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  —When did tour grandfather come to this city?

  —He came here when he was in his thirties.

  A. thirty years agoB. at the age of thirtyC. more than thirty

  —Can I use the printer at your office?

  —I’m afraid you can’t. The machine is dead at present.

  A. not workingB. wrongC. destroyed

  —Is she worried about her child all the time?

  —Yes, though I have asked her to look on the bright side.

  A. be positiveB. be carefulC. be patient

  —I plan to make a tour to Europe this summer.

  —I prefer to stay in Shenzhen.

  A. had betterB. wishC. would rather

  —I think most students have great pressure from their studies.

  —Yeah. We should do something to help them.

  A. wealthB. stressC. agreement

  —Who went to school early last term?

  —Mike used to be the first one.

  A. was asked to beB. was used to beingC. was often

  —Jim, what is your father?

  —He is a manager and is responsible for the whole company.

  A. looks afterB. is in charge ofC. is on duty for

  —You look pale, Tony. What’s wrong?

  —I feel under the weather today.

  A. feel sickB. feel boredC. am ashamed

  A(n) ________ is an activity or experience that you enjoy very much.

  A. eventB. situationC. pleasure

  —What skill do I need ________ the job?

  —You ________ be good at computer.

  A. have; needB. to have; canC. to have; need to

  —What do you know about bamboo?

  —Maybe bamboo has more uses than ________ in the world.

  A. any plantB. all the plantsC. any other plant

  —I am sorry for knocking over your cup.

  —Never mind. I know you did it ________.

  A. by heartB. by mistakeC. by accident

  —Hurry up! The bus is coming.

  —Wait a moment, please! Let me check if there’s ________ left.

  A. anything elseB. important somethingC. other things

  —Why didn’t Jane come to the party yesterday?

  —She was ill and suffered a lot ________ a bad headache.

  A. forB. atC. from

  —Do you know why the man was in prison?

  —Yes. He ________ robbing the bank.

  A. was accused ofB. was interested inC. was good at



  One afternoon in June, Maggie was driving back to her house. Her sheepdog, Patches, was sitting in the back with ______ head out of the window to help it cool down. ______, Maggie heard a loud noise and she began to lose control of the car. Then the ______ crashed into a tree.

  Maggie opened her eyes and looked around to ______ that her dog was all right. Then she felt a great pain in her left leg. And she realized that the car was filled with thick black smoke. She pushed the car door open and tried to get out, but her trousers were caught in ______. That’s when Patches proved (证明是) to be a ______ dog hero.

  It started biting her trousers until Maggie could pull her leg. Unluckily, that wasn’t enough because Maggie ______ couldn’t move. Patches grabbed (抓住) her jacket with its teeth and bravely pulled her out of the car. She ______ to the ground, but Patches kept pulling until it made Maggie far away from the car. After a while, the car blew up (爆炸).

  Finally, the emergency services ______ and they took Maggie to a hospital.

  Maggie is very proud of Patches. She says that she wouldn’t be here today to tell his ______ if there were no her brave dog.

  1.A. herB. itsC. my

  2.A. FinallyB. CertainlyC. Suddenly

  3.A. dogB. carC. house

  4.A. depend onB. think aboutC. make sure

  5.A. somethingB. anythingC. everything

  6.A. richB. luckyC. real

  7.A. stillB. onlyC. hardly

  8.A. fellB. jumpedC. led

  9.A. stoppedB. arrivedC. left

  10.A. jokeB. problemC. story


  Being safe in your everyday life needs knowledge (知识). If you remember the following information, your life will be much safer.

  Always notice the environment around you. You shouldn’t walk alone outside. Make sure where the public phones are. If anything dangerous happens, you can find them easily.

  Your bag should be carried towards the front of your body instead of putting it on your back. When a bus is full of people, it is easy enough for a thief to take away the things in the bag on your back.

  If you are followed by someone whom you don’t know, cross the street and go to the other way, let the person understand that you know he or she is after you. Next, don’t go home at once. You are safer in the street than you are alone in your home or in a lift.

  If you have to take a bus to a place far away, try to get to the stop a few minutes earlier before the bus leaves. This stops other people from studying you. On the bus, don’t sit alone. Sit behind the driver or with other people. Don’t sleep.

