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  I think that Han Meimei in Class 9 ________ her sister in appearance but not in character.

  A. looks B. compares

  C. resembles D. equals

  --Mary failed the driving test again.

  -- Really? Can you_______ for that this time.

  A. explain B. account

  C. describe D. introduce

  She got into ________ when she thought she’d forgotten the tickets, and this ________ her husband, too.

  A. panic; panic B. a panic; panicked

  C. a panic; panic D. panics; panicked

  People are warned ________ in that city because there is some virus going around the city.

  A. to not tour B. touring not

  C. not to tour D. not touring

  Travelling on the bad mountain roads is a(an)________ experience and I will never risk my life like that.

  A. terrifying B. terrified

  C. astonishing D. astonished

  When the boss came in, the workers pretended ______ hard on their machines.

  A. to work B. to be working

  C. to have worked D. working

  He asked me to find a book ______ his name.

  A. marked with B. being marked with

  C. marked by D. marking on

  We have to wait until the discussion between them ____.

  A. makes an end B. comes to an end

  C. puts an end D. brings to an end

  ______ to give his mother a surprise , Tom arrived home ahead of time.

  A. Determined B. Determining

  C. Having determined D. To determine

  The committee ______ of fifteen members.

  A. consists B. is consisted

  C. formed D. make up

  ______,we know each other well.

  A. As time going on B. With time goes on

  C. With time to go on D. As time goes on

  _______is no need for you to come if you don’t want to.

  A. It B. There

  C. That D. This

  After studying in a medical college for five years, Jane ______ her job as a doctor in the countryside.

  A. set out?? B. took over??? C. took up???? D. set up

  The child was found ______down the streets alone.

  A. wandering B. wondering

  C. taking D. stepping

  He was in great trouble ,but he behaved as if nothing_____

  A. was happening B. has happened

  C. happened D. had happened


  Monthly Talks at London Canal Museum

  Our monthly talks start at 19:30 on the first Thursday of each month except August. Admission is at normal charges and you don’t need to book. They end around 21:00.

  November 7th

  The Canal Pioneers, by Chris Lewis. James Brindley is recognized as one of the leading early canal engineers. He was also a major player in training others in the art of canal planning and building. Chris Lewis will explain how Brindley made such a positive contribution to the education of that group of early “civil engineers”.

  December 5th

  Ice for the Metropolis, by Malcolm Tucker. Well before the arrival of freezers, there was a demand for ice for food preservation and catering, Malcolm will explain the history of importing natural ice and the technology of building ice wells, and how London’s ice trade grew.

  February 6th

  An Update on the Cotswold Canals, by Liz Payne. The Stroudwater Canal is moving towards reopening. The Thames and Severn Canal will take a little longer. We will have a report on the present state of play.

  March 6th

  Eyots and Aits-Thames Islands, by Miranda Vickers. The Thames had many islands. Miranda has undertaken a review of all of them. She will tell us about those of greatest interest.

  Online bookings: www.canalmuseum.org.uk/book

  More info: www.canalmuseum.org.uk/whatson

  London Canal Museum

  12-13 New Wharf Road, London NI 9RT

  www.canalmuseum.org.uk?? www. canalmuseum.mobi

  Tel: 020 7713 0836

  1.When is the talk on James Brindley?

  A. November 7th. B. March 6th.

  C. February 6th. D. December 5th.

  2.What is the topic of the talk in February?

  A. The Canal Pioneers. B. Ice for the Metropolis.

  C. Eyots and Aits-Thames Islands. D. An Update on the Cotswold Canals.

  3.Who will give the talk on the islands in the Thames?

  A. Chris Lewis. B. Malcolm Tucker.

  C. Miranda Vickers. D. Liz Payne

  ??? In recent years, China has witnessed the growth of luxury (奢侈品) brands. In this market, Chinese consumers are now the largest spenders. It’s clear that a new generation of young, materialistic people is increasingly relying on luxury brands to improve its self-image.

  I am a fashionist too, at least in spirit---I love to look at clothes and shoes. But I don’t understand why people spend lots of money on designer labels.

