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  大学英文求职信 篇1

Dear leaders:


  My name is xx, this 22-year-old is xx College xx professional graduates xx.

  Here, I can not give you some authorities to produce any letter of recommendation for finding my career, but also failed to pile up a pile of award certificates to do for my chips, but can only rent to own more than ten years to study hard results and the nature of hard for me to do the foundation stone, I has the advantage of being down-to-earth skills.

  In school, I seriously study, hard work hard and strive to do our own work, in class work, the accumulation of a large amount of work experience, so that their good physical and psychological quality. Over the past few years I tried to learn professional knowledge, from the basics of course, the efforts to master the basic skills of their skills, fine deep-drilling research, and to seek its inherent laws, and have achieved good results have been second-class scholarship in the study of expertise basis, I also learned some computer knowledge, such as: 3Dmax, AutoCAD, office application software ... ...

  Practice is the sole criterion for testing truth. So I have to use during the holidays to a variety of training units in order to enrich my knowledge and enhance my professional skills and work experience. Spare time I also went to the library and reading room to study various aspects of knowledge and collect information from all concerned, in order to work faster and better prepared to adapt. Only one person actually applied to intelligence work, serving the community, good for the community so that effective and efficient to prove himself in order to truly embody the value of their own! I firmly believe that the road is out of step by step. Only down-to-earth, hard work to make even better results!

  Give me a piece of soil as long as I am going to cloud the lives of young working, you can not only see my success, but also throughout the autumn harvest. This is my commitment to self-confidence and ability.

  I look forward to this kind grass-inch heart, deep feelings with absolute sincerity that you share a common fate with the development and progress. Please give me a chance to leadership, I will use action to prove himself.

  Finally, I sincerely wish your company well-developed business and bright future.



  大学英文求职信 篇2

Dear school leaders:

  Hello.First of all,to express our deep respect your hard work!Also thank you forreading my introductory material in spite of being very busy.I was a student at the Chengdu University,Sichuan Foreign Languages University Englishspecialized 20xx sessions,will soon be faced with graduation.After four years ofuniversity education and university life,in the face of new opportunities and challenges,I am more firmly "self-confidence,self-reliance,diligence,modesty"life creed.

  Sichuan University of foreign languages is a famous English talent training base,in order to rigorous scholarship,education and well known.In such a learning environment,I truly feel the joy of learning English and determined to be ateacher of the people devoting themselves to the cause of English education,whether in the intellectual capacity,or in the quality of self-cultivation,I have benefited from.

  Knowledge,courage and insight and I look forward to your appreciation!

  Wisdom,love and confidence I also will help you achieve great ambition!

  Finally I wish your school education is advancing wave upon wave,tomorrowbetter than today!

  Yours sincerely

  大学英文求职信 篇3

Dear leaders:

  Thank you for your concern about the use of the valuable time of my cover letter!

  My name is CNrencai, XX, and this years 22-year-old, height180cm, X years in XXXX on XXX graduated from the University, his loyalty to honest and reliable; will be day-to-day operation of computers, has won numerous awards in the student and to participate actively in hospital the activities of school organizations, have a good life style and high sense of discipline in mind, the awareness of higher consciousness, to the implementation of good order, a strong sense of teamwork, hard work style, not afraid of hardship, and the courage first to. the work of a sense of responsibility strong, and ready to help others on the tasks assigned by the superiors motivated and good at learning on their own hard work, a certain degree of grass-roots management experience.

  I have learned is the professional management of industrial and commercial enterprises, but I do not rigidly adhere to professional constraints, of all walks of life are full of confidence and love. Of course, in the spare time, I like to do is to read the Exercise and Sport . I like to see some kind of inspirational books, like her spare time for basketball, soccer and other ball games! I think that there is no good physical work conditions can not be backed up, there is no more flexible mind can not be!

  Optional wood and good bird habitat, allow disabled persons to friends. An opportunity to co-operate, to me is a good start, for you are a wise choice. I was a Chollima, as you are pursuing the ability and insight to such a re - The horses only. sincerely hope you can give me a play to realize the value of life, in order to effect social development opportunities. language can only be moved by the people of time, the ability to prove I can. I believe that under your wise leadership, in my diligence efforts, tomorrow I will become a member of your organization best. My credo is: Opportunities favor only those people who are fully prepared.

  I wish you every success for the cause。

  Waiting for your good news!



  大学英文求职信 篇4

Dear Sir/Madame,

  Your advertisement for a Network Maintenance Engineer in the April 10Student Daily interested me because the position that you de- scribed sounds exactly like the kind of job I am seeking.

  According to the advertisement,your position requires a good university degree,Bachelor or above in Computer Science or equivalent field and proficient in Windows NT 4.0and Linux System.I feel that I am competent to meet the requirements.I will be graduating from XX University this year with a MSC.My studies have included courses in computer control and management and I designed a control simulation system developed with Microsoft Visual and SQL Server.

