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  What will the man probably drink?

  A.Real coffee.B.Instant coffee.C.Hot chocolate.

  What will the man do first?

  A.Pick up lunch.B.Visit the bank.C.Go to the post office.

  What did the woman fail to see?

  A.A disabled person.B.A sign.C.A parking lot.

  Why does the boy like sharks?

  A.They are great swimmers.B.They make funny sounds.C.They are very smart.

  What is the time?

  A.6:00 P.m.B.9:00 P.m.C.10:00 P.m.


  听下面一段较长对话, 回答以下小题。

  1.What kind of coffee does the man usually have?


  2.Where are the speakers?

  A.In an office.B.In a restaurant.C.In a coffee shop.

  听下面一段较长对话, 回答以下小题。

  1.What was the girl’s most recent purchase?

  A.A dog toy.B.Some clothes.C.An ice cream maker.

  2.What is the relationship between the speakers?

  A.Teacher and student.B.Father and daughter.C.Shopkeeper and customer.

  3.Which word can describe the girl’s attitude to money?


  听下面一段较长对话, 回答以下小题。

  1.Where does the woman’s mother live?

  A.In Spain.B.In Mexico.C.In America.

  2.What do the speakers plan to do on November 2nd ?

  A.Travel to Madrid.B.Visit some friends.C.Attend a holiday event.

  3.When will the speakers leave New York?

  A.On October 22nd.B.On October 28th.C.On November 22nd.

  听下面一段较长对话, 回答以下小题。

  1.Where will the speakers most likely go swimming ?

  A.In the poo1.B.In the ocean.C.In the lake.

  2.Why can’t the speakers go swimming this coming Sunday?

  A.There will be a football game.

  B.There will be a family party.

  C.There will be bad weather

  3.What will the speakers most likely watch?

  A.An action movie.B.A comedy.C.A history movie.

  4.What is the probable relationship between the speakers?

  A.Friends.B.Teammates.C.Family members.


  听下面一段独白, 回答以下小题。

  1.How did Whittle first learn about engineering?

  A.From schoo1.B.From work.C.From his father.

  2.What did Whittle do after having his idea for an engine?

  A.He joined the Air Force.

  B.He gained the legal right of ownership.

  C.He decided to study further in college.

  3.Where was Whittle’s last home?



  ??? It was just before 8 a.m.on October 17, 20xx.She’d checked the higher summits forecast posted by the Mount Washington Observatory before she left.Based on her experience, Bales knew that her hike was realistic.Besides, she had two plans and extra layers of clothing to better regulate her temperature as conditions changed.

  At 10:30 a.m., the weather was showing its teeth.Bales added even more layers, including a jacket to protect herself from the cold winds and heavy fog.She made her way across the snow—covered ridge toward Mount Washington and began to think about calling it a day.Then she noticed something:a single set of footprints in the snow ahead of her.She’d been following faint tracks all day and hadn’t given them much thought, because so many people climbed Jewell Trail.But these, she realized, had been made by a pair of sneakers.She silently scolded the absent hiker for breaking normal safety rules and walked on.

  Now she felt genuinely alarmed.She was sure the hiker could not navigate(找到方向)in the low visibility and was heading straight toward the challenging trails of the Great Gulf Wilderness.Bales stood there, shocked.The temperature and clouds were in a race to find their lowest point, and darkness was mere hours away.If Bales continued to follow the tracks.she’d add risk and time to the route she’d already adjusted to manage both.But she could not let this go.She turned to the left and called out, “Hello!”into the frozen fog.

  Bales wouldn’t get an answer until a week later, when the president of her rescue group received a letter in the mail.It read: “I hope this reaches the right group of rescuers.I want to remain anonymous(匿名的), but I was called John.On Sunday, October 17, I went up my favorite trail, Jewell, to end my life.Weather was to be bad.Thought no one else would be there.I was dressed to go quickly.Next thing I knew this lady was talking to me, changing my clothes, giving me food, making me warmer.

  1.What does the underlined sentence mean?

  A.The weather began to get worse.

  B.Nobody controlled the weather.

  C.Weather could never be predicted.

  D.Weather was generally changeable.

  2.Why did Bales feel really frightened?

  A.Because she lost her way completely.

  B.Because the terrible weather was on the way.

  C.Because she was blinded by the frozen fog.

  D.Because she was convinced that someone was in trouble.

  3.What is the purpose of John’s hiking?

  A.To challenge his limit.

  B.To go up his favorite trail.

  C.To donate some money to rescue group.

  D.To kill himself without being discovered.

  ??? A new study has found that cats can connect with people in the same way as dogs and children.The research, published in Current Biology, suggests the social abilities of cats to form human attachments has been greatly underestimated.The study notes that more cats live with humans than dogs do worldwide.But historically, more scientific research has centered on the social relationships between people and dogs.

  The researchers designed experiments similar to methods used to measure human attachment behaviors.For example, other studies have observed how babies react to being reunited with caregivers after being separated for short periods.

