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英文求职信 篇1

  the respect the human resources manager:

  hello!!!!! thank you for taking your time read my letter of application! i'm xx institute of technology of profession of chain operation management professional fresh graduates, in july XX, i will graduate. recently learned that your company is looking for talented person, i'm confident i university three years through learning will make i can do the job. after three years of study i have grasped the solid management knowledge and has good scientific and cultural knowledge and moral cultivation and during the period of school his have read many of the management of the literature books and economy, i good command of office software operation, in addition, i also has a higher level of english. my major basis down-to-earth, and a good theory knowledge background and strong hands-on experiment ability.

  during the university, i have participated in duoci social practice, and in many companies have a part-time job. because of this, make me in production, sales and management accumulated a certain amount of experience. i know inside that my lack of the "famous university graduates" this aura, therefore, i pay the double efforts to make up for, in order to improve their competitiveness. his three years of hard achieved harvest, i'm confident he already has the fight for the strength of the employment opportunities, and the future of the enterprise is more must depend on oneself to explore and hard work. i want to join your company, and for your company's contribution to the development of an own strength. i am enclosing a resume. if i have the chance to meet with you, i'd be very grateful.

  i wish your company performance day!



英文求职信 篇2

  carolyn a. beatty

  400 east 7th street home: (215) 557-****

  lansdale, pa 19407 office: (215) 883*****

  april 18, 20xx

  ms. janet n. morse

  vice president of human resourses

  the utica corporation

  100 woodlawn avenue

  utica, ny 27716

  dear mr. morse:

  i am currently seeking a postion as training and development manager for a medium-sized manufacturing company. i am a hands-on, results-oriented leader with a comprehensive background in training design, development and delivery. the enclosed resume details the specifics of my experience and accomplishments.

  my background spans(跨越) over ten years of diverse training and development experience, providing support to a variety of functional clients. in all cases i have been successful in getting strong client support and ownership of the programs delivered. the following highlights some of my key accomplishments:

  -directed training of 200 person field sales organization for a major electronics distribution company

  -used assessment methodology as the basis for constructing "high performance models" for certain key management jobs. assessed key managers against these models as the basis for defining key management needs/priorities.

  -desingned and delivered company‘s first highly successful introductory course to total quality management-over500 managers trained across3 divisions.

  -developed methodology for linking training needs with business strategy,and put in place a reliable method for providing quantitative measurement of the effectiveness of management training and development programs.

  based upon my job experience and educational qualifications, i am confident that i can bring effective leadership to your training function and improve the overall human resource effectiveness and productivity of your company. i would appreciate the opportunity to further discuss my credentials with you during a face-to-face interview.

  i hope to hear from you shortly.

  yours very truly,


  carolyn a. beatty


英文求职信 篇3

  xx manager:

  i xxx daily on the advertisement, that your intention to recruit a manager secretary, wrote a special venture candidates.two months later, i am from the hotel property management

  business school graduate. height 1.65cm, dignified appearance, good temperament. in school, i systematically studied the introduction of modern management, social psychology, hotel management studies, hotel financial accounting, hotel management, hotel and catering management, the lobby of the hotel management, hotel marketing, hotel property

  management, property management, residential area property management, application writing, etiquette school, professional courses in

  technology department of the hotel property management 510,507contact tel: 13911111111


  job seekers were: xxx

英文求职信 篇4







  *** 敬上


  May 2th, 20xx

  Dear Mrs. Ou,

  I am writing in application for the post of Marketing Consultant that you advertised in today’s newspaper.

  As you will see from my curriculum vitae,I am a 20-year-old college student in Business English form Hubei University of Education.I have taken every course about Marketing offered at college. Apart from the academic experience in college,I have part-time worked as a campus agent in New Oriental.I also was a minister of communication in an English Club.And I have attended courses in negotiating skills.

  I am interested in the post advertised because I have the ability to work under the pressure and it seems to be what I am expecting:to work in an active team environment.

  I hope to have the pleasure of your granting an interview,I am available at any time.Enclosed please find the resume.And my university tutor will be happy to supply a reference.

  Yours sincerely


英文求职信 篇5


  就以我过去的推销背景而言,本人自信可以胜任贵公司星期四在XX报招聘的职务,敬请给予考虑。我于xxx年从北京商学院毕业,曾在当代公司男装部担任 推销员两年,后在世都百货公司男装店三年,目前仍在此工作。





  Because I believe that my sales background fits me for the position you advertised in Thursday's newspaper, I ask that you consider my qualification.

  I was graduated from Beijing Commercial College in July xxxx. My experience has included two year as salesman in the Men's Clo- thing Department for DangDai; and three years in the Men's Shop for ShiDu, where I am still employed.

  My reason for wishing to make a change at this time is that there seems no opportunity for advancement in my present position, and I feel that my ability and training, as well as my interest in my work, should lead to advancement and a higher salary.

  I am happy to refer you upon your request people who can tell you of my work and my character.

  Truly yours,

英文求职信 篇6



  Replying to your advertisement …… Answering your advertisement …… Believing that there is an opportunity …… Thinking that there is a vacancy in your company …… Having read your ad ……

  A:(1)Replying to your recent advertisement in the Boston Evening Globe, I wish to apply for the position of sales manager……

  (2)In applying for the position of sales manager I offer my qualifications, which I believe will meet your exacting requirements.