  When a young woman buys a handbag that costs two months of her salary, that’s a scary thing.

  What’s interesting is that scientists have found that having luxury things doesn’t lead to happiness.

  Study after study has shown that although we want material things, when we get them we don’t suddenly become “happy” people. In fact, a series of studies by Leaf Van Boven at the University of Colorado, US, has shown that individuals who spend money on travel and similar experiences get more pleasure than those who invest it in material things. That’s because experiences are more easily combined with a person’s identity. If I travel to Yunnan, that adventure affects how I think in the future. My memories become a part of me.

  Moreover, as Van Boven has observed, young people who pursue happiness through “things” are liked less by their peers. People prefer those who pursue happiness through experiences.

  It’s natural to want to express yourself through your appearance. So my advice is: create a look that isn’t tied to a designer label. Convey your own message. Take some lessons from the late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs. He was always in Levis jeans and a black turtleneck. Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook, routinely appears in hoodies and sneakers. These people, successful people, have style. You don’t have to break the bank to send a message about who you are.

  Take a trip. Go out into the world. Then come back and confidently create your own signature look.

  1.What can we infer from the first three paragraphs?

  A. The author enjoys buying luxury brands herself.

  B. The author agrees to spend money on material things.

  C. The author is critical of youths tying their looks to designer labels.

  D. The author finds it natural for fashionists to follow fashion trends.

  2.Leaf Van Boven’s studies showed that ______.

  A. traveling changes a person’s identity greatly

  B. people dislike those who love luxuries

  C. experiences can bring people more happiness than luxuries

  D. luxuries have a negative effect on people’s happiness

  3.What is the author’s advice on expressing oneself?

  A. Be selective about designer labels.

  B. Create your own personal unique style.

  C. Choose styles that are simple and comfortable.

  D. Try styles like Mark Zuckerberg’s.

  4.The main purpose of the article is to ______.

  A. persuade readers to invest in experiences instead of luxuries

  B. prove how luxury leads to an unpleasant life

  C. tell how to express yourself through appearances

  D. report on a series of studies about luxuries and happiness

  ??? Here’s an idea whose time has come: A flu shot that doesn’t require an actual shot.

  For the first time, researchers have tested a flu vaccine patch (疫苗贴) in a human clinical experiment and found that it delivered as much protection as a traditional injection with a needle. Doctors and public health experts have high hopes that it will increase the number of people who get immunized (免疫的) against the flu.

  Seasonal flu is responsible for up to half a million deaths around the world each year according to the World Health Organization. A team led by Georgia Tech engineer Mark Prausnitz has come up with an alternative method that uses “microneedles”. These tiny needles are so small that 100 of them, arranged in order on a patch, can fit under your thumb (拇指). Yet they’re big enough to hold vaccine for three types of flu.

  None of the study volunteers had serious side effects. The groups that got patches had mild skin reactions that were not seen in the regular needle group, while the volunteers in the regular needle group were more likely to experience pain. Overall, 70 percent of the volunteers who got vaccine patches said they’d rather use them again than get a traditional flu shot. The study authors declared it a success on all fronts.

  The biggest beneficiaries could be people in low- and middle-income countries, where flu vaccines are hard to come by. Reducing pain is nice, but other benefits—the patch costs less, is easier to transport, doesn’t require refrigeration, can be self-administered and doesn’t cause waste of needles—are even better.

  “Microneedle Patches have the potential to become ideal candidates for vaccination programs,” wrote Katja Hoschler and Maria Zambon of Public Health England.

  1.What is the passage mainly about?

  A. A vaccine that cures people of their flu.

  B. A team that does research on seasonal flu.

  C. A patch that makes flu shots a thing of the past.

  D. A method that makes traditional flu shot painless.

  2.What do we know about the vaccine patch?

  A. It causes slight side effects.

  B. It causes serious skin reactions.

  C. It delivers vaccine on the head.

  D. It works badly on 30% of the volunteers.

  3.The new patch has all the following benefits except that ????? .