  About 70 cats were studied.The hehavior of the animals was observed by experts who divided them into two groups.64 percent were judged to be “securely attached”to caregivers, while 36 percent were found to be “insecurely attached.”The cats with secure attachments showed several signs of “reduced stress”levels, the study found.These cats were found to be more comfortable and effectively balanced their attention between the person and their surroundings.However, the cats with an insecure attachment showed clear signs of stress.These included shaking of the tail, repeated licking or staying completely away from the caregiver.

  She added that the results showed that the level of secure and insecure attachments in cats is very close to those measured in human babies.In humans, research has found that 65 percent of babies are also securely attached to their caregivers.The researchers also were interested in finding out if socialization training would change the results.

  But after a six-week training program for the cats, there were no major differences. “Once an attachment style has been established between the cat and its caregiver, it appears to remain relatively stable overtime, even after a training and socialization intervention(干预), ”Vitale? said.

  1.What does the study mentioned in this passage show?

  A.Cats’social ability is little thought of.

  B.Dogs have more sociable personalities than cats.

  C.Historically, dog is much smarter than cats.

  D.Cats have bad social relationships with dogs.

  2.What will happen if the cats feel unsafe?

  A.They tend to attack their caregivers.

  B.They are going to shake their tails.

  C.They will stay close to their caretakers.

  D.They are likely to balance their attention.

  3.What can we infer from the last two paragraphs?

  A.Attachment level in babies is higher than in cats.

  B.Training program plays an important role in the results.

  C.Researchers feel insecure when experimenting with cats.

  D.It’s hard to make changes to attachment styles between cats and caregivers.

  ??? The founder of electric supercar maker Rimac has said it won’t make sense for people to own or drive their own cars in the coming decades.

  According to Rimac, most people will no longer own or operate their own cars in the future.Instead, vehicles will be shared, self—driving and electric.These changes are already starting. “There will be people who still want to own their cars and drive their cars and I am happy for that because that is our business, ”Rimac said. “Long term, I think 20 years down the road, it will be totally changed and people will not own or drive their cars anymore.”Rimac’s most recent car.the C—Two, comes off the production line next year.

  Rimac is well aware the industry is changing quickly due to the rise of self-driving vehicles and electric batteries, and says in the next 20 years driving as we know it may exist mainly as a hobby. “I really believe that humanity goes for things that make sense.”he told Newsweek. “If you look at 1.3 million people dying every year on the roads, if you look at the impact it has on economies based on traffic jams and time lost, it’s so much of a negative impact to society that I think such a huge benefit can be gained if people stop driving.”

  “Let’s look into the future.You are standing in front of the choice of either investing a huge amount of your money in buying a hunk of metal and plastic for 30, 40, 50 thousand dollars, or you have the convenient option of paying as you go, the car picks you up in a few minutes, it’s a nice environment and you spend a few dollars per day on your transport.”

  “When you take the driver out of the car, transport can be much cheaper and you can use the time to do other things, instead of sitting behind a steering(转向)wheel and not doing anything else.So I think the choice for the vast majority of people will be the obvious one.”

  1.What can we learn from paragraph 2?

  A.The majority of people will purchase cars.

  B.Huge changes will take place in car industry.

  C.Driving cars will enjoy more popularity.

  D.The car business is gradually disappearing.

  2.What is a major cause of the fast change in the car industry?

  A.The rapid growth of self-driving cars.

  B.The rise of shared vehicles.

  C.The increasing demand of customers.

  D.The advanced production line.

  3.How does Rimac feel about the future of self-driving cars?


  4.What can be a suitable title for the text?

  A.Self-driving cars meet new challenges.

  B.Self-driving cars avoid human errors.

  C.Possessing or driving cars won’t be a must.

  D.Conventional cars will be completely replaced.


  ??? “Don’t tell anyone”.We hear these words when someone tells a secret to us.1. We’re often tempted to(忍不住的) “spill the beans”, even if we regret it later.

  An earlier study, led by Anita E.Kelly, a scientist at the University of Notre Dame, US, suggested that keeping a secret could cause stress. 2. According to Asim Shah, professor in the Menninger Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at Baylor College of Medicine, US, keeping a secret may well “become a burden”.This is because people often have an “obsessive and anxious urge to share it with someone”.

  3. Shah explained that people often feel that it will help them keep a person as a Mend.Another reason people share secrets is guilt over keeping it from someone close to them.A sense of distrust can develop when people who are close do not share it with each other. “Keeping or sharing secrets often puts people in a position of either gaining or losing the trust of someone, ”according to Shah.

  He added that talkative people could let secrets slip out.4. A quiet person may be someone who keeps everything inside.To tell such a person a secret may cause them stress, and make them talk about the secret.

  Shah said that to judge whether to tell someone a secret, you’d better put yourself in their position.Think about how you would feel to be told that you mustn’t give the information away.Shah also recommended that if you accidentally give up someone’s secret you should come clean about it.5.

  A.But it can be hard to keep a secret.

