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英文求职信 篇1

  XI Meng

  Dec,10th 20xx

  Dear Miss LIN,

  In searching for employment opportunities on the Internet, I learned of a job vacancy in the Sales Representative of your company. I believe that my qualifications match the requirements you have listed for the position.

  I am very organized, I am a self-motivated worker, and enjoy working in GE, especially trough the past three intern experience in this pleasant workplace.

  With a sound educational background demonstrated and a keen desire to be part of a professional firm, I am submitting my resume and wish to apply for the position referred above. I hold the belief that I will make positive contribution to GE.

  You require I offer

  l Fresh graduate with degree preferred Bachelor in Business with competitive

  In Business academic performance

  l Outstanding leadership skills with Internship experience in different

  good record of extra-curriculum industries as well as association

  activities leader

  l Excellent analytical skills and team Succeed in bringing order out of chaos

  Spirit and cooperate with team colleagues

  l Excellent interpersonal skills, able Coordinate wide range

  to communicate with different people cross-department associates with different background and opinion

  l Quick learner, energetic, willing to Familiarize analytical software in

  work under pressure and tough two weeks and complete presentation

  environment within right agenda as a newcomer

  l Fluent oral and written English, CET-4 passed, Micros Windows 20xx

  skilled PC operator Proficient User Certificate

  Thank you for your time and consideration and I anticipate the opportunity to

  meet with you to further discuss my qualification and your needs.


  XI Meng

英文求职信 篇2

  respect of hr:


  i would like to apply for your company foreign trade as a

  salesman, so take the liberty of wrote a cover letter, nearly time engaged in two associated with professional work, still find yourself on foreign trade industry love and interests, i want everyone to dream and ideal for love to pursue and hard, and get the pleasure of life.

  in july XX, graduated from fujian normal university institute of information technology. i'm very interested in foreign trade, i

  started junior from going to later after graduation in the import and export business. i know this to me is not a very easy thing, because my major is not professional international trade, also not be english or other foreign language major, but a computer visualization

  software programming design, i did not have the foreign trade aspect work experience. but the computer professional i never did not stop to the internet and electronic commerce of understanding. the words of the scroll "has inspired me to go on," as long as perseverance, what all can do it ". almost every day i learn to stick to business english, a lot to listen, business letter writing practice and business english spoken english, learning the basic knowledge of international trade, familiar with the import and export business processes and trading terms, documents, etc. in addition, i also often surf the internet through msn and other countries of netizens to communicate in english, send e-mail, etc, in this process, i saw your progress, but also to experience the full satisfaction and fun.

  i know all things are difficult, can enter the foreign trade industry that threshold is my first step, believe in my first step, my second step, the third step...... i believe that as long as willing to input and learning can create value, but this need a platform to create value, hope you can give me this opportunity. thanks to review, are deeply grateful.

英文求职信 篇3

  Dear Sir,

  In respone to your advertisement in the JobsPower。com of January 15, I wish to apply for the position of (secretary, accountant, clerk, salesman, etc)。

  I am twenty-five years old and a graduate of - college。 My experience in this line of work includes six years as an assistant accountant with the ABC Company。 The reason for leaving my present employment is because they are closing their office。

  I am enclosing my resume together with my photo, and believe that they may be found satisfactory。 With respect to salary, I shall expect HK$5,000 a month。 I assure you that if appointed, I will do my best to give your satisfaction。

  Very truly yours

英文求职信 篇4


  hrd director

  shanghai office

  rohn and hass china inc.

  488 wuning rd (s), shanghai

  dear mr. director,

  i have learned from the newspaper that you are employing an administrative secretary. i am very much interested in this position.

  i have worked as an administrative secretary for a chemical company in shanghai for three years, so i have some understanding of the chemical industry. i graduated from the east china university of technology with a bachelor degree. i am fluent in both spoken and written english, having obtained cet-4 and cet-6 certificates. in addition, i have strong computer skills.

  enclosed please find my resume.

  i am looking forward to your reply.

