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  10-year-old Mikaila Ulmer from Texas is building a lemonade(柠檬水)empire, hoping to save honey bees in the process.

  It all started when Mikaila was 4 years old and she was bitten by a bee twice in one week.This caused her to become very scared whenever bees were near.In order to help her manage this new fear, Mikaila’s parents asked her to do some research on bees.She learned that bees are quite important for flowers, gardens and trees.She also learned that they are dying at a rapid rate.In the past year, honeybee farmers have reported losing nearly 42% of them.Many believe that this could be due to the overuse of pesticides(杀虫剂).

  This is when she set her mind to create a product to help save bees.She started her company BeeSweet Lemonade.Her special lemonade recipe came from her great-grandmother’s cookbook.She adds honey to it, instead of sugar.In order to call attention to the problems honeybees face, Mikaila sells lemonade almost every day at her lemonade stand.And she takes every opportunity to tell her customers about the problems that face honeybees.

  What began as a small activity is starting to grow.BeeSweet is projected to sell almost 140,000 bottles of lemonade this year.BeeSweet lemonade can be found on the shelves at select Whole Foods Markets as well as many restaurants and other locations near her home.

  Does Mikaila have any time to just be a kid? Sure! Every weekend Mikaila does something fun.She doesn’t mind the hard work though.She says that she is happy watching people enjoy her lemonade.The more people enjoy it, the more they’re learning about the bees.

  1.Why was Mikaila asked to study bees by her parents?

  A.To help remove her feeling of fear.

  B.To help save the bees on their farm.

  C.To develop her interest in creatures.

  D.To get prepared for her future career.

  2.Which of the following can best describe Mikaila?

  A.Polite and generous.

  B.Brave and intelligent.

  C.Creative and responsible.

  D.Stubborn and hard-working.

  3.What would be the best title for the text?

  A.A secret recipe brings a big profit

  B.Honeybees are at risk due to pesticide

  C.Lemonade drinks come in a new flavor

  D.A 10-year-old girl starts bee-friendly business

  Boston City View Bike Tour

  Boston City View Bike Tour offers an environmentally friendly and exciting bicycle tour of Boston—from historic places to strange neighborhood streets.The Boston City View Bicycle Tour is the classic tour for those looking to get a great introduction to Boston.

  Boston City View Bike Tour highlights(最精彩的部分):

  Tour includes comfortable bikes, helmet and water

  Friendly tour guides

  One guide for every 6 riders for safety and the quality of the experience

  Comfortable pace

  All levels and ages are welcome

  Child seats are offered if asked

  This tour covers all of Boston’s best sites:

  Historic Fenway Park

  The Christian Science Center

  The Freedom Trail

  The beautiful brownstones in Back Bay and the South End

  The Rose Kennedy Greenway—Boston’s newest public park

  The Charles River Esplanade

  The North End—Boston’s oldest Italian neighborhood

  Copley square, where you’ll see the Boston Public Library & Trinity Church

  Please note:

  ?You don’t need to be Lance Armstrong to enjoy the Boston City View Bike Tour—all levels of riders are welcome.About 70% of riding is done on city streets, mixed with cars.The remaining 30% of the tour covers the bike path on the quiet streets.

  ?The tour is 2.5-3.5 hours long and covers 10-12 miles.It is a great way to entertain guests and get a little exercise.

  ?Make your book today and get your e-tickets for the Boston City View Bike Tour online.

  ?This tour is seasonal and runs daily from April 1st through Nov.30th.

  1.What do we know about the tour?

  A.Visitors can travel by car when tired.

  B.It is far away from noisy streets.

  C.Young kids are admitted into it.

  D.It runs all the year round.

  2.What should you do to go on the tour?

  A.Plan your route carefully.

  B.Book a ticket to it in advance.

  C.Prepare basic riding equipment.

  D.Train yourself to be a good rider.

  3.What’s the main purpose of the text?

  A.To call on people to exercise.

  B.To introduce Boston’s best sites.

  C.To advertise Boston City View Bike Tour.

  D.To promote environmentally friendly transport.

  The key to effective cross-cultural communication is knowledge.First, it is essential that people understand the potential problems of cross-cultural communication, and make a conscious effort to overcome these problems.Second, it is important to assume(假定)that one’s efforts will not always be successful, and adjust one’s behavior appropriately.

  For example, one should always assume that there is a great possibility that cultural differences are causing communication problems.One should respond slowly and carefully in cross-cultural exchanges, not jumping to the conclusion that you know what is being thought and said.

  William Ury’s suggestion for heated conflicts is to stop, listen, and think, or as he puts it “go to the balcony” when the situation gets tense(紧张的).This helps in cross-cultural communication as well.When things seem to be going badly, stop or slow down and think.What could be going on here? Is it possible that I misinterpreted what they said?

