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  Everybody is good! My name is xx, zheng zheng zheng x, x x x x, x x x x x, han. Overall, I was actually not short, but compared with the class of tall, is much less, is in the best age - 18.

  My weakness is mainly did not move, self-consciousness is not high, is not keen to do your own thing. In sixth grade, opposite the school is in my house. But I often get up at 7:30, to do more than half an hour to prepare to go out, also often late for school. So the classmates call me "late king". Now, at least six more gets up, can have enough time to eat, bus, etc. This is a challenge for me. However, I have to take this opportunity to, I don't move her bad habits.

  In addition, the self-consciousness is not high, not to do some small actions, speech in class. A few days ago everyone joined in the military training, stood motionless. I felt through this training, my consciousness increased. I also hope that in the later study break this habit. Is not keen to do your own thing. When I was in as a math class representative, left several times book, homework confiscated together, by the teacher of blame. I also want to get rid of it. I have determined to get rid of my shortcomings and bad habits. My strengths: many classmates, and I also could not find my advantages.

  Conclusion: after I discuss with my parents more motivated, more optimistic. As for me, is more advantages of excavated by everybody! My hobbies. I prefer swimming, playing football, also interested in the military. If who "like-minded", and I can find my hand over a friend. Junior high school life expectations for the future. I hope I can happily spend in this 4 years, can have forged profound friendship with students, to learn more knowledge and truth from the teacher. I hope you can understand me, like me, also hope that students can work relations through the 4 years.


  I go abroad to study is the name of the network, I'm from changsha, is a freshman at the university of xx.

  I, love to laugh, philharmonic, simple love, love, love listening to music, love friends, love freedom, love joys Shared with others can not hold the excitement of love, love of wulitou funny, love quietly enjoy, also love crazy busy, I am such, whether you enjoy or not enjoy, I still in my life road stumbling to go, and with a gesture.

  My history was not decorated sparkling, only step by step in the female to prove their hard and firm. Do a competitive person, know not easy to play competitive person; Learning committee member, not imaginary sinecure, is must be responsible for you to learn; Won "miyoshi students," didn't know the success is not casually, easily. Nowadays, but actually, the eyes of the unremitting efforts low hand high; Won the "outstanding class dry", and finally taste "in its place, for its politics". Past let bygones be bygones, after all, it has become history, think I can do is -- in college students in the new journey in seize the opportunity to show themselves, to share with everybody together university bring surprises.

  Entering the university means unlimited opportunity, a chance to conquer new areas. I want to enrich your life in university, cultivate their abilities, "virtue", constantly elevate themselves. Such a big stage, I will be very hard, very hard, very hard, very hard to fight, to struggle. Bo, don't regret my college along the way.

  In college, I want to give the most to force myself to everybody, together with the big guy, day day up, day day up!


  Fellow teachers, classmates, hello, everyone, my name is XX, the song dynasty was born on June 11 XX years, 20 years old, come from shandong, qilu earth gave me this generous candid personality, but yet prudent, miles later came to nanjing to study in this city.

  Came to the university to study this fact with my ideal differ greatly in fact, the hard to avoid some depressed, but after a period of time, I recognize the fact, is the Internet. "In the 21st century is the century of network connected to the Internet." this sentence is not false, with the exhibition of the Internet, it for the 21st century on the wings to take off. Later in the process of constantly cultivate interest, I began to take an interest in the Internet, the next four years, I spent in the learning progress.

  "10 years of honed, sharp sword to know only to be king". Again painstakingly again tired, study abroad are willing to try, "s) in the practise,", in the later study life, I will be a try yourself and live a full and meaningful college life.


  Not understand me, I am a man of deep but not pure, is a thinking such as mechanical bit and a bit and the people, ruling I am cool, cold, and a little inflexible, all going a while at first on this planet with the perfect combination of an organic whole, ah, and perfect ah, I'm satisfied. Half understand my man, I say, unpredictable, like the south wind in May, a warm and a little pinch, you can feel it, but catch tight, commissioned a multinational company like a top pocket, treat me like a gust of wind to turn into, can often mistakenly live above, wu doesn't live here. Say me frankly, at the same time shell I vaguely like paste big zhonghua, confused little common sense, often try to help me to shuffle, but this kind of person and often do not wash their hands. Understand me, appreciate me not trying, sincere, sincere, honest, loving caring and loving care for people, although sometimes mother-in-law mother than a tooth not to catch up on old woman is strong, be it flat, lazy nervous once the attack, to talk like a workhorse covered with stuff junker, isalso, top is broken though, but also lasting appeal is dye-in-the-wood, however, this period of time generally in the range of human endurance, not too long, reasoning that is not too short.

  Think my friend is helpful enough, a little skill, often to drink with me in the night black winds in the evening, at the seaside, and waves of the scene, but I often make chemical reaction with Sprite and liquor, in his eyes only a glass of wine, I can't drink the wine, is raised me landscapes, rather than a wine to do the job, this is for boys. For a girl to go abroad to study network cute enough, also is not so cute little angel, my romantic enough, but could not write a script, as Shakespeare's love petty-bourgeois sentiment strong, often write little poem and prose of the small coax the rolled like a gyroscope, careless but I was careless and is divided, let her to be considerate to me, and hate on me, love-hate fault trace in my "sanduo", versatile affectionate (thick-skinned, three thousand feet), the theory of my investment is a high-risk high-yield investment place. Fully understand me, I'm sorry, not yet, it would a good, whatever he does, first as the foot "lone noble" style again, because this is the fate not share, because she will be with the angel of my life.