  During my education,I have grasped the principles of my major subject area and gained practical skills.Not only have I passed CET - 6,but more importantly I can communicate fluently in English.My ability to write and speak English is a good standard.

  I would welcome an opportunity to attend you for an interview.

  Enclosed is my resume and if there is any additional information you require,please contact me.

  Yours faithfully,











  大学英文求职信 篇5

dear mr. director,

  i am currently working on master degree in international commercial law at tsinghua university. my supervisor mr.wang, a well-know professor of law, tells me that sfsc specializes in recommending qualified personnel to muti-national companies and suggests that i contact you for recommendation.

  during the two years of studies at tsinghua university, i have not only acquired a lot of knowledge of international commercial law, but also learned two foreign languages as well ,they are english and japanese. moreover, i have published two papers in the university journal on problems that may arise after china‘s entry to wto. and they have been favorably accepted.

  i am enclosing a resume, copies of my published papers, and professor da‘s letter of recommendation.

  i sincerely hope you will introduce me to a famous multi-national company, to which i will dedicate myself.



  大学英文求职信 篇6

dear sir:

  good morning, my name is , which is indeed a great honor to have the opportunity to interview, i would like to answer you may increase and i hope i can become a good performance today, the final register for the prestigious the university in september.

  now i will briefly introduce myself, i am 21 years old, born in heilongjiang province, northeast of china, i curruently senior students in beijing are mainly two uni.my packaging engineering.and i received my bachelors degree, i graduated june.in the past four years, i spent most of my time to learn, i have been through cet4 / 6, so as to alleviate. i have a basic knowledge of the packaging and publication in the theory and practice.

  in addition, i also took part in some of the packaging exhibition held in beijing, which is our advantage here to learn, i have taken to visit a number of large factories and companies. through these i have a profound understanding of the domestic packaging industry. compared to developed countries, such as us, unfortunately, although we have made remarkable progress since 1978, chinas packaging industry is still underdeveloped, chaos and instability, which the staff in this regard the awkard. but i have full confidence in a brighter future, if only we can maintain the economic growth pace still.


  大学英文求职信 篇7

Dear sir:

  Four years as a senior clerk in sales department of the New World Products Company have,I believe,given me the experience to qualify for the you advertised in Thursday's newspaper.

  Since 19xx I have been responsible for all office details in the administration of sales,including writing much of the correspondence.In the course of my work,I have become familiar with the various sales territories,and have also in my spare time experience of handling business problems other than my proper sphere.

  The years before I was employed at the New World,I was a secretary for Long Brother,an accounting firm.There I became familiar with accounting terms and procedures.

  I was graduated at Wah Yan College, in June 1974. I am twenty-five years of age and single. I am leaving my present position because I can use my capabilities more fully in a position with wider scope. My present employer knows of my ambition and is helping me to find a new place.

  May I see you at your office to tell you more about myself and show you just how well I can do the work you require.

  Yours faithfully,


  大学英文求职信 篇8

Respect for competent:


  I am guangdong light vocational technical college of accounting professional a graduating student. I am honored to have the opportunity to present my personal data in society, in order to find his professional and interested in the job, better use of their talents, to achieve their life values, and give you a recommendation.

  My name is XXX, 19xx, was born in a beautiful coastal city of chaozhou. The local conditions and customs of simple home made careful I sincerely, is my faith, the hobby is widespread, challenge, active, and healthy, open and bright, optimistic, sincere, caring and willing to study, perseverance, love is my characteristic, good professional knowledge and a strong sense of team work is my life's first wealth.

  The university three years, I notice the basic knowledge of learning, and individual ability. In the school strict instructive and personal efforts, I have a solid foundation of professional knowledge, comprehensive and systematic completed including financial and accounting, the budget accounting, cost accounting, management accounting, and accounting information system, a series of accounting professional courses, English listening, speaking, reading, writing and translating, Familiar with the basic operation of the computer and software operating, Understand the basic etiquette foreign work. At the same time, the use spare time widely read all kinds of books, horizons, increase

  Long experience, enriching themselves, a wide range of skills, let oneself can follow the pace of The Times. In addition, many use summer school experience such time out in society, several different natures of the part-time job, let oneself in close contact with society and life, learning to communicate with people, to get out of the society in the new environment as soon as possible after ready to society. During school, served as the minister, class as competitive person, busy working for others, let me learn how to better service, let me know how to efficient work, let me get precious

  The organization management planning experience, let his eloquence and daring get good exercise, but also in the department of debating contest champions.

  I love my choice of accounting professional and sincerely hope that you can be in the lead and guidance for the career, for you, contributes an own strength, and work in the process of self, expertise and realize their life values. Opportunities for preparation, and I have prepared. Hope you can give me a chance. Whatever you choose whether finally

  Choose me, please accept my sincere gratitude!

  Wish your business!

  大学英文求职信 篇9

Dear Human Resources Manager:


  Are honored in his busy schedule to read my cover letter, thank you.

