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毕业生英文求职信 篇1

  dear sir/madam:


  i was about to nanning vocational and technical college graduate students in an accounting profession. from the "nanning information port" the newspapers and magazines, it was learned that your company would hire accounting positions. i am your company's development has been very concerned, and accounting have great interest in this work is very happy to develop your company do something modest. i am honored to have the opportunity to you brought to my personal data.

  in the two years of university life, i have a good grasp of professional knowledge, learning of cost accounting, management accounting, financial management, computerized accounting, auditing, science and other professional courses. i seriously study, specialized courses average performance of 80 points or more, ideological and moral good moral character issued by the college has received outstanding awards, in-school period, i made the ministry of education examination center two certification computer certification, english b level qualified certificate, accounting certificate. photographic association, served as deputy secretary-general post. i grid bright, passionate work, get teachers and students alike.

  i can skilled use of office software on the computer has a certain degree of operational capability, a skilled five-stroke input method. two years in my spare time in the off-campus part-time. and through the work of learning responsibility to make me feel important. life of the wind and rain so i have a hard-working spirit. honesty and trustworthiness is my character. because i know that accounting treatment is not careless sort of, not to cook the books. serious and responsible in their duties.

  respected corporate leaders, if i can receives your common sense, i will dutifully take concrete action to show you: your company's past, i came for and participation; but your company's future, i am willing to sacrifice the hard work of my life and sweat! i look forward to your good news. after once again my most sincere thanks!


毕业生英文求职信 篇2


  Personal Data:



  Data of Birth:


  Graduate school:

  Degree: Bachelor Degree


  Phone: (010) xxxx-xxxx

  Address: No.29 Beisanhuan Road, Xicheng District, Beijing


  To obtain a challenging position as a managerial assistant, especially in Human Resource Management


  xx.9 - 20xx.9 Dept of Business Administration, Undergraduate School of Beijing University bachelor degree

  20xx.9 -now, Dept of Law, Graduate School of South China Normal University

  Academic Main Courses:

  Management of Human Resources

  Production and Operation Management

  Strategic Management

  Quality Management

  Marketing / International Trade

  Principles of Management

  Groundwork of Accounting

  Economic Law

  Language Abilities:

  Have a good command of both spoken and written English. Past CET-6, TOEFL: 623, GRE: 2213

  Computer Abilities:

  Skilled in use of . i feel that i am competent to meet the requirements which you have specified.

  i am twenty-seven years of age. after graduating from school i took a two year's business course in city commercial college. since graduating i have worked for three years in a lawyer's office, where i am at present employed. i now wish to enter an office where the work requires greater individual responsibility and judgement than here, and where there is more opportunity for advancement.

  i have permission to refer you to mr. james white, principal of the city college, for statements as to my character and ability. if your wish further references, please communicate with mr. horace greene, president of the taipan wood company.

  very truly yours

毕业生英文求职信 篇3

distinguished leadership of the hospital:


  thank you for reading my busy written down for an enthusiastic college students to open a door of hope, i believe i will not let you disappointed.

  jinzhou medical college, i was a clinical department of the undergraduate students about to graduate, in your time of the nazi zhaoxian hospital, given the solid foundation of medical knowledge and proficiency in the operation of technology, the excellent social work skills and strong ability to self-improve, i have confidence in their clinical competence to work soon. therefore, i wish to apply special to your hospital.

  four-year clinical study of theory, i created a rigorous learning attitude, rigorous way of thinking, cultivate good study habits, one year work experience in clinical practice more to improve my analysis of the issue of problem-solving abilities. especially in the teaching hospital during the internship gave me hands-on experience provides many opportunities that enable me to various sections of clinical diseases can make the correct diagnosis and best treatment. strong sense of responsibility, a strong interest in learning, hands-ability, the ability to receive fast, and can complete the outstanding tasks, i won the acclaim of superior physicians, but also gives me confidence, my future work life "chihpen."

  rich experience in social work not only broaden my horizons, more calm and i formed a determination, enthusiasm and efficient work style. in elementary, middle and high school, has been in various stages of the university, i served as squad leader, study members, successfully organized numerous activities outside the school class, students work the recognition and praise teachers, my classes and more meeting was named "best class", i have repeatedly won the "outstanding komsomolets", "active work" and other honorary titles. i believe that these work experience, i will certainly be able to coordinate the relationship between the work of handling the day-to-day problems.