  A. it is provided free of charge

  B. it can be used without doctors

  C. it can be kept at room temperature

  D. it needs less care in transportation

  4.What is Katja and Maria’s attitude towards the new shot?

  A. Cautious. B. Favorable.

  C. Unclear. D. Disapproving.

  ??? The United States will introduce a new and comprehensive(综合的) exam for students who seek to study in American and other English-speaking countries, Xinhua News Agency reported from New York.

  The exam, which stands for a great change from the current English level test, was disclosed by Theresa Chang Wei Jen, associate director of the International Service of the US College Board, America’s leading educational organization.

  The Advanced Placement International English Language (APIEL) will be offered for the first time throughout the world on May 10, 20xx, said Jen.

  However, the APIEL is a strange title to most Chinese students, and it is unlikely to soon gain the similarity of other already existing exams, such as the TOEFL(Test of English as a Foreign Language), the GRE(Graduate Record Examination), or the IELTS(International English Language Testing System).

  “I have never heard of such a test and I would prefer the IELTS if I need another exam,” said Xu Jingyan, a graduating student from Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, who wants to study in England and has already taken the TOEFL.

  Most of Xu’s classmates have never heard of the APIEL. “The APIEL is designed for international students who wish to get university studies in English-speaking countries, including the United States, Britain, Canada, and Australia.” said Jen.

  The APIEL has been adopted, said Jen, because the TOEFL can no longer accurately reflect the abilities of students of using the English language comprehensively in an academic environment. Xinhua reported that a fairly large number of foreign students who earned high scores in TOEFL exam turned out to be very ordinary educational performers after admission.

  Compared with the TOEFL, the APIEL measures a student’s ability to read, write, speak and understand English through testing his or her skills in listening comprehension, speaking with accuracy(精确) and resourcefulness, and writing with clarity(清晰) and fluency, Jen said.

  1.The United States will introduce a new exam because _______.

  A. more and more students want to get further education in the USA

  B. the Chinese people pay special attention to English studies with China’s entry into the WTO

  C. the already existing exam systems seem to be far from perfect

  D. it will bring the US government quite a lot of money

  2.Which of the following statements is TRUE according to the selection?

  A. It will take quite a period of time for people to accept the APIEL.

  B. The TOEFL is more popular with the Chinese than the IELTS.

  C. A student will have to take the APIEL if he or she wants to study in English—speaking countries from 20xx.

  D. Chinese students will prefer the IELTS rather than the APIEL even in the future.

  3.The underlined word current in the second paragraph means _______.

  A. modern B. present

  C. standard D. formal

  4.Which is the best title for this news report?

  A. The Key to English-speaking Countries

  B. The Four Skills in Learning English

  C. TOEFL, IELTS and GRE to be Out of Date

  D. New Exam Designed for Students


  Does your mood change with the seasons?

  Some people find that when the temperature goes down, so do their spirits. 1.They eat more and gain weight. They have trouble sleeping. They can’t think clearly.

  Here are some ways you can beat the winter blues:

  Get out in the sun. Some experts say that winter blues happen because we get less sunlight in the winter than we do in other seasons. Some say that the decrease in sunlight can make us feel sad.2.

  Get some exercise. A walk or other exercise will make chemicals called endorphins (内啡肽) flow through your body. Endorphins are natural “feel good” chemicals.

  3.Avoid having too much sugar. If you are eager for sugary foods (like cookies or candy), it may be a sign that you need more protein , like meat, chicken, or fish.

  Avoid holiday stress. Cut back if you have too many things to do. Make sure you have some quiet time to yourself.4.Get some rest. Studies show that most teens need about nine hours of sleep each night. The average teen, though, gets only about six or seven hours of sleep per night.

  Get help. Be cautious if you feel sad all the time and the feeling won’t go away.5.

  Talk to an adult who you trust or get help from a doctor.

  A. Eat more healthy foods.

  B. Choose different foods in season.

  C. Don’t be so busy that you get tired.

  D. Those people sometimes feel sad for no reason.

  E. You may have a bigger problem than the winter blues.

  F. Getting extra sunlight each day can help brighten your mood.

  G. A regular pattern of sleep is the most important thing to keep.


  Two Candles

  Tom was a middle-aged leather trader whose repeated failure in career made him a depressed man, often ____ that he had been cheated by others. One day he told his wife he was so ____ with the city that he had to leave.

