperous, progresses day by day!

  I am electronic information project specialized 20xx sessions of graduates, learned in the near future your firm is advertising for the talented person, I hoped can arrive has the opportunity to your firm work.

  In school period, I study the specialized knowledge diligently, and invested the huge enthusiasm and the energy for it.While studies the textbook knowledge earnestly, I participate in school inside and outside practice positively, and has obtained some result. If monolithic integrated circuit development design, aspects and so on PCB Layout as well as homepage design. The university four years let my English proficiency have progress,And smooth passed the national English six levels of tests,Had certainly certainly has listened to, to say, to read, writes ability,Has the reading specialized literature English foundation of basic skills.

  I have the good computer knowledge and application ability, can grasp the basic application software skilled the use, and can use languages and so on C, assembly, VB, HTML carries on the programming. Moreover I also can using Multisim, Protel, Pspice, Auto CAD and so on the specialized software carry on the correlation work,And many times participated in the project practice which in the school organizes.I have studied some knowledge using after school which the related homepage design, the plane design as well as the video frequency pick arrange,Can skilled manufacture the homepage using the homepage three swordsmen,And can use imagery processing softwares and so on the photoshop, ACDSee to carry on the related design work,Has uses Adobe premiere the pro software editor complete video frequency plan the experience.I longed for study has uses, to long for own knowledge can obtain the practice examination, looked forward to the practice will be able to enrich my work experience and the ability glorious future.

  “The great ambition can sometimes, directly link up the cloud sail to aid the sea”, I hope alliance your firm sincerely, I can surely by full warm and the tenacious disposition diligent work, with colleague absolute sincerity cooperation, for expensive unit's development own one's pygmy effort.

  Along with letter enclosed resume and other material, if must a deeper understanding, hope for your interviewing!


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