  B.Everyone intends to keep his own secret.

  C.Now you may ask, what secret is that?

  D.Let the person know that their secret isn’t so secret anymore.

  E.People with secrets can suffer from depression, anxiety, and body aches.

  F.But with secrets so often getting out, why do people share them at all?

  G.However, this doesn’t mean that it is a good idea only to share secrets with quiet people.


  ??? Page, 22, had left Whitehorse and was roughly 1, 000 miles away from Tuktoyaktuk.To get there, he would have to ___for 30 days along roads and frozen rivers.Before starting his round-the-world ___at Ushuaia, Page had ___picked up a camera.But 10, 000 miles later, he found himself in northern Canada, ___the footage(片段)that would form a documentary(纪录片).

  It was a sense of ___rather than great scenery that sent him on his way.Page had dreamed of traveling the world by bicycle and he decided to make it a ___. “I had no girlfriend.I had nothing tying me at home.So I ___, ”he says.The adventure __ three years, covering 40, 000 miles and five continents.It was a mental ___as much as a physical one.

  Page rode alone in late winter, camping most nights, apart from the ___occasion he found a hut in which to ___ from the wind. “It’s not ___steely courage or bravery, there’s no option, so you just do it, ”Page says.Others would say the opposite that it requires a 1ot of ___ .

  When the Arctic Ocean came into ___, it was not how Page imagined it would be.It was wonderfully ___the sun was setting and the snow was shining but rather than being filled with thrill, Page was cold and ___. “Instead of walking off into the ___, I sat in a bathroom—the only ___place I could find, ”he says. “I thought about the ___this journey had taught me.Maybe I’d proved something to myself by going to the edge of my map.But, I also ___that finish lines are better shared.”







  7.A.go downB.break downC.take offD.set off









  16.A.fed upB.held upC.called outD.worn out






  阅读下面材料, 在空白处填入适当的内容(1个单词)或括号内单词的正确形式。

  A few months 1.(early), Stephanie Heller, had finished her workout in the gym when she 2.(notice)a woman in the parking lot struggling to bend down.Ms.Heller offered to help her.The woman blamed old age for her incapacity, 3.(explain)that she was 70.But Ms.Heller was 71. “This woman felt every bit her age.”she recalled. “I don’t let age stop me.I need a good mood, really.I love singing and dancing with all the young friends I 4. (make)over the years.I’m only as old as I feel.”

  Each of us has 5.actual age, the number we celebrate on birthdays.But some 50-, 60-and 70-year-olds look and feel 6.(youth), while others do not.Scientists measure these differences by looking at age-related things like skin elasticity, blood pressure and so on, finding some 7.(connect)among them.People 8.a healthy lifestyle and a fortunate genetic inheritance(继承)tend 9.(score) “younger”on these assessments.

  When scientists ask,? “How old do you feel, most of the time?”, the answer can reflect the state of people’s physical and mental health.The age given is a virtual one, 10.is called? “subjective age.


  假定你是李华, 下周你的家乡将举办一场红色旅游文化展, 你打算邀请留学生Alex参加, 请根据以下提示写一篇邀请信。






  2.可以适当增加细节, 以使行文连贯。

  参考词汇:红色旅游Red Tourism



  阅读下面短文, 根据所给情节进行续写, 使之构成一个完整的故事。

  John Hydes, who served as a firefighter for 15 years in New Zealand before moving to Australia, is not only new to the neighbourhood, he’s also new to the country.But that didn’t stop him becoming a local hero recently when he pulled two kids from a burning house.

  “What he did was fantastic.It was a very brave act.Our family can thank him for our lives.”The moment the kids’mother saw what Mr.Hydes did for her family, tears started welling up in her eyes and falling down her cheeks.

  However, Mr.Hydes, who settled here six months ago, said he wasn’t thinking when he saved his neighbour’s son, 5, and daughter, 7, from their PointCook home minutes before the roof fell.

  It was said that the children’s mother and the grandfather was occupied in housework outside the gate when the house caught fire.As they saw the thick smoke, they were scared out, unable to say a word.In spite of the phone call, the fire engine could not arrive quickly.The two children were in the bedroom.Desperate and hopeless, the kids’mother knelt down, crying at the top of her voice.Because of excessive shock, the old grandfather was in the hospital for a long time.

  “When there are kids in danger you haven’t got time to think, you’ve got to act, ”the father of three said. “I hadn’t met my new neighbours before coming to their help.It’s just a different way of meeting them, ”he laughed.Actually, it was nothing new for Mr.Hydes to jump into a burning building.This time, however, he did it without protective clothing.Later on he recalled the thrilling scene of his fighting the fire.




  3.续写部分分为两段, 每段的开头语已为你写好;

  4.续写完成后, 请用下划线标出你所使用的关键词语。

  Paragraph 1:

  Mr.Hydes was in bed when he heard screaming before 9 p m.


  Paragraph 2:

  “I was greeted(映…的眼帘)by two black and whitefaces screaming for help, ”he said.