  1.Which of the following is NOT safe when you are out?

  A. Go home alone late at night.

  B. Make sure where the public phones are.

  C. Don’t get to the bus stop too early.

  D. Always notice the environment around.

  2.You’d better put your bag ______ when there are too many people on a bus.

  A. on your backB. beside you

  C. in front of youD. behind the driver

  3.When you are followed by someone on your way home, you should _______.

  A. walk towards him or her at onceB. find a lift and go in

  C. run homeD. cross the street and go to the other way

  4.When you take a bus alone, it’s safe for you ________.

  A. not to fall asleepB. to talk with the driver

  C. to go with a friendD. to get off the bus at once

  5.What can you learn from the text?

  A. How to take a bus.B. How to be safe in your everyday life.

  C. How to cross the street.D. How to use the public phones.

  I used to think courtesy (礼貌) was a thing of the past. However, I changed my mind when I met a courteous man.

  Last Saturday, I went to a cafe with my daughters. It was crowded with the usual loud crowd and we had to climb up the stairs to find an empty table. After enjoying coffee and snacks, we were ready to come down the stairs, where the narrow space made climbing down only possible in a single line, with hardly any space for another person to either climb up or come down.

  Just as I was in the middle of my descent (下去), a man got to the main entrance (入口) of the cafe which was right in front of the staircase. I was sure I would be pushed by the man who would want to go up in a hurry. Anyway, I kept coming down as fast as I could. My daughters were already down, looking up at me worriedly, hoping I would get down before the stranger went up the stairs.

  Nearly getting down, I noticed the man still standing near the door. Later, I passed him at the entrance door which he kept holding open. I looked back thinking he was still at the door, deciding whether to go in or find another less crowded place. However, I saw him going up the stairs, two at a time.

  I told my daughters about it and all of us felt bad for we did not even thank the courteous gentleman.

  1.What can we learn from Paragraph 2?

  A. The writer seldom goes to the cafe.

  B. Few people go to the cafe on weekends.

  C. The writer didn’t like the coffee.

  D. The cafe is often crowded and noisy.

  2.How did the daughters feel when they saw their mum going down the stairs?

  A. Sad.B. Worried.C. Excited.D. Proud.

  3.The writer felt sorry for not saying “_________” to the man.

  A. HelloB. GoodbyeC. SorryD. Thanks

  4.According to the passage, we can learn _______.

  A. the man went to another cafe at last

  B. the writer opened the door for the man

  C. the man didn’t push the writer

  D. the man is the writer’s old friend

  5.Which of the following is the RIGHT order?

  ①The writer had snacks.

  ②The man went up the stairs.

  ③The writer came down the stairs.

  A. ①②③B. ①③②C. ③①②D. ③②①

  This is not a diet. It’s a simple way to lose weight. And you don’t have to give up your favorite t food or join a gym. You just follow some habits that thin people have. Keep them, and you’ll become thin.

  (1) Wake up

  When you wake up in the morning, sit up slowly without using your hands. With legs straight out, bend (弯曲) forward until you feel sore (酸痛) in your back. It will burn about 10 calories (卡路里).

  (2) Start with soup

  When you have a meal, order a clear soup, and have it before having the main food. In this way, you’ll feel fuller, so you eat less when the main food comes.

  (3) An apple (or more) a day

  Apples are full of fiber (纤维) and water, so your stomach will want less. The study shows that people who eat at least three apples a day lose weight.

  (4) Stand up and walk around

  Every time you use the mobile phone, stand up and walk around. Heavy people sit on average two and a half hours more than thin people each day. This skill is very important as standing up and walking around will burn 50 or more calories.

  Use these skills, and you will have a big weight loss.

  1.What should we have first if we want to eat less main food?

  A. SoupB. Ice creamC. SaladD. Vegetables

  2.Why does eating apples make your stomach want less food?

  A. Because apples are delicious.

  B. Because apples contain a lot of fiber and water.

  C. Because apples are sour.

  D. Because apples are full of calories.

  3.Which of the following may the writer disagree?