  B:(1)I believe after reading your advertisement in this mornings Journal that you have just the opportunity I am looking for.

  (2)your advertisement in this mornings Journal for an adjustment manager prompts me to offer you my qualifications for this position

  C:(1) Having read your advertisement in the New York Times for an accountant, I thought you might be interested in my application.

  (2)In your advertisement for an accountant, you indicated that you require the services of a competent person, with thorough training in the field of cost accounting. Please consider me an applicant for the position. Here are my reasons for believing I am qualified for this work.


  A:I hesitate to state a definite salary, but, as long as you have requested me to , I should consider 6,500 a month satisfactory. 我对待遇总是无法定下确切数目,但既然您要我说明,我认为月薪六千五百元就满意了。

  B: Although it is difficult for me to say what compensation I should deserve, I should consider******a month a fair initial salary. 虽然我很难说待遇应该是多少,我认为每月******起薪合适。

  C:I feel it is presumptuous of me to state what my salary should be. My first consideration is to satisfy you completely. However, while I am serving my apprenticeship, I should consider*****a month satisfactory compensation. 我不敢冒昧提出起薪是多少。最初我仅想如何做好工作,使您满意。在学徒(试用)期间,月薪*****即可。

英文求职信 篇7


  145 Donovan Court

  Ridge Pike Apartments

  Mobile, AL 18337

  November 12, 1997

  Mr. Walter Chamberlaine

  Vice President

  Environment Affairs Department

  International Chemical Company

  500 Park Avenue

  New York, NY 17229

  Dear Mr. Chamberlaine:

  I am seeking a position where I can apply my experience as an environmental specialist. As an Environmental Project Manager in the Environmental Affairs Department of the Dow Chemical Company, I have gained experience in many areas of the environmental industry, especially hazardous substance and waste management as well as environmental legislation and compliance requirements.

  Specific areas of accomplishment include:

  - Company compliance with applicable local, state, and federal environmental regulations nationwide

  - Design and implementation of training programs to limit company risk and liability in the hazardous substance management field

  - Research and evaluation of cost-effective methods for hazardous substance reduction, recycling and conservation.

  I am interested in an industry position in environmental compliance, hazardous substance management, and/or industrial environmental training and education. I am interested in a company that has a strong interest in developing pro-active programs to limit liability and risk in environmental affairs.

  My resume is enclosed. Thank you for reviewing my credentials, and I look forward to hearing from you.

英文求职信 篇8

  Dear Sir,

  I wish to apply for a position with your company as a regional sales manager. Iam twenty-nine years old and at present employed by the Xishan Company,where I have been working as an assistant manager for the past four years. Before that, Ihad spent three years as a sales agent in the Taiji Company.

  My oniy reason for leaving my present position is to better myself as I feel I have potentialfor greater things. I wish to serve in a large company like yours so that I can learn new things and give full play to my talent.

  I can give you references from both of the firms mentioned above as to my character and ability. Enclosed please find my resume.

  I would appreciate your considering my application. I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.

  Sincerely yours

英文求职信 篇9

Respect leadership:

  How do you do!

  Thank you in spite of being very busy toglance hang the cover letter read my personal!!!! Thank you!

  I was guangdong medical school graduates professional level the XXX, dreaming of medical careers of incomparable looking forward to, through three years of study and practice system, I have laid a solid foundation of professional theory, developed strong ability of self-study and excellent teamwork spirit and practical work style. Simple, stable, development and innovation are my character.

  Three years of college life, make me in the good study atmosphere, and continuously learn knowledge of medicine, and actively participate in the social practice, enrich and perfect oneself, not only have a clinical doctors the necessary quality, and through a one-time national college English test band 4, computer level 2 test, several times won the school, second-class a scholarship, and was awarded "three good student" and the excellent member. During the internship, I can apply the theory of knowledge and clinical practice, positive thinking, positive practice, deepen the understanding and the understanding of disease, cultivate good clinical thinking method, which I am familiar with the clinical diagnosis and treatment of all hospitals basic technology, the department is a common and frequent disease can make the correct diagnosis and treatment. Strong study interest, strong sense of responsibility and accept ability and practical ability, makes me get the praise of superior doctors, more let me confidence in the future of the one hundred times to jobs.

  Based on this, I also pays attention to the quality of education and the comprehensive their own specialty training. From freshman start, I will spare time to study hard in computer, to Windows / 20xx / xp operating system master, to Word, Excel, Office and other Office software application freely, make full use of network resources, in order to study the frontier medical knowledge to create the good condition, I also mastered Frontpage, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Flash, Photoshop, web pages related software, and independent making their own personal homepage (). Animation, I have a very LAN build familiar with, I believe I for the expensive unit of the construction of the digital information service platform to make their contribution.

  Knowledge in the unceasing renewal, the pursuit of knowledge is always my life creed. I believe that your units need of, it is complex, creative talents, and I, is unswervingly to this direction diligently.

  The unit of choose and employ persons respect leadership, I set out to do into society, to meet the challenges of the full preparation. Believe in your support, I and your leadership as well as units of dahua group the sea, brave the wind and waves will sometimes!