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  Unit1 Can you play the guitar?

  1. play chess 下国际象棋

  1. —Can you draw? 你会画画吗?

  —Yes, I can./No, I can’t. 是的,我会。/不,我不会。

  2. —What club do you want to join? 你想加入哪个俱乐部?

  —I want to join the chess club. 我想加入国际象棋俱乐部。

  3. You can join the English club. 你可以加入英语俱乐部。

  4. Sounds good./That sounds good. 听上去很好。

  5. I can speak English and I can also play soccer. 我会说英语也会踢足球。

  6. Please call Mrs. Miller at 555-3721. 请给米勒夫人拨打电话555-3721。

  Unit2 What time do you go to school?

  1. —What time do you usually get up? 你通常几点钟起床?

  —I usually get up at six thirty. 我通常6:30起床。

  2. That’s a funny time for breakfast. 那是个有趣的早餐时间。

  3. —When do students usually eat dinner? 学生们通常什么时候吃完饭?

  —They usually eat dinner at a quarter to seven in the evening. 他们通常在晚上6:45吃晚饭。

  4. In the evening, I either watch TV or play computer games.


  5. At twelve, she eats lots of fruit and vegetables for lunch.


  6. She knows it’s not good for her, but it tastes good.她知道它对她没好处,但是尝起来很好。

  7. Here are your clothes. 这是你的衣服。

  Unit3 How do you get to school?

  1. —How do you get to school? 你怎么去上学?

  —I ride my bike. 我骑自行车。

  2. How far is it from your home to school? 从你家到学校有多远?

  3. How long does it take you to get to school? 去上学花费你多久?

  4. For many students, it is easy to get to school. 对很多学生来说,很容易到达学校。

  5. There is a very big river between their school and the village. 在他们学校和村庄之间有一条很大的河流。

  Unit4 Don’t eat in class.

  1. Don’t arrive late for class. 上课不要迟到。

  2. Can we bring music players to school? 我们可以带音乐播放器到学校吗?

  3. And we always have to wear the school uniform. 并且我们总是不得不穿校服。

  4. There are too many rules! 有太多的规则!

  5. Don’t leave the dirty dishes in the kitchen! 不要把脏盘子留在厨房里!

  6. I have to keep my hair short. 我不得不留短发。

  Unit5 Why do you like pandas?

  1. —Why do you like pandas? 你为什么喜欢熊猫?

  —Because they’re kind of interesting. 因为它们有点儿有趣。

  2. —Why does John like koalas? 约翰为什么喜欢树袋熊?

  —Because they’re very cute. 因为它们非常可爱。

  3. —Why don’t you like tigers? 你为什么不喜欢老虎?

  —Because they’re really scary. 因为它们真的吓人。

  4. —Where are lions from? 狮子来自哪里?

  —They’re from South Africa. 它们来自南非。

  5. Elephants can walk for a long time and never get lost. 大象能走很长时间并且从不迷路。

  6. They can also remember places with food and water. 它们也能记住有食物和水的地方。

  7. But elephants are in great danger. 但是,大象处于极大危险之中。

  8. People cut down many trees so elephants are losing their homes.


  9. Today there are only about 3,000 elephants (over 100,000 before)


  10.Isn’t she beautiful? 她难道不美丽吗?

  Unit6 I’m watching TV.

  1. —Why are you doing? 你在做什么?

  —I’m watching TV. 我在看电视。

  2. —What’s she doing? 她在做什么?

  —She’s washing her clothes. 她在洗她的衣服。

  3. —What are they doing? 他们在做什么?

  —They’re listening to a CD. 他们在听一张CD 唱片。

  4. —Are you doing your homework? 你在做你的家庭作业吗?

  —Yes, I am. / No, I’m not. I’m cleaning my room. 是的,我在做。/不,我没有。我在打扫我的房间。

  5. Zhu Hui misses his family and wishes to have his mom’s delicious zongzi.


  Unit7 It’s raining!

  1. How’s the weather? 天气怎么样?

  2. It’s cloudy. / It’s sunny. / It’s raining. 天气多云。/ 天气晴朗。/ 天正下雨。

  3. How’s it going? 情况怎么样?

  4. Great! /Not bad./Terrible! 好极了!/ 不错。/糟糕!

  5. Can I take a message for him? 我给他捎个口信好吗?

  6. I’m having a great time visiting my aunt in Canada.我正在加拿大愉快地拜访我的姨妈

  7. My family and I are on a vacation in the mountains. 我和我的家人正在山里度假。

  8. It’s hot in your country now, isn’t it? 现在你的国家天气炎热,不是吗?

  Unit8 Is there a post office near here?

  1. —Is there a hospital near here? 这附近有医院吗?

  —Yes, there is. It’s on Bridge Street. 是的,有。它在桥街上。

  2. —Oh… where’s Center Street? 噢……中心大街在哪里?

  —It’s not too far from here. 它离这儿不太远。

  3. Go along Long Street and it’s on the right. 沿着长街走,它在右边。

  4. Turn right at the first crossing. 在第一个十字路口向右转。

  Unit9 What does he look like?

  1. —What does he look like? 他长什么样?

  —He’s really tall. 他真的很高。

  2. —Do they have straight or curly hair? 他们留直发还是卷发?

  —They have curly hair. 他们留卷发。

  3. —Is he tall or short? 他高还是矮?

  —He isn’t tall or short. He’s of medium height. 他不高不矮。他中等个子。

  4. The man with a pair of glasses is my English teacher. 那个戴眼镜的男人是我的英语老师。

  Unit10 I’d like some noodles.

  1. What kind of noodles would you like? 你想要哪种面条?

  2. I’d like beef noodles, please. 我想要牛肉面。

  3. What size would you like? 你想要多大的?

  4. I’d like a medium bowl, please. 我想要一个中碗的。

  5. Would you like a large bowl? 你想要一个大碗的吗?

  6. Yes, please. 好吧。

  7. If he or she blows out all the candles in one go, the wish will come true. 假如他或她一口气吹灭所有的蜡烛,愿望将实现。

  Unit11 How was your school trip?

  1. —How was your school trip? 你的学校郊游怎么样?

  —It was great! 好极了!

  2. —Did you go to the zoo? 你去动物园了吗?

  —No, I didn’t. I went to a farm. 不,没有。我去农场了。

  3. —Did you see any cows? 你看见一些牛奶了吗?

  —Yes, I did. I saw quite a lot. 是的,我看见了,我看见相当多(的牛奶)

  4. —Were the strawberries good? 这些草莓是好的吗?

  — Yes, they were. 是的,它们是。 / No, they weren’t. 不,它们不是。

  5. Everything was about robots and I’m not interested in that. 一切都是关于机器人的,我对那方面不感兴趣。

  Unit12 What did you do last weekend?

  1. —What did you do last weekend? 上个周末你做什么了?

  —I did my homework. / We went boating. 我做了我的家庭作业。/我们去划船了。

  2. —Who visited her grandma? 谁看望了她的奶奶?

  — Becky did. 贝姬看望了。

  3. My sister finished high school two weeks ago. 我的姐姐两周前中学毕业了。

  4. But I was so tired that I went to sleep early. 但是我是如此疲倦,以至于我很早就睡着了。