  So his family moved to another city. It was the evening of a weekend. When Tom and his wife were busily ____ up their new home, the light suddenly ____. They had to stop work. Tom was regretful to have forgotten to bring along candles and had to wait ____ in a low mood. Just then he heard slight, hesitant ____ on his door that sounded clear in the ____ night.

  “Who’s it?” he wondered, since Tom was a ____ to this city. And this was the moment he especially hated to be ____, so he went to the door and opened it ____. At the door was a little girl, shyly asking, “Sir, do you have candles? I’m your neighbor. ” “No,” answered Tom in anger and shut the door ____. “What a nuisance (讨厌鬼)!” He complained over it with his wife. “No sooner had we settled down ____ the neighbor came to borrow things.”

  After a while, the door was knocked again. He opened it and found the same girl outside. ____ this time she was ____ two candles, saying, “My grandma told me the new neighbor downstairs might need candles. She ____ me here to give you these.” Tom was very ____ by what he saw. When he became fully aware, he said, “Thank you and your grandmother. God bless you!”

  At that moment he suddenly realized what caused his ____ in life. It was his ____ and harshness (刻薄) with other people. The person who had cheated him in life was actually____? else but himself, for his life had been darkened by his unsympathetic ____.

  1.A. telling B. complaining C. hoping D. pretending

  2.A. inspired B. embarrassed C. disappointed D. impressed

  3.A. tidying B. turning C. packing D. building

  4.A. got out B. put out C. went out D. come out

  5.A. anxiously B. doubtfully C. hopelessly D. helplessly

  6.A. steps B. words C. noises D. knocks

  7.A. dark B. quite C. quiet D. quilt

  8.A. traveller B. newcomer C. guest D. settler

  9.A. called B. watched C. disturbed D. distracted

  10.A. surprisingly B. delightedly C. willingly D. impatiently

  11.A. violently B. quickly C. politely D. gently

  12.A. when B. while C. then D. than

  13.A. And B. So C. But D. For

  14.A. hiding B. holding C. blowing D. lighting

  15.A. advised B. sent C. encouraged D. forced

  16.A. frightened B. pleased C. puzzled D. surprised

  17.A. unluckiness B. dissatisfaction C. complaint D. failure

  18.A. responsibility B. apology C. coldness D. concept

  19.A. anybody B. nobody C. somebody D. everybody

  20.A. mind B. opinion C. behavior D. word



  For those who just love to shop online, Nov 11. is the1.(good) time of the year. Online group buying is quite popular2.the young. The main reason is that things in this way are3.(cheap) than those bought in usual stores. Then ,it is convenient to 4.(make) orders and pay. Besides, it is a trend and young people love following trends. 5.,every coin has two sides. Online group buying has6.(advantage). It is sometimes unsafe. One of my friends was 7.(cheat) once. He bought 8.MP4 on a group buying site. Several days passed, he still didn’t receive the MP4. He called to find out9.the problem was, and found that the site was a trick. Therefore, we must be careful when10.(do) such shopping. In addition, buy only what we need and never buy unnecessary things just because they are cheap.




  删除:把多余的词用斜线( )划掉。




  Last year my school planned to set up the football team. I was exciting about the news though I was a football fan. I entered for it, only to be told that I was too fat. However, they said there will be a test three months later. If I could lose weight successful, I would be admitted. So I decided get up early every morning to do exercise. It was difficulty for me to get up early, especially in winter. I made a great effort to get up on the first few day, but I didn’t manage to get up the follow days. At last I failed in. How I regret now! If I had continued with my exercise, I would have achieved my goal and become a member of our school team now.







  参考词汇:端午节 the Dragon Boat Festival; 粽子? Zongzi;

  农历五月初五 the fifth day of the fifth month of lunar calendar

  Dear Peter,

  I’am writing to invite you to____________________________________________________________









  Yours sincerely,

  Li Hua