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英文求职信 篇1

  Director of law firm:

  Hello! I passed the judicial examination in 20xx by a narrow 365 point advantage. Now want to apply for the practice of lawyers to the job.

  In our previous work, and no law related work experience; at the same time, I also know, my self undergraduate diploma also does not have any advantage. But, I love attorney this occupation! I know, the profession is not outsiders imagine, everyone can live a full life, well dressed. Started the new lawyers, no experience, no fame, lack of the source, the basic living is a problem. Even, in this industry veteran of some years of lawyer, also faced with more embarrassed embarrassed situation. And practice the difficult environment, not to cooperate with relevant departments, do not understand the parties. But these I do not fear!

  From 1999 the University, when I know a lawyer qualification exam this opportunity, I am very excited. To must be engaged in it. However, the opportunity is not a coincidence, when we graduate, could participate in the lawyer qualification examination, has become a national judicial examination only undergraduate diploma can participate in the. However, I am not discouraged. When faith: that I do not abandon my ideal, I dont give up your life! After graduating from university in 20xx, I participated in the work of the edge, the self-study exam to participate in Shaanxi Province, and finally in 20xx October made the undergraduate course diploma. At that time, feel very happy, thought he could attend the judicial examination.

  Previous work experience, although not directly related to the legal working experience. However, the law after all and our daily life aspects associated. I believe that, in the past life experience, will help me to work -- I in five Stars Hotel, cultivate a good sense of service, serious work style, excellent sales skills.

  I character cheerful, good at communication with the people, insights into human psychology, these are a lawyer needs a potential. Of course, I also have their own shortcomings. For example, after all, the undergraduate course diploma is a self-taught and legal background, no good. However, in the future work, I will continue to learn, to make up for deficiencies. One of the most valuable is his ability to learn?

  In fact, said so much, mainly want to express me to engage in attorney this occupation passion and persistence! Hope that the director would give me a chance, a chance to interview you can. Thank you!

  If this letter, the first to see is not the director, trouble first saw the letter people to. I hope you can give me one to let the director to see this letter opportunity. Thank you!

英文求职信 篇2

  April 13,20xx P.O. Box 36 BIIT University Beijing,China 100000

  Dear Sir/Madam:

  Now and then corporations send out feelers for just the right type of creative person.

  This person must fit very specific criteria. Usually, after all is said and done, the corporation wants a business person who can manage, create and communicate. A seasoned professional whos been around for a while. If youve been looking for this rare combination of business savvy and design expertise, my background might interest you:

  Ten years of working experience. Solid background in the management of creative up-and-comers.

  Know new technologies that show instant profit, such as CAD/CAM. This is but a brief summary of my abilities.

  And there is much, much more to share.I feel I have strong marketable skills in which you would be interested. Please contact me if you would like to hear and see more. With many


  Huang Yan

英文求职信 篇3

  Dear leaders:

  Hello! Thank you for your busy schedule to review my cover letter.

  I Department of Hanyang University College of English Department of Foreign graduates in 20xx, facing the choice, I am full of longing and expectation, your organization is willing to put themselves forward to a frank, and submitted my letter of the material, please review.

  I am a young graduate of the school, sixteen years of hard寒窗I created a self-improvement. University four-year short and full of life, a thousand days and nights to come, I荡起wisdom boat, Ying, Chaoyang, send落霞Traveling in the ocean of knowledge. I understand that: modern society, the opportunities and challenges; I know: Only unremitting efforts to have a good harvest. It is with this conviction, I am optimistic and enterprising spirit, hard-working hard learning attitude, work hard pragmatic work style, the principles of teamwork skills, to forge ahead and beyond the self, and strive to become an innovative spirit, a positive open compound talents.

  University life is my life, one of the most important stage of my exploration of life, the practice of true value, independent and wisdom, towards a more mature process. During this period I learned not only textbook knowledge, such as computers, the legal basis for Marxist political economy and other public courses and intensive reading, extensive reading, speaking, listening, writing, translation, Japanese, psychology and other professional courses, as well as the mathematical culture , the basis for economic management, logical thinking and methods, the wisdom of Western philosophy and dialectics of nature, such as elective courses, but also truly understand the meaning of life, the value of life. Work in the future, I was able to engage in English translation, administration, economic management, English education, the modern office, clerical and related work, such as import and export trade. Over the past few years, I am determined to make a study of excellence in this professional college, I not only have a solid theoretical foundation, but also a certain degree of practical ability and the spirit of hard team work. Born in rural families, I have a hard work, hardship, and pragmatic spirit and style. Rural life cast of my simple, honest, kind-hearted personality, I am not afraid of difficulties in cultivating the setbacks, the struggle of the spirit of unwillingness to admit defeat.