  yours sincerely,


  qian xiaolu

英文求职信 篇5

dear sir/madam,

  i’m a college graduate seeking opportunities to work for your company. i have received a bachelor’s degree in management science / international trade, proficient at english, both written and spoken. my academic achievement ranks among top ten of one hundred graduate students in my university, working for our student union for over three years. as a boy, i love playing football and basketball, organizing such matches both in spring and autumn, very popular with my fellow students. moreover, i have kept doing a part-time job in a medium-sized company in beijing for years, working in sales department.

  i would accept a job in either marketing or human resources management, for i not only have specialized in these two fields but also have keen interest in them. my wages are expected to range from XX to 4,500 yuan each month, excluding the social security. of course, it is desirable that your company provide me with a small room.

  i hope you will give preference to my application and give me a chance to prove that i am worth more than you pay me.

  best wishes!

  sincerely yours

英文求职信 篇6

  第一部分 求职信 (Cover letter)

  在今天,绝大部分雇主指出,他们是从来不会看没有求职信(Cover letter)的个人简历的。因此,求职信是必要的。但求职信不是对个人简历的简单复述,而是礼貌而鲜明的突出自己的目标和要求,促使阅读者有兴趣阅读你的个人简历和推荐信。


  1, 可保证个人简历到达正确的阅读人的桌面。如果招聘广告上没有收信人的姓名,我推荐打电话询问将会处理求职申请的人的姓名(这显示你的诚意以及专业精神,给雇主深刻印象)。假如不能的话按照以下原则:小型企业—经理(Managing director),中型企业—部门负责人(Head of section/department),大型企业—全体职员或者人事部(Personnel or Human Resource Department)。

  2, 说服收信者阅读你的个人简历

  3, 清楚地表明你对具体哪一个职位感兴趣

  4, 表明为什么对该职位有兴趣,为什么你认为自己胜任该职位

  5, 提及一到两点在个人简历里面的内容,以及回应广告的要求


  那么,Cover letter要包括那些内容呢,至少有以下几点。

  1, 招聘广告中给出的收信人姓名,头衔和地址

  2, 你所感兴趣的职位以及你从何处得知招聘消息(或许朋友推荐)

  3, 用三到四个―项目符号‖(如Word工具栏)列举出你为什么能胜任该职位的背景和特长,回应招聘广告的要求。

  4, 表明有兴趣获得一个面试的机会,讨论申请问题。

  5, 检查拼写和语法错误

  6, 千万不要提及薪酬问题,也不要提及雇主想要或者可能想要的但你又不能达到的技能或要求

  7, 除非注明要求手写,否则应用打字机或者文字处理软件打印。但个人签名一定要用手写(记住这一点不要忘记)

  8, 对应不同的申请应用不同的求职信,例如内容、侧重点和风格的不同等

  9, 注意,Cover letter应力求精简,除非有特殊情况,否则一律用一张纸完成



  Your Address(应用由小到大规则)

  Your Phone Numbers

  Your Email Address(这一部分如果空间不够的话,可以考虑右式和应用文本框)


  Date of writing(可采用日月年格式,如2 April 20xx,无需逗号隔开,但月份不要用简写)


  Name of employer






  Reference number(假如招聘广告上有提到的话)


  Dear Mr … or Ms …/Dear Sir or Madam


  1st paragraph (第一段落)Explain why you are writing; identify the position and your source of information. Indicate in summary form your strongest qualifications for the position using a series of phrases.

  (For example, I wish to apply for the position of … as advertised in …my…is my strongest…)


  2nd paragraph (第二段落)Outline your strongest qualifications in more detail and show how they match the position requirements. As much as possible, provide evidence of your related work, extracurricular, and academic experiences and accomplishments. Refer to your enclosed resume. (可套用―项目符号‖的形式)

  (For example, I am enclosing the completed application form, my personal fact sheet, etc …/ As detailed in the attached resume and reference…/ I am currently employed at …/ I am finishing school or university on…)


  3rd paragraph (第三段落)Optional. Convince the employer that you have the personal qualities and motivation to succeed. Relate your interests and qualities to your knowledge of the company.

  4th paragraph (第四段落)Request an interview and indicate how and when you can be contacted. Suggest that you will call at a specific time to discuss interview possibilities. Thank the reader for his/her consideration.