  Active listening can sometimes be used to check this out—by repeating what one thinks he/she heard, one can confirm that he/she understands the communication accurately.

  Often intermediaries(调解人)can be helpful in cross-cultural communication situations.They can translate both the essential meaning and the manner of what is said.For example, they can tone down strong statements that would be considered appropriate in one culture but not in another, before they are given to people from a culture that does not talk together in such a strong way.They can also adjust the timing of what is said and done.Some cultures move quickly to the point; others talk about other things long enough to establish a relationship with the other person.If discussion on the primary topic begins too soon, the group that needs a “warm up” first will feel uncomfortable.An intermediary who understands this can explain the problem, and make appropriate adjustments.

  1.What is the most important thing in cross-cultural communication?

  A.Knowledge of your own culture.

  B.The ability to take in different opinions.

  C.Awareness of the problems that may arise.

  D.Successful efforts to change your behavior.

  2.Which character helps prevent communication problems?

  A.Patience. B.Honesty.

  C.Generosity. D.Stubbornness.

  3.What does William Ury mean by “go to the balcony”?

  A.Go outside and enjoy fresh air.

  B.Get out of the situation temporarily.

  C.Exchange positions with each other.

  D.Deal with the conflicts in a secret way.

  4.To be an intermediary, one should ________.

  A.be an experienced translator

  B.know both cultures very well

  C.be directly involved in a discussion

  D.behave properly all through a discussion


  It was sunny when my dad and I arrived at his company.We parked the car and_________it.I looked around and saw a gray thing on the floor.I thought it was a garbage bag,________it started to move.As we approached, we_________that it was a small wounded dog.

  We were so moved by the__________that we decided to help the__________dog.We went across the street and bought some dog food, and then we got some pure________for it, in order to help it regain__________.

  The dog was so desperate that it__________drowned itself after we gave it the food and water.After it ate up the food, we__________it to move.However it couldn’t.my dad_________to take it in his arms, but it started barking_________the pain caused by its wounded bleeding paws, so we__________to carry it in a small stretcher(担架)to the car.

  _____, we took it to the vet so that it could be treated.The vet told us that it had a(n)__________leg and that it had been starving for days.After five days of treatment, it_________and we decided to look for a__________for it.Though I loved the dog very much, no one in my home could_________it.

  Finally, the dog was________by one of my dad’s colleagues.It is taken good care of and living_________now.Every life deserves our acts of kindness.I was_________that we helped the dog and made it have the chance to continue enjoying its life.

  1.A.relied on B.got out of C.dealt with D.took charge of

  2.A.but B.or C.for D.so

  3.A.suspected B.imagined C.analyzed D.realized

  4.A.condition B.description C.scene D.symptom

  5.A.poor B.greedy C.unique D.precious

  6.A.chance B.wool C.blood D.water

  7.A.warmth B.strength C.experience D.confidence

  8.A.even B.just C.almost D.ever

  9.A.encouraged B.banned C.instructed D.promised

  10.A.rejected B.afforded C.tried D.pretended

  11.A.on behalf of B.due to C.in spite of D.apart from

  12.A.failed B.refused C.happened D.decided

  13.A.Rapidly B.Frequently C.Mentally D.Roughly

  14.A.thin B.powerful C.broken D.artificial

  15.A.approved B.panicked C.withdrew D.recovered

  16.A.family B.department C.bandage D.colleague

  17.A.appeal to B.look after C.stare at D.come across

  18.A.defeated B.cured C.attacked D.adopted

  19.A.forever B.honestly C.happily D.alone

  20.A.confused B.delighted C.disappointed D.surprised



  Most children with healthy appetites(食欲)are ready to eat almost anything that1.(offer)to them.A child often likes food2.it is badly cooked.The way a meal is cooked and served3.(be)the most important.

  A meal that looks4.(attract)will often improve a child’s appetite.Never ask a child5.he likes or dislikes the food and never discuss likes and dislikes in front of him or allow anybody else6.(do)so.If the father says he hates fat meat in the child’s hearing, he may copy this7.(behave).At meal times, it is a good idea to let a child come back for8.second helping(一份食物)rather than give him as much as he may eat all at once.Set a good example to your kid and don’t talk with your mouth9.(fill)with food.Don’t allow him to leave the table at once after a meal, or he10.(learn)to eat his food hurriedly so that he can hurry back to the toys in his room.At no time should you force or fool your child to eat.








  Dear sir,

  I am sorry to write to you, but I feel it my responsibility to do so, so we should pay attention to our living environment while develop our economy.Yesterday we paid the visit to a chemical factory.When we go out of the factory, we saw that the environment nearby was so bad polluted.The water in the river was so black as coal.There were no living things in them.What’s worse, the crops there didn’t grow well.We hope our government can make the factory to take measures to prevent the pollution.Only in this way we live a health and happy life.


  Li Ming



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