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  You know how when you go to a hotel, you do all kinds of gross stuff in bed you wouldn't do at home? Like eating Doritos! Or whatever other kinda gross thing you were thinking about. Despite the disgusting habits of strangers, climbing into a hotel bed probably doesn't skeeve you out. That is, unless the hotel doesn't change the sheets before you arrive with your bag of Cool Ranch. Lo, that's what Inside Edition found when it recently took some time off from harassing Kanye West.

  你知道吗?人们在入住酒店的时候,行为习惯上会比在自家更加随便,什么恶心的事都可能干,比如在床上是薯片!或者其他一些什么搓事,只有你想不到,没有人做不到!不过,你选择入住酒店的时候,不会因为陌生人的不良习惯而止步。那么如果酒店在你背着Cool Ranch的背包即将入住之前也不更换床单呢?最近“揭露内幕”节目组匀出了骚扰Kanye West (美国著名饶舌歌手)的时间,来调查酒店中出现的这种情况。

  The show checked people into New York City hotels -- decent ones, like a Residence Inn by Marriott -- on consecutive nights under different names, booking the same room both nights. The first night, the show's plants stenciled "I SLEPT HERE" in invisible fluorescent paint on the sheets. Upon returning the next night, they inspected the sheets with a blacklight. Turned out that three of the nine didn't change the sheets. The managers, confronted, had such hard-hitting responses as, "I do not know what happened in this situation," and "I expect them to be changed every day." Yeah, no kidding, you and everyone else.

  节目中的试点酒店,纽约城市酒店,看上去就像万豪旗下的酒店,非常体面。节目组每天晚上都用不同的名字登记入住同一间房。在第一天晚上,节目组用肉眼看不见的荧光剂,利用漏字板在床上喷上了“我曾睡过这里”的字样。在次日晚上利用荧光灯看字样的是否还在,以此来检测酒店每天晚上是否都更换床单。结果显示,在总共入住的酒店九晚,有三晚是没有更换床单。被质问的酒店经理对此的反应很生硬,他回应道, “我对此并不知情,我指望他们每晚床单更换”。亲,我不是开玩笑,其他人也是这么指望的。

  A sample size of nine may not be statistically significant, but statistics aren't the ones who have to sleep in someone else's back sweat in one hotel stay of every three. That, you shouldn't have to do, either. And regardless of a hotel's standard practices, you don't need to. So what can you do about it?


  1. Buy a portable blacklight.

  1. 买一个便携式荧光灯。

  You don't need to get the full-on purple wand they use on Inside Edition. Pocket-sized ones are available online for less than $20, and will allow you to fully inspect your hotel sheets before jumping in. That said, if you find they're dirty, then demand a room change, and those are dirty, then change hotels and find THOSE are dirty too, we can't be responsible for your overnight stay in your backseat.


  2. Don't stay in a hotel.

  2. 别住酒店了。

  Simple enough, right? It's 2016 and Airbnb is what all the cool kids are doing anyway. Then again, there's no guarantee your host is washing his or her sheets either. But since they don't have 400 rooms to clean, your oddsmight be better.


  3. Bring your own sheets along.

  3. 自己带床单。

  Does that immediately make you known amongst your friends as "that guy who, no joke, brings his own sheets to hotels because of something he saw on Inside Edition"? Yes, yes it does. But it's not completely unheard of, and might be the only way you can guarantee a clean bed.


  So if you're reading this in a hotel bed right now and are severely grossed out, sorry 'bout that. But now at least you know. And be kind -- you may be leaving crumbs behind for tomorrow's unwary traveler.