  self-learning capability is another advantage of me. medical science and technology with each passing day, the only constant "upgrade" their own knowledge to fierce competition in an invincible position. while studying at the school through the computer i primary and secondary examinations, the national college english test 4, can master the windows98, windowsXX, windowsxp operating system, and the use of self-office, photoshop, foxpro and other software for graphic processing, forms design, web page production work, for future work, study, improve efficiency and create a good condition.

  through five years of study and practice, i learned from psychology and ability to work well in fully prepared to embark on, i sincerely hope that your house can become a medical research team in one, i will be noble medical ethics, passion services, dumping as far as i can, i can not keep on learning for your home health care contribute to a development, the realization of "life-saving, dedication, life济事" long-cherished wish. finally, the grand cause of祝贵unit success!


毕业生英文求职信 篇4

dear madan:

  i was referred to you by mr li, a partner with your beijing office, who informed me that the shanghai office of your company is actively seeking to hire quality individuals for your auditor program.

  i have more than two years of accounting experience, including interning as an auditor last year with the beijing office of cccc. i will be receiving my mba this may from tsinghua university. i am confident that my combination of practical work experience and solid educational experience has prepared me for making an immediate contribution to your company. i understand the level of professionalism and communication required for long-term success in the field. my background and professional approach to business will provide your office with a highly productive auditor upon completion of your development program.

  i will be in the shanghai area the week of april 16. please call me at 136xxxxxx to arrange a convenient time when we may meet to further discuss my background in relation to your needs. i look forward to meeting you then.

毕业生英文求职信 篇5

  Dear leaders:


  I am honored to have the opportunity presented to you my personal data. A time when they participate in social, in order to better develop themselves in the future, would like to make about the leadership of self-recommendation.

  Accompanied by youthful passion and the desire for knowledge, I have completed a four-year journey of learning, the University of better life, I developed a rigorous scientific way of thinking, but I created a positive and optimistic attitude towards life and the sense of innovation to forge ahead , inside and outside the classroom to expand the broad range of social practice, a solid foundation of knowledge and a broader vision, so I have a better understanding of society; in continuous learning and work to develop a rigorous, pragmatic working style and excellent quality of unity and cooperation, I believes that he can be in the position Shou-yeh, jobs and more business! I believe that my skills and knowledge is required for your organization, I sincerely desire that I can for the future of the youth and give their blood.

  The 21st century calls for a comprehensive human resources, in addition to my efforts to learn, but also actively participate in school activities of the social practice, develop their capacities in all aspects. I have strong organizational skills, planning and public relations activities in the capacity of a number of occasions at the university department of community organizations, and achieved good results; have strong language skills, as a ban on several occasions, the Department representative in large speaking activities; have a stronger team spirit, the students have good interpersonal skills, high prestige, good synergy "combat."

  Believe that the four-year trials have been hammering me to be a correct moral character, strong-minded and smart thinking,处乱不惊, and there are lofty ideals and lofty aspirations, with the entrepreneurial spirit and excellent team spirit of the college students. I believe I have the knowledge and ability can be difficult to do any work, the environment should not impede the completion of difficult and I would like to complete the work. If I had the honor to become a member of your company, I will all my effort into youth and enthusiasm to my work, the results should be made for the contribution to the development and expansion of the company on its own.

  Sincerely look forward to your reply!



毕业生英文求职信 篇6

  Dear leaders:


  XX I will be in June graduated from Central South University, the Science for Materials Physics (Metal Physics), has been through the National College English 6.

  Have not been allowed to find the right I have a passion to join the company, until you see Hydro Aluminum (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. recruitment information, even though the deadline has passed to recruit, but I have to join your company in a cavity enthusiasm, it still sent a letter to take the liberty to disturb.

  Recommended adding the following brief Hydro Aluminum (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. The reasons for this:

  1. Your company is a Fortune Global 500 companies Hydro

  Industrial Park in Suzhou, a wholly owned subsidiary, in the development and growth, and also need to join the outstanding graduates. I study at the university of life to cultivate its own analysis of problem-solving skills, hands-on labs in practice have a strong sense of their own sense of innovation, proactive and

  progressive attitude. In the junior class during the term of office members and advocacy organizations, members of the Organization on the theme of mission activities by the school corporation on

  outstanding design, the production house of the class website class website was the second prize competition, exercise their own organizational capacity.

  2. I School of Materials Science and Engineering Research

  Institute is the main non-ferrous metals such as copper and aluminum, and I learned professional courses from the micro-structure of copper and aluminum to the melting casting aluminum extrusion processing industry covers the entire production process. Third year after the end of next semester to the Southwest Aluminum (Group) Co., Ltd. production internships, more deep understanding of the relevant knowledge.

