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  my name is juanjuan xu,and i will graduate from xi’an fanyi university in the year xx,my major is secretary in english department.

  it’s my great pleasure to have this opportunity to improve our mutual understanding. during the three –year college study,i tried my best to learn all kinds of knowledge,and weigh the hard work of my teachers and myself; i have mastered english listening,speaking,writing and reading skills.

  moreover,i have a good command of business english and the

  basic theory,public relationship of secretary. meanwhile,in order to enlarge my knowledge,i always read some newspapers and magazines about business and trade, and i used to do some representative of business in my spare time. at the same time,i learnt computer

  skills during my summer vacation,and now i’m familiar with office xx. it is my three –year college life that makes me form my life attitude. also my three-year college life that makes me rich in

  knowledge,and it’s also my three-year college life that makes me form my life attitude. honesty,trust,diligence is principle of how to be a man.

  as a college graduate,i believe “where there is a will,there is a way”,and i will try my best to do a good job in my business. so i sincerely hope that i can make a position in your company so that i can serve for the company in the future.


  (姓名)xxxx xxxx

  no.61 daizong street

  tai’an, shandong province



  may10, 20xx

  headmaster kang

  no.1 high school of qingdao

  no.66 guang ming street

  qingdao, shandong province

  dear doc.kang,

  i am xxxx, 21 years old, male. i am to graduate from the college of foreign languages, shandong agricultural university. my specialty is english. i am determined to be a teacher, after graduation, which is a long-cherished dream since my entering this college.

  during my college life, i have made great progress both in study and in doing things and have passed tem4, tem8, cet4 and cet6. i have tried my best to learn abundant knowledge about my major and master the skills of listening, speaking, reading, writing, translation, etc. additionally, i have hunted in many fields to build up a reasonable structure of knowledge. and also i have taken an active part in social activities, which has greatly enriched my college life and improved my ability of organizing and coordinating. being the number of the students’ union of our college and the chairman of an association, i have learned how to unite and cooperate better with my fellow students. because of my patient and careful service work, i have made a lot progress in my place.

  having broad interests, perseverant personality is my most attractive advantage. i am inclined to think independently, while i am a cooperative person. i am always conscientious and responsible in doing things. the experience of being a tutor for three years firms my ideal of devoting myself to education career and i believe the qualities of being patient, cooperative and dedicative will make me a good teacher.

  with an active, optimistic and enthusiastic personality, i believe i can do a good job if you give me an opportunity. my success owes to your appreciation.

  thank you for your concern and attention!













  dear sir or madam:

  i am very interested in working for your company. after speaking with you on 14th, january, i am very keen to apply for the position in your company. i appreciate your time and consideration in interviewing me.

  i am especially keen to work in the role because it matches exactly what i am looking for. i am excited about the prospect of working for your company. there are a lot of reasons why i hope to join the company. the first one is your exciting innovation in the software world, your care for employees and your outstanding services toward your customers. i want to be one member of such a dynamic company. i feel it will be great to work in this environment and i really long to be a part of your team. i have noticed that your company is a company with strict working rules and

  performance-oriented, but being humanistic.

  from the above information and the data on your company’s website, i can conclude that your company is an innovative, customer-oriented, and a company in pursuit of excellence. i appreciate it very much and like to work here.

  as you will see from my attached resume, my educational qualifications and experience demonstrate a solid grounding which certainly prepare me for making contribution to your company. having completed a bachelor of business english degree, i have a good grasp of english and i am able to show a number of key skills that you are looking for. we have internship period each semester. from the practice, especially the language practice this summer, i have learnt a lot. my capability for self-control, adaptability, translating and professional skills has been greatly improved.

  my study result was excellent. though there are many criteria to judge a good student, i think that the result is important while in the university. the other aspects, including ethics, team spirits and experience are essential as well. i did well in these aspects. for instance, i ever organized some activities while in the student association, and which exercised my team spirit and organizational skills.

  as for me, i describe myself as a friendly, easy-going, sincere and optimistic person who enjoys working with a team. the biggest advantage that i have is i am

  responsible. i am a conscientious person who likes to do the best i can with my given

  potential to fulfill my promises. a major weakness is that i am inexperienced now that i am a new comer to the society. i have a lack inexperience, but i can make it up by my diligence. besides, i am good at learning. i have been trying to find any possible chance to expose myself to various kinds of experience. and i think that is what i am going to do all my life. i believe i will get great improvement as long as i am open-minded to study and endeavor to dig my advantages. i am confident that i will adapt to the new environment in the shortest time and i could do an excellent job in the position. i am sure you will not be disappointed if you give me a chance.

  i am very interested in working for your company and i am looking forward to

  hearing from you once the final decisions are made. please feel free to contact me at any time. i can be contacted by phone or e-mail as quoted above. as requested, i have attached my resume.

  thank you again for your time and consideration.

  yours faithfully,

  shang xiaoli


  dear managers:

  i want to apply for you in the newspaper published about human resources management position. i’m good at working analysis and personnel selection and hiring. what i learned knowledge is very suitable for the position

  in 20xx i will graduate and get about human resources certificate. i have a lot of work on human experience you will resume see below. i’m very familiar with job analysis. i provides managers with many employees of the information about the ability to help their selection

  i am available for an interview. if you please contact me at this number 15952637483

  i expect you to contact me.

  best wishes



  dear sir or madam,

  thank you for browsing my resume.

  my english name is paris. i am a brave and outgoing person. also, i have a sense of responsibility and team spirit. basically, i graduated from zhaoqing science and technology polytechnic , and i have obtained the cet-4 and cet-6 certification.

  in my previous company, i was a assistant of english translator .my daily work is mainly responsible for receiving , replying and translating emails, so i am good at writing and translating.. otherwise, i am good command of ms and ai software, as i need to make production of english instruction manuals.my work experience is poor, but it enable me to not only i have enthusiasm to study hard and work hard, but also can work under pressure. please give me a chance to have an interview.

  your favourable reply is highly appreciated, thanks.




  number xx trade


  objective:i want to get a human competent post

  skills: good at work analysis

  good at human resources management

  human resources management knowledge

  have the certificate of human resource management

  work experience:

  in january 20xx to february i get a about human work in xxcompany. my main job is to work job description. this not only let me to learn knowledge into practice still let me for the company to provide the basis for the selection of candidates

  in july 20xx to august i get a about human work .my work is work analysis. i for the company’s human competent provides the company’s employees capacity situation. this greatly exercise i work analysis skills

  additional experience:

  a year later i will graduate and get human certificate. i majored in business administration and human resources. my interest is the human resources and i have the professional human knowledge

  xxxx, number


  exxxx march,20xx

  xxx,human resources manager