  A. Sitting up slowly without using your hands helps burn calories.

  B. Eating apples every day is good for health.

  C. You have to join a gym if you want to lose weight.

  D. It is good to walk around while talking on the mobile phone.

  4.What’s the purpose of the passage?

  A. To give some advice on how to lose weight.

  B. To advise people to eat apples every day.

  C. To tell people how to enjoy a better life.

  D. To advise people to give up bad habits.

  5.In which part of a newspaper would you most probably read the passage?

  A. ShoppingB. EducationC. FamilyD. Health

  In order to deal with the shortage (短缺) of women’s restrooms in public places, unisex (不分性别的) public toilets have been introduced into many cities. Will you feel comfortable using such a public toilet? You’re welcome to share your ideas.

  Cathy (China)

  Toilets should be separated into men’s and women’s. As a woman, I don’t want to share the same toilet with men which will make me feel embarrassed. I don’t think that making all the toilets unisex can solve this problem.

  Mark (Australia)

  I think increasing the number of women’s toilets is the best choice. I always feel sorry for the ladies as there never seems to be enough toilets and they always have to wait in line.

  Roger (the US)

  In the United States, there are lots of public unisex toilets. The toilet here is a one-room toilet, so each person can be alone with a locked door. When a woman leaves, a man can go in. In my opinion, it is silly and very ________ for men and women (and kids) to mix together in the same room!

  Nick (the UK)

  There have been unisex toilets all over London for years. This just isn’t a big deal. If the doors offer enough safety and protection, I don’t have a problem with it in most situations. In France unisex toilets are also common, and they have been around for years.

  1.Why are unisex public toilets introduced?

  A. Because sharing is quite popular nowadays.

  B. Because unisex public toilets are very popular.

  C. Because people are looking forward to them.

  D. Because there aren’t enough restrooms for women.

  2.How ill Cathy feel if she has to use a unisex public toilet?

  A. Excited.B. Embarrassed.C. Upset.D. Worried.

  3.What is Mark’s advice?

  A. It’s better for men and women to share the toilet.

  B. It’s necessary to build more toilets for women.

  C. It’s better to offer much protection for unisex toilets.

  D. It’s necessary to change some men’s toilets into women’s.

  4.Which of the following words can be put in “______”?

  A. dangerousB. interestingC. educationalD. possible

  5.What’s the passage mainly about?

  A. Why women’s toilets are fewer than men’s.

  B. How unisex public toilets become popular.

  C. Different opinions about using unisex public toilets.

  D. Different ideas about how to build public toilets.



  When you were young, who 1. (ride) you around on the back of his bike? Who played football and flew kites with you in the park? Who helped you with your 2. (one) difficult maths problems? Who taught you the difference 3. right and wrong? Your dad. Now it is your turn to do something for him. This year, June 16, is Father’s Day. So why not do something 4. (thank) your dad?

  The idea of Father’s Day came from an American lady 5. (call) Sonora Smart Dodd in 1909. She wanted a special day to honor (纪念) her father. He raised (抚养) six children after his wife’s 6. (die). Dodd thought there needed to be 7. day to honor great and loving dads. Her father was born in June, 8. she chose to hold the first Father’s Day celebration on his birthday in 1910. In 1924, US president Calvin Coolidge liked the idea of a national Father’s Day. 9. (final), in 1966, the third Sunday in June was made Father’s Day.

  There are many ways to show your love and thanks to your father. Sending him a 10. (greet) card or a small present can make him happy. Or you can just say “I love you, Dad.”



  初中即将毕业,同学们都感到压力很大。就此问题,老师要求你在英语课上做一个以“Less Pressure Makes Life Better”为题的报告,谈谈你的做法,与同学分享经验。请根据以下要求写一份发言稿,内容包括:

  1. 普遍存在的压力:同学关系;考试

  2. 我过去的压力:父母的期望;学习

  3. 我成功缓解压力的办法及效果;……

  要求:1. 文中不得出现真实的姓名和校名;

  2. 词数80左右,短文的开头已给出,不计入总词数。

  Less Pressure Makes Better Life

  Hello, everyone!

  Pressure is a serious problem in today’s world. Most students in our class are under too much pressure. _____