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英文求职信 篇1

  dear leaders:


  i am a professional international trade of guangdong xx university students willing to twenty years of accumulated knowledge and the ability of exercise contribute to your organization and can do my best for your company to contribute to the progress and development of all power. sincerely hope that your organization give me a chance!

  i know, "opportunity only favors the prepared mind." in school, i seize every opportunity to learn all aspects of knowledge, ability to exercise all aspects of their own to make themselves towards the needs of modern society compound innovative talent development. my english to six, the computer through the national secondary, provincial secondary (excellent), and year after year scholarship. in the effort to learn the knowledge at the same time, i also range widely in philosophy, law, literature, economics and other fields, other than completing a professional course in the economic field and more, and a minor in business english, self-study a second foreign language --- - german.

  college, never late and leave early, on time and complete their work independently and exams. university examinations, to ensure that all of the real. cet-6, although not qualified to state line, but i did not give up, you can not find work because of cheating employers. companies need to really was real material excellent quality products to gain market, products need to create smart and honest people. i think i have a cet-6 in oral and written, sensible businesses will not have a certificate and a growth potential of prospective employees turned away. good people eclectic enterprise applications, rules and regulations strictly!.

  enclosed please find my resume, if any, opportunity to interview with you, i would be very grateful. even if you think i do not meet your conditions, i will continue to concern the development of your company, and yours the most sincere wishes.

英文求职信 篇2

Dear Sir,

  I have been told by Mr. John, Manager of the Business Book Publishing, with whom I believe you are acquainted, that you are expecting to make some additions to your company in September. I should like to be considered an applicant for one of these positions.

  I have had five years of varied experience in the book business.The companies for which I have worked have given me permission to refer you to them for information about the quality of the work I did while in their employ. In addition, I believe that my English is good enough for your needs. My typing speed is about 80 words.

  If you desire an interview, I shall be most happy to call in person, on any day and at any time you may appoint.

  Very truly yours,



  本人曾从事商业图书工作达五年之久,积累了丰富的经验。我现任职的公司已同意 向阁下提供有关我在该公司服务的资料。 此外,本人自信英文能力颇强,可以符合贵公司的需要。鄙人英文打字速度每分钟 80个字。

  如贵公司有意面试,本人一定遵照所指定 的时日,前往拜访。


英文求职信 篇3

Dear Human Resources Manager


  I am honored to be your busy schedule to read my cover letter, thank you

  My name is Cao Fei, a Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications, Computer Science graduating undergraduates and technical expertise, will get a BS in Computer Science. Four years of college, laid a solid theoretical basis, good organizational skills, teamwork spirit, pragmatic style of work.

  As a college student, I am very well aware how fierce competition of contemporary talent, a competitive talent requires not only a solid and a wealth of expertise, the knowledge and the overall quality to be consolidated and strengthened. Often participate in various sports activities, social practice, practical experience is outstanding, with good team spirit and human interpersonal communication and coordination skills. Holidays and summer vacation to do some promotion and market research; in order to constantly improve themselves, to a complex talent of a new century, to meet the challenges of society.

  Proficient in C and C + +, JAVA. Familiar with Linux, Windows and other operating systems. Familiar with the Office, WPS Office automation software. Self-an HTML, Frontpage, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Flash, etc. web production software. Proficiency in commonly used software can use. Computer II, CET 6 national certificate.

  Received on the occasion of the pen, solemnly raised a small request: Whether or not you choose me, Dear leaders, we hope you will accept my sincere thanks!

  Wish your organization business was flourishing!

英文求职信 篇4

  (1)Explain the reasons for writing the job search letter (简明写求职信的理由)

  a。 Your advertisement for an assistant chemist on June 30 th newspaper arouses my interest a great deal。I hope to offer my service at you company because of my following qualifications;… 贵公司在6月30日的报纸上登载的招聘助理药剂师的广告,引起了我极大的兴趣,我希望能到公司供职,以下是我所具备的任职资格;……

  b。In reply to your advertisement in yesterday Wuhan Evening Paper,I respectfully offer my service for the position。 看到贵公司在昨天的'武汉晚报上登载的广告,我很愿意在这个岗位上为贵公司的发展作贡献。

