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Distinguished leadership of the hospital:


Thank you for your busy schedule in taking the time to read the material I have put themselves forward in this, give me a fighting chance of success.

I was in Jingzhou, Hubei Vocational Technical College students will soon graduate, post-harvest in sight, I hope to have this opportunity to work and study in your house.

When the choice of medical institutions, has chosen the medical profession, determined to be life-saving faith-ming in my heart. I pay close attention to school every day since for the accumulation of professional knowledge and basic skills training. Theoretical study in school, I know the importance of theoretical knowledge, each course seriously, and achieved excellent results. Now, I had the privilege of Maternal and Child Health Hospital in Hubei Province for practice and training. During the internship period, I always keep in mind the teaching of theory with practice, made significant gains to master the basic clinical operations (including bed making, injection techniques, and aseptic operation, etc.), more in-depth understanding of the theoretical knowledge to use in practice. At the same time, I deeply appreciate the relationship between health care, the importance of nurse-patient relationship, learning the communication skills to improve patient satisfaction and efficiency. My internship study patients also received recognition and praise of many teachers. All these are the results of my tireless efforts, I have a positive spirit, I believe these experiences will be my study and work will continue a valuable asset.

While studying at the school activities I can be useful to the plot-level participation, I believe that a wide range of interests and expertise will be in my future study and work play an important role in

Although I have only a college degree, it seems less competitive. But I firmly believe that no matter how big the difference between education in the work we are starting from scratch, deep expertise, a wealth of clinical experience, open-minded optimism of the character, a strong sense of collaboration is the group for a qualified nursing personnel necessary conditions, but also my pursuit of the ultimate goal. I am willing to candidates of the clinical departments of nursing, I could look forward to in the future teachers and colleagues, tirelessly to pay for your house, I do everything in its power to make a contribution!

At this moment, before it is before you a few thin paper, to me, is a student studying for more than a decade and the pain and gain, but also a students look forward to a better future and hope.

Finally, I thank you for your review materials. Hospitalsףthe cause of success, I wish that the leadership of good health and smooth work!