  College, I constantly improve their knowledge structure, to improve their overall quality. "天道酬勤", today I have the system to learn and master all the courses本系所set up and familiar with the development needs of the international situation. For this reason, in the university community during the many practical activities. And to integrate theory with practice, active in school practice, test their knowledge at the same time, so they have a strong analysis of issues and the practical ability to solve the problem, at the same time enhanced the lives of students of my high organizations and the leadership and management abilities, especially in the company model of grace on the stage even more enhanced my courage and self-confidence. Self-confidence and perseverance are my principles, I am calm and optimistic attitude, a broad-loving enrich me. Facing the choice, I have full confidence in their own community and the desire to be recognized by society, to have the opportunity to play to their wisdom, have contributed to society.

  "Decade of grinding sword today to show-jun." I do not have university diplomas to sponsors, no political background to the rich decor, but I have a healthy and natural for me, self-confident and not arrogant, modest and innovative, mature and full of vitality. I would like to with the nature of my most sincere heart and with other students to accept your selection. "Master said a few heroes? Loyalty and fear of the public and its Literature," in the real world, such as the countless number of talents, that is, the god of the universe, it is difficult to pick up one by one, I can come to the fore, the only real value of post-mortem practice. Looking back, I have the courage to be diligent in their studies to explore the road of knowledge蕴积; Looking to the future, I would be willing to devote themselves to the cause of the business the way to open up.

  Choose the good and the Migratory birds, the main and optional贤臣thing. "Distinguished leadership, one in urgent need of the sky eagle wings, good horse riding to be a party to the path. Your organization created to develop performance and long-term prospects, I admired for a long time. am sure I will be diligent in their own sweat, along with colleagues in your company for a bright future endless struggle, my dedication and enthusiasm of young talent! I sincerely hope to become a member.

  I believe: It is the Federation of luminous gold! Past achievements have become history, the glorious future efforts need to be created and realized. In this gorgeous and colorful, ever-changing era, only high-quality, high-quality, high-capacity integrated talent to fierce competition in an invincible position. You believe that your trust and I will be a combination of strength for our common success. Meng Gu you抽暇a letter, be grateful!

  I wish the work!


英文求职信 篇4

espected leaders:

  how do you do!

  i am nanning vocational and technical college is going to graduate from graduate school of an accountant professional students. from newspapers and magazines that yourpany will have to recruitment accounting position. i to yourpanys development has been very concerned, and on accounting the jobs with great interest, very willing to work for yourpanys development to do a most meager strength. im very honored to have the opportunity to present you my personal information.

  in two years of university life, i very good mastery of the specialized knowledge, learning the cost accounting, management accounting, financial management,puterized accounting, auditing, and other professional courses. i am serious about learning, courses average scores 80 points or more, the thought moral character is good, once get issued by the college moral honorable mention, during the period of school, i made the ministry of education test center the authenticationputer level 2 certificate, english class b certificate, accountant card. as a photography association deputy secretary-general position. i case a bright and cheerful disposition, full of enthusiasm, get teachers and students consistent high praise.

  i can use the office software skilled, has certain on theputer operation ability, skilled wubi input method. two years i use their spare time to do part-time outside. and through the work study make me feel important responsibility. the life and let me have the spirit of the bear hardships and stand hard work. honesty is my character. because i know that treat accounts is not potato, more can do false account. serious and responsible job.

  if i can has yourmon sense, ill conscientious with practical action to prove to you: yourpany in the past, i to and participation; but the future of yourpany, i am willing to give my life effort and sweat! im looking forward to your good news. once again the my most sincere appreciation!