  c。 Your very attractive advertisement in yesterday Changjiang Daily seemde made to order for me…and me for the job。 你们在昨天的长江日报上登载的广告非常有吸引力。……我恰好非常适合做这份工作。

  d。This morning China Daily carried your advertisement for a computer operator at a large company。 今天早晨的中国日报登载了贵公司欲招聘一名计算机操作员的广告。

  e。 Ability to organize marketing campaigns and to supervise employees。 能组织市场营销活动,监管下属员工。

  f。 Six valuable years of experience in the retail grocery business,with both a small privately ownde chain and a large corporte chain。 具有6年在零售杂货店工作的宝贵经历。同小型私营联销店和大型公司联销店都胡商业往来。

  g。Direct first -hand knowledge of all phases of the business operation。 具有商业经营的各个步骤的直接的第一手资料。

  h。I should like to apply for the position mentioned in your advertisement in Changjiang Daily of October 18。 我很高兴应聘贵公司在10月8日长江日报上登载的广告中所提及的工作。

  i。Learning from Mr。Hong that you are looking for a sales manager,I should like to apply for the position。 从洪先生那里得知你正在寻求一位销售经理,我很高兴能应聘这个职位。

  j。In answer to your advertisement in today Hubei Daily for a secretary,I wish tender my service。 贵公司在今天湖北日报上登载的招聘秘书的广告,我希望能得到这个职位。

  k。I would like to apply for the position of financial director you have advertised through the Personnel Market on Chezhan Road。 通过贵公司在车站路人才交流市场的广告,得知你们欲招聘一名财务主管,我很乐意应聘这一职位。

  (2)Explain the reasons for leaving your previous employment (说明你离开以前工作岗位的理由):

  a。My reason for leaving my present employment is that I want to obtain broader experience in trading。 我离开我现在单位的理由是:我想在贸易领域取得更多的经验。

  b。At present I have to leave my position as my presint employer have been forced to liquidate his business。 因为我现在的雇主已经破产,所以,我不得不离开我现在的职位。

  c。I have to leave my present job because I have little change to be promoted。 我必须离开我现在的岗位,因为,我很少有机会得到提升。

  d。The only reason why I am leaving the present position is that I try to win another opportunity to better myself。 我离开我现在的职位的理由,只是为了赢得另一项完善自己的机会。

  e。On account of the discontimuance of business at the company,I left the office。 因为公司的效益不景气,所以,我辞职了。

  f。I would like to do with your company where the work will be more diversifiedand on a higher creative level。 我很愿意到贵公司工作,因为,那里的工作富有多样性并且更富有创造性。

  h。My present job can not offer me much chance for me to tap my potential in the field of computer。But the job you advertised on the newspaper is what I have desired to apply for ,because it offers me …… 贵公司在人才市场刊登的广告中所提供的工作,向我的能力提出了更大的挑战。

  i。 There is no prospect of promotion where I am at present and I would like something more challenging。 在我目前的职位上,没有提升的机会。同时,我喜欢更富有挑战性的工作。

  (3)Express the demand for the starting salary (表示希望得到的起始薪金)

  a。I hesitate to state a definite salary。 But ,so long as you have requested me to do so, I should consider 1500 yuan a month satisfactory。 我不愿意说出一个确定的薪金数目,但是,如果你要求我这样做,我觉得一个月1500元就可以了。

  b。I am willing to serve on probation for some months at a small salary。 我愿意见习几个月,这只需要低水平的薪水。

  c。。Although it is difficult for me to determine what kind of salary level I can meet,I should consider 1000 yuan a month appropriate。 虽然让我决定我所能得到的薪金水准比较困难,但是,我还是认为一个月1000元对我来说比较合适。

  d。I am willing to start with a smal salary。 我希望从低薪开始。

  e。My present job pays 15000 yuan a year, in additon to health benefits and bonuses。I am looking to start here at 1200 yuan or above that figure with periodic inceases b ased on performance on the job ,plus the usual benefits package。 我现在的工 作待遇除了健康保险和奖金外每年还有15000元薪金。我想在贵公司工作的起点为每月1200元或更高,然后按工作表现,定期增加工资当然还包括一般的福利待遇。

  f。I should require a commencing salary of 1000 yuan a month。 我需要的薪金起点是每个月 1000元。

  (4)Express strong personal qualities(表达个人的特长)

