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  Distinguished leadership:

  hello! Thank you in spite of being very busy toglance through my application letter! I am a recent graduate of the university of XXX, is about to step into society, I look forward to the future full of, I believe "Well begun is half done", (a good beginning is half done. I hope that your company is the starting point of my success, can I have the honor to with your company together to create brilliant tomorrow.

  Enter college lucky selected by their favorite professional, mechanical, four years of learning makes me even more in love with machines. No matter from hand-painted to AutoCAD drawing machine draw, to solid works and proe 3 d modeling, I have called an in-depth, like this kind of personally made 3 d stuff. At the same time, the simple, hard and consultation in the home, their own scholarship, buy a computer assisted learning. Can now be applied mechanics or related software, can very skilled use of office software, will use Photoshop to do image processing, and other simple burn video processing software.

  Me a lot of hobbies, my family are all table tennis lovers, I also love tennis, enjoy singing, like to travel, step into five mountains of mount tai, like reading, for China's ancient and modern classics and jin yong's novels has a special liking.

  During the period of school, on the premise of don't forget to learn, achieve good results at the same time, actively take part in a lot of community social activities, to exercise themselves, let themselves in many ways to improve yourself. Which also make good progress, all kinds of speech, host and essay awards.

  In the rich school life a lot of roles, as a class cadre, by my own hands and write the application materials, make the class made Beijing outstanding class; Had the opportunity to enter the city the ranks of volunteers of the Beijing games, serious and responsible in nervous fulfilling work, cultivate the spirit of its own risk; As community group members and sports team captain, organizing and coordination team, obtained the excellent result of the competition at the same time, also increased the more valuable the team consciousness; I lived in the dormitory, often take the initiative to tidy up, under the guidance of I, was rated as the model makes the dormitory for the dormitory.

  Outside school, and actively participate in and strive for internships and part-time, as a proxy at studio manager, get leadership praise, obtained additional sales commissions; Also have been to visit famous automobile company internship, deeply understanding to the modern factory production processes, and corporate culture, at the same time in the school report summary very system analysis and sums up the company overall situation; Is independent on the station and other regions, buying and selling a local map, make more understand Beijing, while customer service your shy psychology and steering, finally achieve great victory; In this summer vacation, single stay here, many initiative to understand the job market now, get many employment first-hand information and valuable social experience.

  "Sea rich by diving, the day for the birds to fly", I hope your company can give me a chance to talent, I will work hard, hard study specialized knowledge, not company gave me hope.


  Dear leaders:


  When you visit this page, you have to success, I opened the door first. Thank you in another life I am about to embark on a new journey time, give me a valuable opportunity. You hope that it is different from the hands of a number of identical copies of the job materials, and can help you in the intense market competition and knowledge-based economy recorded tide you are looking for a comprehensive talent.

  I was the Southwest University of Science and Technology Manufacturing Science and Engineering, a third year student, majoring in mechanical design and manufacture of automation and the direction of the numerical control technology, and the other minor professional e-commerce school. For enterprises and institutions in the search for a computer-related management or technical work, such as: administrative clerical /高级文员, web page design / computer art, web site planning / information editing, network management, but also willing to engage with the professional CNC Technology the management of the technical work.

  As an undergraduate, "eligible Canadian talent" is always my goal. I am in school among the best academic performance and actively participate in various extra-curricular activities, have been a number of certificate, as the new century, college students, I am well aware of only learning of this expert knowledge is not enough, so I read all books and participated in various training courses extremely useful learning, to enrich themselves at the same time has also been a number of witnesses certificate authority. After three years, the efforts of the University, I have high theoretical and practical ability, good interpersonal skills, able to adapt to the new environment. Computer and English knowledge, I work a strong sense of responsibility, awareness and innovative, willing to engage in challenging work. And, with a certain degree of organization, social skills. Passion for the unknown fields, self-confidence. There is considerable potential for development, in order to constantly improve themselves. I am willing to endure hardship, working harder, bit by bit from the start, always at work to keep the faith and courage to innovate up the attitude of optimism. Believe they would be capable of a variety of computer-related management and technical work. Computer is my biggest passion and expertise, can be said to be a computer enthusiast. Through self-learning to master a lot of computer knowledge, and now has passed the National Computer Rank Examination three (network), the National Computer Rank Examination II, and passed the company's graphic image ADOBE certified engineers. Now the level of a specific computer as follows:

  Proficiency in: Office software, VISUAL BASIC, C, FOXBASE, JAVA, ASP and other programming language and 3D modeling

  Proficient: PHOTOSHOP, COREDRAW, AUTOCAD and other graphic image software

  Master: Computer hardware and software knowledge, basic knowledge of networks, to skilled and network and maintenance, with the small and medium-sized enterprises the ability to engage in network management.

  IV contains a hurry, and now I know how deeply: Yesterday, the accomplishments have become history, the glorious future depends on making unremitting efforts in this down-to-earth to be realized. In this era of gorgeous and colorful with each passing day, only to build capacity, improve quality, and tap the potential inherent to the community in the midst of fierce competition. I am about to leave school at the time, I learned to carry a young man filled with knowledge and passion and dreams, sincere and heartfelt ourselves to your organization. Shanwai楼外楼Castle, strong in the more strong in the hand, but I firmly believe that:天生我才to be useful! Although I am very ordinary, but I do not mediocrity. Despite the large number of candidates, I may not necessarily be the best, but I am still very confident, will prove that I am the most worthy of your choice now!

  Give me a chance, I will fulfill their duties will not only let you satisfied with the more you will be returned to a pleasant surprise! ! At this point, I look forward to your eye look静候佳音. I believe your trust and my strength will bring us success together!

  Finally, once again Thank you for reading this letter and look forward to your reply as soon as possible. Units祝贵prosperity!