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毕业生英文求职信 篇1

Dear Sir / Madam:


  Thank you for your busy schedule to read my job search information.

  My name is xxx, is a big Sun Yat-sen University of fresh graduates in20xx, access to School of Management and the Division of Business Administration School of Information and Scientific Computing double degree. On the occasion of a time when career out of your organization's admirers and a reasonable assessment of their conditions, especially to you for a serious self-recommended!

  Four-year college career, I achieved a life on the road a qualitative leap. In this well-known by the national key universities, the learned friend, teachers, peers to me brilliant way of thinking to unlimited inspiration; strong academic atmosphere, a rich collection of resources has given me sufficient knowledge of nutrition; open, well-developed coastal environment broaden my horizons and enriched my experience.

  Four-year period in school, I have been working hard to enrich themselves. In order to achieve both "professionals" and "Bo" The purpose of the study, on the one hand, I strive to learn professional knowledge, a comprehensive study of the economic base theory, the system of enterprise management to master the professional knowledge, while in the second degree of learning and wider learning the computer and the calculation of the relevant scientific knowledge. In addition, I also accepted the business English and computer web design, image processing, training courses, and involved in extra-curricular reading literature, philosophy and other fields, up to now I have been working hard t o expand their own.

  Today, I am confident, calm and to accept the test community. Although I still have deficiencies, but I will be done "practical work, and strive to forge ahead," the work in the future continue to tap the potential of inpiduals to achieve self-social values, I have full confidence and courage to face the difficulties and setbacks, because I believe that: "the attitude and action is everything!"

  Was enclosed my curriculum vitae. Wish to benefit from face-to-face interview, thank you!


  I wish Smooth!

毕业生英文求职信 篇2





  3、语言简洁,清楚明白 :为了保证对方能够读完全文,求职信应言简意赅,不写与主题无关的内容,少用冷僻字,行文要流畅、自然。

  (三)求职信的主要内容:谋求的职位不同,求职信的内容和写法 也会稍有不同,但一般来讲,求职信的内容都要具有以下四个方面:


  2、介绍自己的情况 :介绍自己的情况是为了让聘用方了解自己的.学历、专业、经验、能力、成就、愿望等,为对方录用自己提供充分的根据。个人情况包含以下内容:出生日期、性别、所学专业及学历层次、工作经验、特殊技能、已取得的成就、被录用后的工作设想等。


毕业生英文求职信 篇3

  dear leaders:


  i am a graduate of the upcoming beijing XX vocational and technical college computer information of students, the school is the computer professionals.

  four years in school, i study hard, the outstanding, had been awarded scholarships. mentorship in the strict lessons and individual efforts, i have a solid foundation of knowledge. in terms of software, systems have c language, data structure, power builder, database theory, assembly language, software engineering and object-oriented, such as delphi and vc have a certain understanding of windows programming. i also had extra-curricular learning vb, vf programming and web page production. has been prepared by an independent professional database management system. in terms of hardware, through its participation in single-chip design, assembly of the radio, network planning and management projects and the formation of such practice, i have a computer and the working principle of the principle of computer network technology.

  i am warm, cheerful, love to travel and tourism have each time i learn a lot of things into a lot of friends. many have done before the part-time, including time at home is also looking for part-time jobs, these are the valuable experience of my work, anything from a work experience do not know any of the children, gradually become mature. hope to be able to engage in the career i love, i will do my best to do a good job.

  if fortunate enough to join, i can dedicated to your company's software development, or at any time in accordance with the needs of the company is committed to a work and learning.

  i was in a life full of energy at the moment, i desire in a wider world in order to expose their own, i am not satisfied with the existing level of knowledge, the expectations have been tempered in practice and improve, so i hope to be able to join your unit . source: china resume network to do a good job i will do the job of their own, do all the work achieved in the results. i believe that through their own hard work and efforts, will make due contributions.

  "soon come, come against, i dust free" is my motto; "immersive an abyss, treading on thin ice" is the attitude of my work; "sincere, and trustworthy" is my most prominent feature; an open mind has given me many friends. smart-minded, creative thinking, and pioneering spirit of tenacity, coupled with sophisticated professional skills, i believe i am the best choice for you.

  please give me a chance, i will also you to eye-catching glory.

  thank you for your patience in reading my cover letter, such as the need for detailed information, please contact me.

  敬候good news!

毕业生英文求职信 篇4

  Dear Leaders:

  Hello: thank you very busy schedule to read my personal statement!

  My name is , yes xxxx vocational and technical college XX term students, professional is the road administration, school classes during the tam highways 07301 sports member and life member of the school and teachers are alike.

  Hanchuang years of studying, i time in accordance with "wide professional, deep foundation, strong capacity, high-quality" standard to the training and development of self, in the continuous learning and practice to improve their overall quality, has established himself as a solid professional foundation of knowledge structured and adaptable, collaborative spirit of the era of rich young people. college to study and grow honed my will, to improve my accomplishment! "no pain, no gain"! i will exert my utmost efforts, working hard to realize their own value of life. as a new century, college students, i had a kind of dare to recommend yourself for daring to explore and innovative spirit. honest and upright character made me really understand how to use and to pay to acquire someone else‘s return, i will use the efforts and wisdom to fight for my space, so that the community to accommodate me.

  Just before graduation, i began to further study and improve their practical ability to better work in the future for your company‘s development of the best i can for the cause of our province highways contribute their youth.

  I will treasure every opportunity to grasp. at school during which i develop a good learning attitude, and organizational and management capacity, i believe that future work will play a significant role. i consider myself fit and competent in this post, make achievements for the company to create value is my goal, is now handed my resume!

  I will be your company as a new starting point in my life, if fortunate enough to become a member of your company, would be my great honor, i will in future work with a good work attitude and excellent performance, to reward the company. the limited time i will work that into the infinite. looking forward to your company for giving me a chance, i will also honor you.


毕业生英文求职信 篇5

Dear leaders:


  First of all, Thank you for taking the time in his busy schedule to read this material and I hope for giving me a chance!

  I xx Organic Chemical Institute of Technology students in production techniques. Common institutions, common one I have never in the ordinary heart. I ask you to seriously evaluate the ability to see whether I am suitable for this job.

  I am optimistic, progressive, hard, dare to meet all challenges.

  Although this is only an ordinary graduates, but I work hard to master a solid professional knowledge and awareness through a variety of practical activities to improve their practical ability, especially in the chemical industry, the chemical experiments by skills, analytical skills, such as professional trained to operate, such as UV-Vis spectrophotometer, analytical instruments.

  At the same time, do not delay in learning the basis of active participation in social practice, practice to improve the investigative capacity.

  Three years after the University of temper in the face of the choice of future career, I have more of their clear understanding. Although the lack of work experience, but I will learn, will do a good job of their own, to make every effort made in the work of a good result.

  The biographical notes and related material be accompanied by, want to give me a job training opportunities. A sincere heart in the hope that you trust.

  Thank you for reading this letter and consider my request of applicants. The cause of your company is willing to thriving achievements, I wish you continuing success of the cause, the next level!