英文求职信 篇5

  hello! when you open this page when you have opened the gateway to opportunity for me and the success of the first gate. thank you for taking the time to read my cover letter, and glad that they can participate in your hotel's current candidates.

  first, allow me to do a self-introduction, my name is xx, 18-year-old, known as the frontier from the south of ningxia. my

  interest and expertise include: favorite sports activities, love of natural science; like to read about science and social practice, class books, from books to continue to improve their scientific and cultural knowledge to improve the content of their training, to fight for the future work good foundation. either to individuals or the

  hotel will create proper value, i not only learned things on your own to the great work, but also down to earth every detail from the start, i use the hard-working hands achievements dream tomorrow .

  work experience in school: in school military training, served as deputy commander with four positions, and obtained the title of outstanding students, and several other class cadre positions as squad leader. had participated in secondary vocational schools in xi'an in XX skills competition, and achieved excellent results. in the spare time to work in a variety of small private restaurants, learned to communicate with people, an increase of life experience! self-evaluation

  (my motto in life: smiling face every day)

  i am optimistic enthusiasm, love of travel, energetic, earnest self-confidence is my biggest character, i am willing to start from the grassroots, the accumulation of experience, improve professional skills, become a real hotel people!

  the cover letter in which you will read on the occasion, a few words to tell you: i am a guy from the northwest, yellow earth gave me a strong body of the soul, cast out of my hard-working and

  persistence pull of the spirit. over the years their education and

  training also enabled me to adapt to the rapid development of society, bad for the heart hope after graduation effectiveness of your hotel, the hotel business for your contribution to the development of my talents. do not care about what i have made, please pay attention to my future!



  self-nominations were: xxx

英文求职信 篇6

  Dear manager,

  I learned from the newspaper that your company wanted to hire an English translator. I'm interested in this job very much. I'd like to get this job.

  Now I'd like to introduce myself to you. My name is Li Ping. I'm 30 years old. I'm 180 cm tall. I'm healthy. I like swimming, singing and dancing in my spare time. I graduated from Beijing University in 1994. Then,I went to work in Nantong Middle School.In 1996, I began to work in Suzhou Middle School and I have worked there until now. I work hard and I can get along well with others. I'm good at English and especially my spoken English is very good. I've translated many Chinese books into English. I can understand Japanese and I can talk to foreigners in Japanese freely.

  If you agree with me, I'll work hard and try to be a good translator.

  If you agree with me, please write a letter to me or

  phone me. I live at No.1 Renmin Road,Suzhou city. My telephone number is 3654371.

  Thank you very much.

  Yours Truly

  Huamays McWang

英文求职信 篇7

  Shall you need an experienced desk clerk for your hotel next summer? 贵酒店明年暑期是否需要一名有经验的柜台部职员?

  2. Because I am very desirous of receiving actual experience in accounting during July and August, I am writing to inquire whether you will need the services of a young man with three years of educational training and some part-time experience. Perhaps I could fill in for one of your office staff during the vacation period. 因我渴望在七、八月间获得会计实务经验,特备函问询你处是否需雇用受过三年训练略有经验的年轻人?在假期中我或可添补贵公司空缺。

  3. Gentlemen: Attention of Personnel Manager I am looking for a postion asassistant shipping clerk. 人事部经理勋鉴:本人正在谋求一份助理船务职员的工作。

  4. Perhaps there is a position in your organization for an young, experienced, and conscientious secretary stenographer. 请问贵公司是否需要一名年青、有经验、负责的女秘书兼速记员?

  5. I want a job. Not any job with any company, but a particular job with your company. Here are my reasons. Your organization is more than just a busienss house. It is an institution in the minds of the local public. It has a reputation for fair play and honesty with both employees and customers alike. For the past four years, while specializing in accounting at colege, I have had a secret ambition to work for your organization in the accounting department. I graduate in June. As I write this letter, I do not know that there is an opening at persent, but here are my qualifications which prompt me to make application now.

  本人需要一份工作,不是任何公司的任何工作,而是贵公司的'一个职位。贵公司不只是商店,而是大众都知晓的机构。以公正、证实的美誉远近驰名。在大学主修会计四年来,内心早就想到贵公司会计部工作,今年七月即将毕业。写此信时,不知贵公司目前是否有空缺,但是下列的资历促使本人冒昧提出申请。 6. As it is nearing the Christmas season, it occurs to me that you many need additional assistance in selling gifts in your shop. I have a whole week before Christmas, from December 18-24, when I might assist you. I could aslo work evenings from six oclock on, before December 18. 圣诞节将届,想到贵公司可能需要销售礼物的助理,本人在圣诞节前一周(十二月十八日至二十四日)有空,可以帮忙。十八日以前每晚六时后也可以。 7. Gentlemen: Attention of Personnel Manager Like many other young men, I am looking for a position. I want to get stated, at the bottom, perhaps, but started. 人事部主任:本人和很多年青人一样正在寻找工作。本人想要有个开头,从基层做起。 中青网



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