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大学生英文求职信 篇1

  Dear Sir or Madam,

  It’s greatly appreciated that you can share your time to read my self—recommendation letter. My name is Wang Jiang,22,majoring in English. I will graduate from HuBei Normal University in June XX with honors. In the course of four—year university study,I was appointed as vice monitor and the chairman of the League Member. Now I am the member of CPC. Thanks to my industry,I have passed TEM4, CET6 ,TEM8.Meanwhile,four years I reaped many rewards,such as national scholarship,the first ranking scholarship,the second ranking scholarship,3 good’s student,outstanding student leader9 f2 m and excellent League Member,etc.

  : | H,“Only after polishing, the sword will be sharp; only after suffering severe winter, the plum blossom will be fragment.” After four—year hard study, I have possessed the quality to be a qualified English teacher. I got the second price in teacher skill competition in HuBei Normal University as well as the first price in normal students’ teaching lesson .

  Four—year hard working arms me with solid specialized knowledge. Now, I have mastered the basic English skills: listening, speaking, reading, writing and translation; and also have a good knowledge of grammar, phonetics, linguistics etc. Additionally, extensive reading has broadened my mind. It acquainted me with western countries’ culture and custom. Hard working also rewards me with high scores in examination.

  With a perfect mastery of specialized knowledge, I also developed myself in all-round way. I have been paying special attention to foster my managerial ability, coordinate ability and cooperative ability. So I have done lots of jobs during my college life, such as working as a student secretary of the college of foreign studies, an English training teacher of Info Tech Essentials, Inc. HuangShi Branch, a private tutor. I have not only done a good job but also have leant a lot from such experiences.

  Moreover, my self-confidence, industry, and enthusiasm as well as great passion pave the way for conquering the difficulties which would occur in future work.

  All in all, please do believe I am competent enough and I can feel up to this position. I am positive about a success in this post.

  Your sincerely,

  Wish your business!

大学生英文求职信 篇2

Miss. wu:

  I was referred to you by mr. zhang, a partner wIth your beIjIng offIce, who Informed me that the shanghaI offIce of your company Is actIvely seekIng to hIre qualIty IndIvIduals for your audItor program.

  I have more than two years of accountIng experIence, IncludIng InternIng as an audItor last year wIth the beIjIng offIce of cccc. I wIll be receIvIng my mba thIs may from tsInghua unIversIty. I am confIdent that my combInatIon of practIcal work experIence and solId educatIonal experIence has prepared me for makIng an ImmedIate contrIbutIon to your company. I understand the level of professIonalIsm and communIcatIon requIred for long-term success In the fIeld. my background and professIonal approach to busIness wIll provIde your offIce wIth a hIghly productIve audItor upon completIon of your development program.

  I wIll be In the shanghaI area the week of aprIl 16. please call me at 1xxxxxxxxxxx to arrange a convenIent tIme when we may meet to further dIscuss my background In relatIon to your needs. I look forward to meetIng you then.

大学生英文求职信 篇3

  Respect for competent:


  I am guangdong light vocational technical college of accounting professional a graduating student. I am honored to have the opportunity to present my personal data in society, in order to find his professional and interested in the job, better use of their talents, to achieve their life values, and give you a recommendation.

  My name is XXX, 19xx, was born in a beautiful coastal city of chaozhou. The local conditions and customs of simple home made careful I sincerely, is my faith, the hobby is widespread, challenge, active, and healthy, open and bright, optimistic, sincere, caring and willing to study, perseverance, love is my characteristic, good professional knowledge and a strong sense of team work is my life's first wealth.

  The university three years, I notice the basic knowledge of learning, and individual ability. In the school strict instructive and personal efforts, I have a solid foundation of professional knowledge, comprehensive and systematic completed including financial and accounting, the budget accounting, cost accounting, management accounting, and accounting information system, a series of accounting professional courses, English listening, speaking, reading, writing and translating, Familiar with the basic operation of the computer and software operating, Understand the basic etiquette foreign work. At the same time, the use spare time widely read all kinds of books, horizons, increase

  Long experience, enriching themselves, a wide range of skills, let oneself can follow the pace of The Times. In addition, many use summer school experience such time out in society, several different natures of the part-time job, let oneself in close contact with society and life, learning to communicate with people, to get out of the society in the new environment as soon as possible after ready to society. During school, served as the minister, class as competitive person, busy working for others, let me learn how to better service, let me know how to efficient work, let me get precious

  The organization management planning experience, let his eloquence and daring get good exercise, but also in the department of debating contest champions.

  I love my choice of accounting professional and sincerely hope that you can be in the lead and guidance for the career, for you, contributes an own strength, and work in the process of self, expertise and realize their life values. Opportunities for preparation, and I have prepared. Hope you can give me a chance. Whatever you choose whether finally

  Choose me, please accept my sincere gratitude!

  Wish your business!

大学生英文求职信 篇4

  Honorable Manager:

  Hello Thank you for reading my letter of application in your busy schedule!

  I am happy to learn about your advertisement on the website and have been looking forward to a chance to join your company.

