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  Dear leaders:

  Hello! First of all, thank you for your busy schedule to read my自荐信show. I am XX Session of the University College of Nursing graduates XXXX.

  XX University College of Nursing since the school has maintained the fine tradition of rigorous scholarship. In such an academic atmosphere, the spirit of innovation is more dense environment, in the strict demands on teachers and the efforts of individuals, after two years of professional courses of study and year of clinical practice, it has a more solid foundation of professional knowledge and clinical experience, the overall quality has been enhanced. Developed a keen sense of observation. Good sense, ability to work independently, rigorous, practical work. And careful, caring, patience, sense of responsibility to treat patients. Meet the development needs of the overall care. So I have full confidence in the future.

  I love nursing career, eager to look forward to your leadership for the cause of this glorious building blocks, and continuous learning in their work and progress.

  Finally, please accept my most sincere thanks!




  Respect leadership: hello!

  Thank you very much for you to ChengYue my letter of application. I am xx xx university of nursing graduates. I have a solid basic medical knowledge, skilled operation technology and outstanding work ability, I have confidence for the job. Here, I to your unit duty。

  Choose itself means competition, have a competition to more fully realize their value. Hope this competition results can let me have in your work and the opportunity to learn.

  Medicine is a sacred science, the value of it is to save people's life. Four years of theoretical study and more than a year of clinical practice, I have formed a rigorous attitude towards study, careful way of thinking and strength of character. Treat patients I have a love and caring heart, I love nursing career. Four years of medical edify round my medical dream, let me wings more rich, I want to be in the actual clinical continues to pursue advanced studies.

  During the period of school, I not only learned more professional knowledge, improve the comprehensive quality, I have let student life department minister, theory ZhongXinZu group leader, the organization carries out the party many knowledge learning activities, to organize many hundred bedroom comparison, DIY competition, has the certain organization foundation and innovation competence. In an effort to learn the professional knowledge at the same time, I continue to enrich themselves, and positive to the party the organization draws close, presently for party members, have accepted senior party class training, and smooth through the party class exam, striving to become one of today's society the inter-disciplinary talent.

  As the 21st century college students, I did not only satisfies in the theory of knowledge learning, often to social theory with practice, from personal practice to improve their comprehensive ability. I believe that I can adapt to the present social fierce competition environment. The sincere thank you for your attention to my, I hope your unit can give me a dream, the chance to show the talent, I wish your esteemed school venture, and repeated success! Look forward to receiving your reply letter.

  With best regards cover: XXX