  a。My resume shows my success in corrdination a busy schedule of collegiate studies,part-time jobs,and extracurricular a ctivitise。 The presidency of the students union at the university provides evidence of the trait which you require for the growth of your company。 我的履历表显示了我读大学时,在学习、兼职工作和课外活动之间合理安排繁忙的时间的才能。我在大学时任学生会主席,就是这一特长的有力证据,而这一特长正是你们公司发展所需要的。

  b。I have received a good education and learned taking notes in English shorthand。 我受过很好的教育,并且学习过英语速记。

  c。During my summer job with a joint venture in Tianjin,I gained a great deal of first -hand knowledge about foreign trade and learned how to communicate with people of defferent interests and backgrounds。 在暑假期间,我曾到天津一家合资企业工作,获得了很多有关外贸的第一手资料,并且学会了怎样与不同兴趣和不同背景的人进行沟通。

  d。My education has provided me with a broad background in the field of foreign trade and sales promotion。 我在外贸和促销两方面受到过很全面的教育。

  e。 As a result of my experience in these two programs mentioned above, not only have a basic understanding of managerial processes, but also understand the terminology and viewpoint of professionals in data processing。 由于我受到前面所提到的两项培训计划的经历,我不仅基本了解管理的工作程序,而且还懂得专业术语和观点的数据处理。

  f。 This educational background plus my courses and experience with computers certainly rquip me to be an asset to your financial management department。 我的学历和我所修的计算机课程和实践经验对贵公司财务管理部会大有帮助。

  g。 My fluency in English and French is first-rate。 我的流利的英语和法语是一流的。

英文求职信 篇5

  dear leaders:


  thank you for taking the time to review my cover letter!

  this month has been my heart jump like deer, like non-stop, outside the turbulent to the jobs i heart. my father was a village teacher, my uncle was a school teacher. long-term influence, young i look forward to become a good teacher, standing on the podium jiyangwenzi ... ... today i was deeply moved you volunteered! my name is fan cantabile, beijing normal university, XX session of the english teaching profession graduates.

  i love reading, especially literature and history classes, most of the chinese classics (in english) are seen. these books of great benefit to me: the yardsticks, a wealth of knowledge, broaden their horizons. this is a great help to my teaching.

  through four years of study, i know a good professional knowledge and theoretical basis, a systematic study of the knowledge, skills and teaching skills, with accurate, proficient in english listening, speaking, reading, writing and translation capabilities. in his sophomore year, i am off by english six; sophomore next semester, my english one by four. the focus on the ability of professionals in the school have been awarded scholarships, good student, acoustic simulation of excellence award, and many more professional courses among the best results!

  i have some practical experience. long served as the bedroom, held a series of activities, cultural events even better bedroom. arrogant since i have done a12tutor, in which high school students living gold. in particular, in october XX - december XX in the nation"s key high school - beijing normal university high school during the internship with outstanding results.

英文求职信 篇6

  Dear leaders:


  I called Zhang xx, will be graduated in July 20xx Tangshan Normal College computer science bachelors degree in computer. Ive been trying to learn from that day admitted to the University, cultivate good study habits in college life lessons learned from many aspects including basic computer knowledge to use and so on. Through the study of this knowledge, the knowledge in this area, I have a certain degree of understanding and mastery. And a lot of practice, and further deepened understanding of the computer. At the same time learn the basics also focus on the comprehensive development of multifaceted, has participated in various school activities, internships process will combine theory and practice, by the school teachers and students welcome.

  College career, I learned a wealth of expertise and their ability to exercise through college studying, I mastered the c language, assembly language, compiler theory, powerbuilder, database theory, and c v, c , windows programming have some understanding. I also studied delphi extracurricular programming, asp dynamic pages and flash animations, and in semester sophomore won the "database" test certificate.

  With the birth of the knowledge economy Pro, society will be more need for "outstanding professional, quality comprehensive" combined talents. Therefore, I also actively involved in extracurricular various classes, colleges and social activities. From different levels and angles to exercise themselves, their organization, management skills and teamwork spirit has greatly improved.

  Recalling the university a few years ago, I learned the most useful knowledge are: confident and self! Experience the deepest sentence: A World Without unachievable!

  Finally, once again thank you for your patience in reading my cover letter.

  Sincerely hope to get your companys appreciation.

  Thank you!