时间:2020-01-23 面试英语 我要投稿




  XX is good, my name is ChuPengFei, jiangsu haian, now is a computer professional senior student hohai university. Is a great pleasure to come to company.

  I think from the interest hobby, school performance, and social practice these three aspects to introduce myself:

  I am a cheerful person, can let me laugh at a joke, classmate say I'm a little nervous, sometimes I feel like I'm born to be an optimist. I love sports, likes playing basketball, table tennis. At the same time I also is a member of the basketball team in our class, although I was no advantage! May be the reason why I outgoing personality, sometimes feel a bit impetuous, so often find some literature and art, time management aspects of the book, through these books enriched my college life.

  In college, I took an active part in club activities, has served as the school at school newspaper editorial department minister and minister of heart association activities. Tenure, I try to do his job. My efforts also received the affirmation of the school, I was awarded the student union at the outstanding director-general, sophomore was rated as outstanding student cadres.

  During college, I also used vacation time to participate in social practice activities, a freshman in jiangning branch of China unicom company internship, sophomore "land-lost farmers life" the influence of investigation, a junior in wuxi construction site practice, and now I am in IBM - ETP training. Such practice experience, I accumulated a lot of social experience, also let I learned a lot cannot be learned in the school. Also, I believe that pay will have return: freshman unicom internships, I was rated as outstanding individual. Sophomore as field team, our investigation report was rated as excellent.

  Today I is for the position of the company's xx, I believe, if I can successfully apply for university four years of experience, club activities, social practice, made me in the team cooperation ability, organizational communication, will be of great help to my future work. Thank you very much!


  The judges hello everyone, I am a graduating computer science undergraduates. University four years, for I laid a solid foundation of professional theory, good organization ability, team cooperation spirit, pragmatic work style and good communicating ability.

  On theory study, I learn professional knowledge seriously theory, at the same time of learning professional required courses, I also read a lot of computer books. At the same time for legal, literature and other aspects of the non-professional knowledge I also have a keen interest. During the period of school, has repeatedly in the professional exam places for single one. Get on a scholarship, third-class scholarship five times. Is a the best students, unanimously praised by teachers and classmates.

  On the professional knowledge, I besides proficient in Visual Basic, SQL Server, ASP, familiar with Linux and Windows 9 x/Me/NT / 2000 / XP operating system, familiar with Office, WPS Office automation software. Also self-study HTML, Frontpage, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Flash and other web design related software. Able to skillfully use for commonly used software. With ease.

  At work, served as a member of student, vice President and so on, the current computer science league organization department minister. Organization department, class parties, spring outing and other activities, by teachers and students's consistent high praise. Ideological cultivation, quality excellent, I thought progress, abidioy his honesty, the letter, the ritual, the wisdom of life principle.

  In social practice, four years of university life, strict to myself, I pay attention to the cultivation of the ability, especially the practice ability is my strong suit. Once many times to participate in social practice activities, has certain practical experience and ability.

  No matter what kind of work in the future, I will take the new job as a new starting point, constantly learning and enhance professional skills, my tireless learning attitude in and style of the steadfast responsible do every work well.


  The university four years, I developed various aspects ability, can say, after 4 years of college study, I have already had the ability to adapt to social work. This semester will be ended, graduated is. Looking back, at least you can confidently say "I didn't waste". It is necessary for these four years do a self assessment.

  In thinking, I ask the progress, has been to ready to help others, to participate in youth volunteer activities many times. Respect teachers, unite classmates, for their study and life to create a good environment.

  On study, I worked hard, hard, strive for the good time to learn the university. University for four years, not only I learned many knowledge, also has taught me the way of learning. Use this method, in the world outside of school courses, I also studied the network database, web design, graphic design, such as knowledge, enrich his own amateur life, well and lay a good foundation for their own future. So far, I have mastered the professional knowledge and the basis of basic knowledge about the network. In addition, interest in computer and let me have a certain knowledge of computer, and have certain ability of programming.

  In life, I live a simple, has a broad interests. More practice constantly enrich and perfect myself.

  Future work is a test to my knowledge, is also a challenge to my life. I will constantly improve themselves in the work, improve themselves, to adapt to the needs of the work. So I hope to find a job related to their own knowledge structure, such as network publishing, multimedia production, prepress processing, can have more space to prove itself, developing its own!