  My name is Cao Fei, a Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications, graduating in computer science and technology professional undergraduate, graduate with BS in Computer Science. Four years of college, laid a solid theoretical basis, good organizational skills, teamwork spirit, pragmatic style of work.

  As a college student, I am very well aware how fierce competition of contemporary talent, a competitive talent requires not only a solid and a wealth of expertise, the knowledge and the overall quality to be consolidated and strengthened. Often participate in various sports activities, social practice, practical experience is outstanding, with good team spirit and human interpersonal communication and coordination skills. Holidays and summer vacation to do some promotion and market research; in order to constantly improve themselves, to a complex talent of a new century, to meet the challenges of society.

  Proficient in C and C + +, JAVA. Familiar with Linux, Windows and other operating systems. Familiar with the Office, WPS Office automation software. Taught himself HTML, Frontpage, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Flash, etc. Web production software. Proficiency in commonly used software can use. Computer II, CET 6 national certificate.

  Finally, I solemnly to mention one small request: Whether or not you choose me, respected leader, I hope you will accept my sincere thanks! Wish your organization business was flourishing!



  大学英文求职信 篇10

Dear sir,

  I am writing you the letter to show my interest in the position of assistant manager . I learned from the advertisement in the newaper .Please find enclosed my resume ,which I am forwarding to you as an application from the position of assistant manager.

  I have always been a top student in my school .I also took several other courses in my are time and excelled in all of them because of my hard study .Iam a prepared party member and have past CET4 now.I have had several practice in one company,so I have much experience .I have been taking part in a variety of activities,through which my teamwork irit and communicative skills greatly improved.

  I would like to meet you if you are convenient .Thank you for your consideration.

  faithfully yours,

Lin Churong

  大学英文求职信 篇11

Dear Sir:

  My name is Harry Lin. On May 25, 1988, I was born in Xinying, a little town in Southern Fujian. My father is a farmer, planting bananas and pineapples, and my mother takes care of the house. I have two brothers and one sister. Though not well-to-do, my parents have been able to provide the whole family with sufficient means to live decently and enjoy all modern conveniences.

  My early education was received in my hometown, i.e. six years in primary school and three years in junior middle school. After completing nine years of formal education in 1988. I went to Xiamen and participated in the joint entrance examination for five-year junior colleges. Fortunately, I was admitted to the Department of Electrical Engineering at Xiamen Junior Engineering College. I chose Electrical Engineering as my major because, on the one hand , I liked Physics very much; and on the other hand, electrical industry is a major sector of the economy of China.

  The five years of intensive training came to an end in June 2008 when I received a diploma. And in July 2010. I was hired by Nan Ya plastic Company and have served as a junior electrical engineer at the company to the present. I enjoy the work and feel competent for the job.

  In working, however, Ive Found that what I have learned in school is limited and far from sufficient to handle sophisticated jobs. Therefore, I have decided to extend my education and would like to enter an American institution firstly to earn a Bachelors degree in Electrical Engineering. Then, if possible, I would like to continue my education toward a Masters degree.

  After this objective is reached, I will return to my country and seek a job in a public firm. Most probably I will continue to work with Nan Ya Plastic Company.

  大学英文求职信 篇12

Dear sir:

  Hello! Thank you for taking the time to read my letter of recommendation, below, I to a simple self-introduction.

  I am chongqing three gorges pharmaceutical college school students department of 2013 Olympic nursing. Ordinary me, optimistic, positive and uplifting, have a strong sense of responsibility and mission.

  While at university, I always with diligence rigorous attitude to study hard, system solid mastery of the theoretical knowledge and professional skill, and at the same time, use after school time, I widely with a lot of books, not only enrich themselves, but also to train a wide range of skills. Two years of campus life form good learning and work habits. I deeply felt, and excellent students work together, make me benefit in competition, To the actual difficult challenge, let me grow up in defeat.

  Review two years of campus life, I not only learned all kinds of knowledge, and learned how to become a man of value. I love own specialty, see ourselves for hard and sweat for the patients health and a smile, is my biggest joy. I sincerely look forward to in your under the leadership for the expensive unit business branches, and in work continuously learn and progress.

  I believe, I can, I will!

  Enclosed personal resume, looking forward to your interview. I wish your esteemed courtyard business is thriving!

  大学英文求职信 篇13

Dear Sir:

  In reply to your advertisement in today#39;s newspaper regarding a vacancy in your office, I wish to apply for the position of senior clerk, which you have specified.

  I feel confident that I can meet your special requirements indicating that the candidate must have a high command of English, for I graduated from the English Language Department of xxxx University three years ago.

  In addition to my study of English while in the University, I have worked for three years as secretary in the firm of ABC Trading Co. Ltd.

  The main reason for changing my employment is to gain more experience with a superior trading company like yours. I believe that my education and experience will prove useful for work in your office.

  I am enclosing my personal history, certificate of graduation and letter of recommendation from the president of the University, I shall be obliged if you will give me a personal interview at your convenience.

  Very truly yours,