  3. Your company is a wholly foreign-owned, need to have good command of English listening, speaking, reading and writing ability of staff at the university and I have never stopped during the

  learning of English (the first two years of basic English, and later on a three semester Professional English), 46 are first passed to XX is now 4 years 84.5 hours in June the results register for the University of spoken English test. In addition, through the study section of the more deep the basis of their English (in English this year, graduate entrance examination score of 72 points).

  4. They have a good level of computer software applications, but also day-to-day use of computer hardware maintenance. Semester

  sophomore with the scholarship to purchase a computer and self-image processing, multimedia editing, web site production software, MS OFFICE, AUTO CAD software is able to with ease. I believe that your company can provide me with a use of their skills and demonstrate self-recognition of the opportunities of others, and I can after a short adjustment period, will contribute to the company.

  Thank you for taking the time in his busy schedule to read and, if the opportunity to interview with you I would be very grateful.

毕业生英文求职信 篇7

Dear Sirs,

  I have just seen your advertisement in Beijing Evening News of the 6th August for a salesman in the Electronic Device Section of your company. I’m very interested in the job and I feel I’m qualified to meet the requirements. I’m therefore enclosing a resume together with reference from my supervisor.

  As you can see, I once worked in the Electronic Department. So I am familiar with different kinds of electric devices. I have worked more than once as a salesman in some stores during my previous vacations. Besides, I’m very patient and friendly in nature. I’m confident that I shall be suitable for the kind of job.

  If you need any further information, I shall be very pleased to supply it. Or I wonder if you will grant me with an interview.

  I’m looking forward to hearing from you soon.

  Yours faithfully

毕业生英文求职信 篇8

Dear Sir/Madam:

  My name is juanjuan Xu , I will graduate from Xi’an FanYi University in the year 20xx, My major is secretary in English department.

  It’s my great pleasure to have this opportunity to improve our mutual understanding. During the three –year college study, I tried my best to learn all kinds of knowledge, weigh the hard work of my teachers myself; I have mastered English listening, speaking, writing reading skills.

  Moreover, I have a good command of Business English the basic theory, public relationship of secretary. Meanwhile, in order to enlarge my knowledge, I always read some newspapers magazines about business trade, I used to do some representative of business in my spare time. At the same time, I learnt computer skills during my summer vacation, now I’m familiar with Office 20xx. It is my three –year college life that makes me form my life attitude. Also my three-year college life that makes me rich in knowledge, it’s also my three-year college life that makes me form my life attitude. Honesty, Trust, Diligence is principle of how to be a man.

  As a college graduate, I believe “where there is a will, there is a way”, I will try my best to do a good job in my business. So I sincerely hope that I can make a position in your company so that I can serve for the company in the future.

  Yours faithfully,

  juanjuan Xu

毕业生英文求职信 篇9

Dear Sirs,

  ease allow me to apply for the position of office clerk which you advertised in "Yangcheng Evening News" of April 9.

  am 28 years of age and unmarried. After receiving my B.B.A. from Xiamen University, I worked for three years as an office clerk at China Great Wall Computer Group (Shenzhen) Company.

  r the last two years I have been a secretary to the General Manager of Haicheng Foodstuffs Company, Ltd. in Shenzhen. I am looking for a position of office clerk to increase my experience in business.

  have a wide knowledge of business and thoroughly experienced in all types of office work. Copies of my testimonials are enclosed, and if you are interested in my application, please give me an opportunity of a personal interview at your convenient date.



毕业生英文求职信 篇10

Dear sir or Madam,

  I am writing to you in the hope of that I may obtain opportunity of teaching post in your school .Currently , I am a senior 3 student in Lanzhou City University ,my major is English.

  In Lanzhou City University ,I have been working hard and doing well in the major courses .Not only I have I passed cet4,cet6, but more important ,I can communicate with others freely in English .I have good command of spoken and written English .At present, I work hard and try my best to pass the TEM4.Besides,I am skilled in computer useage ,such as CAD.

  Teaching practice do enrich my working experience .During my teaching practice,I was always preparing my lesson plan carefully .I have combined theories into practice. Miss Liang Fang, my director teacher thought well of my enthusiasm, devotion, intelligence, and diligence .I was also popular with my students. My teaching practice which increase my responsibility to be a teacher ,meawhile I gain first step to my career.