  (For example, I would appreciate the opportunity to discuss the position further at an interview. (空一行)

  I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you for your consideration.)


  Yours sincerely (if employer has been named)


  Yours faithfully

  Handwriting Signature(手写签名。排版时预留三到四行空行)

  Your full name, typed


  Encl. (Enclosures。随后注明附带的个人简历(CV),推荐信(Reference(s))等)(例如:Encl. CV, References)



  第二部分 个人简历(CV)

  第一, 一般建议:










  大体上有两种。第一种是按时间循序式(Chronological),所有的信息包括在鲜明的标题下,例如教育程度、工作经验等。这一种方法容易入手一些。第二种称为技能针对式(Skills Based),就是根据技能要求列标题,所有个人信息分别列举在相应标题下。这一种比较高难度。




















  7,可选项(Optional extras)

  在开头可以采用个性化的声明(Personal Profile/Objective statement),用两到三个句子概括你的能力,



  另外,差点忘了一点,就是在前面加上你的职位目标(JOB OBJECTIVE),通常是招聘广告所列出的职位。




  Include your Name, (Nationality, Date of Birth), Address, (Marital Status), Phone Number(s) and E-mail address. Also state whether you are a driver and how mobile you are prepared to be.


  TONY BAO(居中)

  101 Beijing Rd, Shanghai City (居中)

  (020) 8434 8888, tony@hotmail.com (居中)




  EDUCATION / QUALIFICATIONS(第三块)(建议用―项目符号和/或编号‖或表格按由近到远的时间循序列出)

  Include Degrees, or relevant diplomas and any specific training in computer skills.

  l Dec 1996 – June 20xx, Degree in…

  1. Year 1: Certified… Won scholarship …

  2. Year 2: …

  3. Year 3: …Got certificates of Level 1 & 2 of CCT…

  l Sep 1995 - June 20xx…


  WORK EXPERIENCE(第四块,十分重要)(建议用―项目符号和/或编号‖或表格按由近到远的时间循序列出。注意不要有大的时间空缺)

  List the most recent job first and remember not to leave any gaps. Spell out what you did, what

  skills/technologies you used, the dates you started and finished, how much you earned and your reasons for leaving. Don't criticise previous employers, even if they are deserving!

  l Sep 20xx-Now/March 20xx, …Ltd…managed/dealt with/…

  l June 20xx (Sumer holiday), ….Ltd…. Position of /leader of…

  l Dec 20xx-May 20xx, trained in…

  l March 20xx-Oct 20xx… Volunteered …



  l Advanced skills in…

  l Excellent … & Customer services skills

  l Brilliant Time management, Organisational and Communication skills

  l Ability to provide Telephone support for … related problems


  Describe your interests. It is a good idea to provide examples that demonstrate attributes the employer may find attractive.

  如:… Captain of … leader of …


  Provide details of two referees, typically the last two employers.

  1,Tom Smith, Manager of … Ltd. Telephone: 888 8888 (day), or 999 9999(night) Email:


  2,Ken Weaver, Head tutor of … Department in. … University … Ken@bjuniversity.govt.cn


  第六,求职信(Covering letter)(见上―第一部分‖)

  第七,申请表格(Application forms)

  对于某些工作,雇主会先发给你相关申请表格。这时你仍然需要写一封求职信(Covering letter),以及你的个人简历(CV)(除非雇主有表明不必要)。









  第三部分 推荐信


  第四部分 重大的嘉奖或成绩的复印件








英文求职信 篇7

Dear Mr。 lroutsman,

  Enclosed is my resume outlining more than 15 years extensive experience in corporate telecommunications。 In summary, my credentials include:

  -broad experience in international computer networking

  -design and implementation of voice, data and LAN systems

  -in-depth experience with telecommunications and information processing technologies

  -interpersonal skills for interfacing well with all levels of management

  I would like to put this expertise to work in a senior telecommunications management and/or internal consulting position。

  Although I am concentrating my search in the greater New York City area, I would consider other locations for the right opportunity。

  If you are currently searching for someone with my credentials, I would be pleased to meet with you to discuss I how might help you to solve some of your more difficult telecommunications problems。

