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  Dear hiring manager:

  Hello, very thank you for your review. I believe that if you work on the letter that I spend a few minutes of time, we will not only has once.

  20 xx years since graduated from jiangxi university of finance and economics has been 10 years, including the beautiful work time for seven years. In the United States, my former chief financial officer, financial manager and the sales of beauty features company supervisor. Beauty business booming, of course, decent income, let I bought a house in guangzhou early, also have some savings. In spite of this, I have never regret leaving beauty. Because, after leaving beauty, I truly realized my own shortcomings, I can do for my future career as early as plan.

  I don't have the intermediate accountant the title. The reason is very simple, beautiful did not need, I don't have to prepare. Accounting is a focusing subject, need not short summary in practice, improve and development. Doing investment gap last year, I'm going to the local CPA exam, inadequate preparation, 55 points accounting, economic law and 59 minutes. No regrets,, do not necessarily represent the level, sometimes only visited the lucky; Before, not necessarily representative don't have this ability. People, need is the confidence. My level, I don't believe in the intermediate level, and, in my 7 years working experience in finance manager of beauty, I never contact before any financial work, the holiday time, no I don't practice don't fathom.

  My English is good. Although graduation over the years has not been used English in work, but still taught himself occasionally. University, the whole dormitory as far as I'm alone on a level 6, today I can proudly say, even if not reach 6 level, level 4 level affirmation is more than enough. However, ef course consultant told me that my English can be cognitive English only. Is to say, light makes little sense to understand English information, need to be able to do it freely dialogue and writing. This is my weakness. In the 90 s to school learning is dumb English, but never use a after work, it seems my English communication and it is a long road to learning.

  My perseverance and tenacity good, certain things I will always insist on doing it. Now I have formed the habit of adhere to a month to write two articles. Regardless of the paper quality, the need to uphold and accumulation, now I am still in its infancy. I will put my favorite state affairs, such as politics, economic and historical figures will converge together I used to know. Although only lasted six months, denier now each time the feeling of writing such as god let me found that there really is difficult, as long as you are a man of heart. My articles are stored in the qq space, if can have the honor to get your advice, I'll be damned.

  In addition to adhere to write articles, and insist on jogging, exercise the body. The body is the capital of revolution, if you want to do a good job, full of energy, a pair of good health is a must. 10 minutes of jogging every night I have already had four or five months. In addition, I also like swimming, playing badminton. Hobbies and work to arrange. Because I know, don't play the people won't work, not the rest of the people will not work.

  My ability of management thought is good too. In the United States, my subordinate range from two to eight. I every day to open early will arrange deployment of the day's work, a summary on the weekend, find the shortage and improvement. Bill Gates, I firmly believe that a word, don't try to 100% of the efforts of a person, but to make do 1% per 100 people. Financial work is not one person can complete, solidarity and cooperation is very important. How to manage people, each with a good man, to build a learning team, is a problem that managers must think seriously about.

  Of course, done for so many years of financial work, the computer operation skill can also be an advantage, especially good at excel data statistical analysis.

  I believe that the sincere to introduce myself to you for I have a general understanding. I hope we can make a deep communication face to face.



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