  My name is Zhang Xiaojuan, at the Zhongzhou University, majored in Business English, my English level has reached six college English, therefore listen, say, read, write, and translation have mastered, understand Japanese, also need professional computer software operation, international trade, foreign trade correspondence. Enterprise management knowledge. I actively participate in school extracurricular activities, but also to participate in social practice, during the period of school had compulsory holidays tutor, as a salesman, engaged in promotion, participated in the dance performances, through the social practice I learned a lot of knowledge can not go to the classroom, have some knowledge and understanding of society. I enjoy a wide range of hobbies, like reading, music and sports, and dancing. I was about to finish three years of knowledge journey, a good college life, and trained my scientific and rigorous way of thinking. It has also brought up my positive and optimistic attitude towards life and the innovative consciousness of pioneering and enterprising. Basic knowledge of class of social practice, a solid and broad perspective, so I understand the society; work in continuous learning to develop the excellent quality of rigorous, pragmatic style of work and team, so I believe oneself can be in a position to sovereignty, dedication and more.

  I hope that through this recommendation material, you will have a more comprehensive and in-depth understanding of me and hope to get the opportunity for your interview.

大学生英文求职信 篇5



  感谢您在百忙中浏览我这份自荐信,给一个即将毕业的大学生一个机会,在次我对此表示深深的感谢!首先请允许我做自我介绍,我的名字叫程XX,是南华理工大学20xx届外贸英语 专业的毕业生,获知贵单位广纳贤才,我幕名而至,真诚的渴望加入,为贵单位的明天添砖加瓦,更愿为此奉献自己的劳动和智慧。

  秉着对知识的渴望,对 英语 学习的执著,在校期间我认真学习专业知识,并通过了大学 英语 四六级 考试 ,还通过了全国非计算机专业计算机 考试 二级。在班上任组织委员一职,组织过班级体郊游、班内趣味运动会等活动,当然这些都是小事情,但这个机会培养了我很好的组织能力与协调能力。在课外我积极参加学校的各种活动,曾代表我专业在知识竞赛中取得一等奖,同时我还参与到社会实践中,在校期间曾作过家教一职,也曾在网吧担任过管事一职,还为诺亚舟电子辞典作过市场调研,通过这些社会实践我学

  到了很多课堂上学不到的知识,对社会有一定的了解和认识。x年夏天到深圳同学公司打工,对外贸事物的运行和操作有了亲身的经历,我想这是最珍贵的经验。本人平时爱好广泛,喜爱音乐,运动,会弹吉他,在校期间还代表我专业参加了足球比赛。同时对军事与政治颇为关注,经常买关于军事和政治方面的报纸杂志研读,对当今世界的电子产品消费也有一定的关注。伴随着青春的激情和求知的欲望,我即将走完四年的求知之旅,美好的大学生活,培养了我科学严谨的思维方法。更造就了我积极乐观的生活态度和开拓进取的创新意识。课堂内外的'社会实践、扎实的基础知识和开阔的视野,使我更了解社会;在不断的学习工作中养成的严谨、踏实的工作作风和团结协作的优秀品质,使我深信自己完全可以在岗位上守业、敬业、更能 创业 !乐慧眼,开始我千里之行。疾风知劲草,路遥知马力。古有毛遂自荐 ,今有伯乐点将。愿借您伯有待于您通过“使用”来证明。







Dear sir / madam:


  Thank you for reading me this letter of recommendation in your busy schedule. I would like to express my deep gratitude to a university student who is going to graduate soon! First please allow me to introduce myself, my name is XX, is the South China Polytechnic University 20xx the foreign trade English majors, I learned the expensive unit Xiancai, screen name to, sincere desire to join and contribute to your organization's future, more willing to sacrifice their own labor and wisdom.

  With the desire for knowledge, dedication to learning English, I seriously study and professional knowledge in school, and through the university English 46 levels of tests, through the national computer professional computer examination grade two. In the class, the post of organizing committee members, organized class outing, class fun sports and other activities, of course, these are small things, but this opportunity to train my good organizational skills and coordination ability. I actively participate in various activities in the extracurricular school, on behalf of my professional knowledge won the first prize in the competition, I also participate in social practice, during the school served as a tutor to the post, has served as a steward in the cafe, also for the Noah electronic dictionary for market research, through the social practice I learn

  To a lot of classroom knowledge, have a certain understanding and understanding of society. In the summer of X, I worked for a classmate in Shenzhen. I had the personal experience in the operation and operation of foreign trade. I think this is the most precious experience. I usually enjoy a wide range of hobbies. I love music, sports and play guitar. I also participated in the football match on behalf of my major during school. At the same time, military and political concern, often buying military and political newspapers, magazines, reading, the consumption of electronic products in the world today has also been a certain concern. With the passion of youth and the desire to seek knowledge, I am about to go through the four years of knowledge journey, a good university life, and cultivate my scientific and rigorous thinking methods. It has created a positive and optimistic attitude towards life and a pioneering spirit of innovation. Basic knowledge of class of social practice, a solid and broad perspective, so I understand the society; work in continuous learning to develop the excellent quality of rigorous, pragmatic style of work and team, so I am sure they can be in a position to sovereignty, dedication and more! Le Huiyan, began my trip. Wind Supergrass, Luyao horse. Ancient houses, this is at bole. I would like to borrow your paper to be proved by "use".

  Finally, I wish you every success in your career! I am enclosing a resume which details my basic information, social practice, skills and qualifications. Thank you for your kind examination!



  Job hunter: Cheng XX