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毕业生英文求职信 篇1

Dear leaders:

  Hello! Down busy reading this letter, do not appreciate!

  I am the Wuhan University of Technology Computer Science and Technology graduates in 20xx session.

  After four years of university study and life, I learned a lot, with regard to knowledge, on life, on all learned a lot in life. Now approaching graduation, I will be confident to face the arrival of the work, because I believe I their knowledge can be used in flexible good practice to complete their work.

  As a computer science student, I can use a skilled C / C + + and SQL database applications and programming. In addition, I can be trained to use the Dreamweaver web design software, and I do have a personal page http://geyu1982.126 . com,. will be the production of FLASH. a number of commonly used office software, office software, such as proficiency in the use of all can be.

  I am also active in the ideological requirements of progress, has been adopted in the third year when the Party School.

  The cultivation of character often lies in the cultivation of good habits. I have a keen interest in human nature, and be good at anatomy of their own, like the observation of others, pay attention to people and things around, most in need of access to their information, and the people around were living together harmoniously, team-oriented play.

  As a successful business leader, you will certainly have their own standards-only is used. Of the many job-seekers. I am not the best, but I may need you the most. I do not have a rich social experience, but a solid professional knowledge and ability to adapt quickly, so I firmly believe that in the shortest possible time to do my job. I hope we have opportunities to cooperate in good faith.

  Thank you again for your generous time to read my material, and finally I am looking forward to the opportunity to interview with you!

  Business units success! Also I wish you good health and good luck!



毕业生英文求职信 篇2


  本人正在寻求一份工作,但不是任何公司的任何工作,而只能是贵公司的一个职位。贵公司不仅仅是商业机构,而是当 地的一个知名组织。贵公司的公正和诚实无论在雇员心中还是 在顾客心中都享有崇高美誉。在大学主修国际贸易的'四年中,我一直有一个秘密的心愿, 渴盼能到贵公司工作。今年七月本人即将从大学毕业,写此信时,确实不知贵公司目前是否有缺职位,但随函附寄的资历 却使我冒昧提出申请。如能为贵公司效力,本人将不胜荣幸。阁下耐心读完这篇申请,本人至为感激,并请尽速惠函示知。


  Dear Sir,

  I am securing a job. Not any job with any company, but a particular job with your company only. Your organization is more than just a business house. It is an institution in the minds of the local public. It has a reputation for fair play and honesty with both employees and customers alike.

  For the past four years, while specializing in international trade at college, I have had a secret ambition to work for your organization. I will graduate in July this year. As I write this letter, I do not know that there is an opening at present in your company. I am enclosing my qualifications which prompt me to make application now. I would be very happy to work under your supervision if it is possible. Thank you very much for your kind attention. Please send me an answer at your earliest convenience.

  Respectfully yours,

毕业生英文求职信 篇3

Beloved leaders:

  Hello! First of all, I sincerely appreciate your taking the time in his busy schedule to read my letter of the ordinary job-seekers. I aim to apply for the the financial auditor on your company. my introduction is following.

  I am a student from the department of thermal engineering in Tsinghua university and I double majored in economics. our school always pay a lot attention to our ability training so that I think I can manage something easily.as a result of the baptism of four years, I think that I have a solid theoretical foundation for knowledge and professional skills.“think big and try bravely” is the motto I believed for all these student’s age. To be higher is my aim because that the sense of responsibility always forces me to act better when I get a job.

  While studying at the school, in addition to my master the theoretical knowledge of the profession, but also of other elective courses, take full advantage of after-school time and school library resources, extensive knowledge of drawing a large number of extra-curricular. In my continued efforts, the top academic performance, has won various honors in rating schools, the state scholarship. At the same time to participate in the school orchestra, playing musical instruments to learn, appreciate the art of washing people, enrich my college life.

  I just want to set foot on as a community college graduates, to work or lack of life experience may make you hesitate to employ me, but if you can give me a chance to do it. I will try my best to behave better. I have been convinced that the "where there is a will,there is a way" I hope you can give me a chance, your recognition will be the glory of my life!

  Again, thank you for reading my cover letter, no matter the outcome, please accept my heartfelt good wishes! I wish you successful work!



毕业生英文求职信 篇4






  Dear Sir,

  In response to your advertisement in the newspaper of January 15, I wish to apply for the position of (secretary, accountant, clerk, salesman, etc). I am twenty-five years old and a graduate of ____ college. My experience in this line of work includes six years as an assistant accountant with the ABC Company. The reason for leaving my present employment is because they are closing their office. I am enclosing my resume together with my photo, and believe that they may be found satisfactory. With respect to salary, I shall expect HK$5,000 a month. I assure you that if appointed, I will do my best to give your satisfaction.

  Very truly yours,


毕业生英文求职信 篇5

respected leaders:

  how do you do!

  first of all, please allow me to send you the sincere regards and thegood wish to you! thank you in spite of being very busy toglance through my application materials give me a chance of success. i am xx college statistics professional statistical information technology in the direction of a student. harvest in sight, waiting for the era of choice, waiting for your appreciation.

  as a rural children, veins flow is the soil of aromatic and farmers simple and honest, also taught me grittiness guideline and method, the family poverty, the expectations of my parents, socialpetition is my study power.

  years of learning career is my thought, knowledge structure and psychological growth mature four years. respect leadership, you as a modern societys wise managers, looking for a capable capable assistant, must be you had some hope that i will finish school, both professional knowledge, and have strongputer application ability; a struggle confidence and motivation, the work serious and responsible. with self-confidence me toward you to recommend oneself, hope to be in your unit, a civilization for the unity and progress of the collective i. do, start small, start from now, ready to take advice responsible, diligence work, studied continuously in the fulfillment, developed an own active and creative, try for the development of thepany added a brilliance.

  as a statistical professional students, although work experience, but ill learn, positive work, dedicated to conscientiousnesspletes the labor of duty. sincere hope to get your unit joint about or to give me an interview chance, so as to further examines my ability.

  i rule of life is: conscientious person, steadfast work. my biggest characteristic is: the courage to struggle, bears hardships and stands hard work, does not fear the difficulty. in real life, more important is to develop a high sense of responsibility and team spirit. daily work, map the literary attainment and moral cultivation, ten years of learning, and make your knowledge court. believe in yourpanys training and self struggle, i will bepetent own job.

  "ride the wind and cleave the waves will sometimes, dahua group, with full enthusiasm and strength of character, hard work attitude, waiting for me is the opportunity and the challenge! seize the opportunity, for the unit to contribute ourselves to do. give me a chance, i will return you a surprise!

毕业生英文求职信 篇6

dear sir,

  i will graduate from the university of kansas with a masters degree in june of this year. my major is pharmacy and i am very interested in securing a position before i graduate, if possible.

  i am a chinese and my bachelor's degree is from zhejiang university.

  i have long been hopeful of working for you after i graduate, because i consider you the finest hospital in this region, i as sure that if i have the privilege of serving in your pharmacy, i will greatly increase my education and my experience.

  needless to say, i will have completed a standard course in pharmacy before i graduate in june. in addition, i have chosen to elect all the courses available at my school in hospital pharmacy. i did this because i have always wanted to be a hospital pharmacy. my professors, sr. john harkin, dr. mildred carter, and dr. iriny schultz have give me permission to use their names as reference.

  if you have a position available after i graduate, i would appreciate it. if not, please keep my name on your file, because i consider your pharmacy the best in this region.

  sincerely yours,