Thank you for your consideration。

英文求职信 篇8

Dear Sir,

  I have been told by Mr。 James, Operation Manager, Hong Kong Commerical Business Publishing, with whom I believe you are acquainted, that you are expecting to make some additions to your accounting staff in August。 I should like to be considered an applicant for one of these positions。

  You can see from the data sheet that is enclosed with this letter that I have had six years of varied experience in the book business publishing。 The companies for which I have worked have given me permission to refer you to them for information about the quality of the work I did while in their employ。

  My work was in the credit department and in the accounting department in both companies, with some experience also in inventory control。 In both positions, I have been assigned with the daily office administration。 The account courses taken at SPACE, University of Hong Kong specifically prepare me for doing the accounting required in your department。

  I hope that you will give me an interview at some time convenient to you。 If there is further information that you wish in the meantime, please let me know。 I can always be reached at the address or contact phone number given at the resume。

  Sincerely yours!

英文求职信 篇9

  dear sir:

  how are you!

  dongbei university of finance i was a senior student, we are going into the community and i look forward to the future is full of, i believe that “well begin is half done”, (a good beginning is half the success)。 i hope that the success of your company is the starting point, to have the luck with your company to create brilliance together.

  i was born in the beautiful scenery of the border town - linjiang, 97 years with outstanding results, i went to the northeast university of finance and economics school of economics and management of financial accounting professional, then opened a new chapter in my life. i have been as a school class party branch secretary of the corporation, a busy train and exercise not only my ability to work and more training to solve the problem of my ability, so that the problems faced when i can calm analysis, careful thought, and this all for me the choice of professionals have had a profound impact.

  at the same time do a good , but also actively participate in school activities and to encourage students to participate, for their advice; in their daily lives, to closely unite the students, i believe that the collective force is powerful, and only you screw into a rope, in order to do a good .

  the needs of socialist modernization is a comprehensive quality management expertise, professional knowledge in the study at the same time, the main english and computers, in english, to strengthen training for my listening, speaking, reading and writing ability; in the computer, from the basis of knowledge to start, and further mastered the office of the function, but also self-learning of basic knowledge of the internet can be used flexibly. professional after the elections, in order to broaden their own knowledge, i also participated in the study accounting mastered basic accounting software applications and excel applications. in order to make their expertise to study together, i have also studied the case of the mba teaching materials, such as strategic management, corporate governance, financial management, capital operation and so on, and apply it in their practical work.

  “sea diving with width, height fly days”, i hope you can give me an opportunity to display their talent, i will work hard, study hard and expertise, i trust the company placed high expectations.

英文求职信 篇10

  Dear Sir/Madam:

  Thank you very much for skimming my letter in your busy time. And I am very appreciate than your esteemed company would give me an opportunity.

  First please allow me to introduce myself. My English name is Cathy. I am the graduate student in Foreign College of Jingsu University of Science and Technology. I learn that your company is recruiting now. I am confident that four years of university study and the social practice can help me to apply for the position in your company.

  I have had a solid theoretical foundation because of the four years of English learning. The annual internship experience make me from theory to practice, although I have no formal work experience. However I am sure that I have a certain degree of understanding of the foreign trade posts and the translation work. And I believe that I have a strong learning ability, and Ican completely adapt to the new work in a short time.

  Under the teacher's strict teaching and my personal efforts, I have formed a solid foundation of professional knowledge, mastered the business English knowledge. At the the spare time I also actively read the professional knowledge of the relevant newspapers and magazines, understing the new economic situation, and initially have a good command of English basic communication and translation ability. In addition, I also actively participate in community activities and volunteer service activities, take part in the English speech contest, translation contest, English tongue twisters and English about the game, also involve in the strawberry Music Festival, better Xijin ferry and other large activities of the volunteer activities. These practice allow me to chece my knowledge, and also make me to have the strong ability of analysis and solving problems, and make me more confident and mature.

  Self-confidence and perseverance is my principle,and calm and optimism is the attitude of my way. I have the confidence and hope to get the opportunity to work in your company. Attach a brief resume. Thank you again for your concern for me. Look foraward to your reply.




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