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  —I read _______ story about Shen Nong. Do you know who he was, Tony

  —He was_______ emperor in ancient China.

  A. a; / B. a; an C. an; a D. an; /

  Mario works in an after-school reading program_______ kids.

  A. help B. helps C. to help D. helping

  —Jason, would you please ________ this notice

  —No problem. I’ll do it right away.

  A. put on B. put off C. put up D. put out

  _______ the TV program I Am A Singer came out, music fans all over the country became interested in it at once.

  A. As soon as B. Unless C. Although D. Until

  I ______ this bike for three years.

  A. have bought B. have had C. have borrowed D. have been

  My sister was writing an e-mail ________ I was watching TV at home at this time last night.

  A. since B. after C. while D. if

  —The old songs always ________ me of my childhood.

  —I have the same feelings.

  A. explain B. remember C. remind D. hurry

  The computer is one of ________ inventions in modern society.

  A. useful B. more useful C. the most useful D. most useful

  My friend and I are interested in drawing, but of us is

  good at it.

  A. neither B. both C. none D. all

  _________ I met some difficulties, Larry always came to help me.

  A. Whether B. However C. Whatever D. Whenever

  When I walked past the park. I saw some old people _________Chinese Taiji.

  A. do B. did C. doing D. are doing

  —Hi, Steve, have you finished your book report

  —Not yet. I haven’t decided which book _________.

  A. choose B. chosen C. chose D. to choose

  —Do you know the movie The Jungle Book

  —Yes. I ________ it twice. It’s very exciting.

  A. watch B. watched C. have watched D. will watch

  —________ have you had the camera

  —Since two years ago.

  A. How long B. How soon C. How often D. How far

  —Could you please go to the movies with me tonight

  — _________. See you then.

  A. Sounds boring B. Yes, I can C. Not at all D. Sure, I’d love to


  As a young man, Al was a good artist. He has a wife and two fine sons. One night, his older son had a serious stomachache. Neither Al nor his wife thought that it was very serious. But the boy died suddenly that night.

  The death could have been avoided(避免) if he had realized the seriousness of the situation. So Al always felt guilty(内疚). To make matters worse, his wife left him a short time later. He was alone with his six-year-old younger son. Al could not stand the hurt and pain, and he turned to alcohol(酒精) for help. He sold things to drink.

  Al began to lose everything he had—his land, house, etc. Finally Al died alone in a small bar. Hearing of Al’s death, I thought, “What a complete failure(失败)!”

  Now his younger son, Ernie, is an adult. He is one of the kindest, most caring, most loving men I have ever known. I saw the love between Ernie and his children, thinking that kindness and caring had to come from somewhere.

  I hadn’t heard Ernie talked much about his father. One day, I worked up my courage to ask him what his father had done so that he became such a special person. Ernie said quietly, “As a child until I left home at 18, Al came into my room every night, gave me a kiss and said, “Love you, son.”

  Tears came to my eyes as I realized that I had been a fool to tell Al as a failure. He had been a kind loving father, and left behind his best love.


  1.At first there were four people in Al’s family.

  2.Al always felt guilty because his wife left him.

  3.Al sold everything he had—his land, house to drink alcohol.

  4.Ernie was a complete failure just like his father.

  5.At the end of the story, the writer thought Al was a loving father.

  When summer comes, we can find a lot of mosquitoes (蚊子) around us. The mosquitoes make a living by sucking (吮吸) the blood out of just about anything that moves, including us. But not all the mosquitoes suck our blood, only female mosquitoes do. If a female mosquito likes you, she will land on your body without letting you know. She sucks your blood quickly and quietly and put something into your skin, so you may feel nothing. After this, the mosquito will find a place to have a good rest. There, on a leaf or a wall, she begins to lay eggs.

  They usually do this job near water. The adults are sometimes away from water, but they must have water to lay their eggs. Young mosquitoes live in water, too. They can be in rock pools, holes in trees, and bottles lying around.

  Like butterflies and bees, both male and female mosquitoes feed on nectar(花蜜). It gives them energy. They also feed on plant juice.

  Female mosquito also need something to help their eggs to grow. They get this thing called protein(蛋白) from blood. This is why mosquitoes suck blood of people and animals.

  1.The difference between a male and female mosquito is its_________.

  A. food B. size C. home D. color

  2.You may feel nothing when a female mosquito sucks your blood because_________.

  A. the mosquito doesn’t touch your skin

  B. the mosquito lands on you quickly and quietly and put something into your skin

  C. the mosquito can make you sleepy

  D. you are sleeping at a time

  3.The female mosquito needs to be near water because_________.

  A. there is protein in water B. it must have water to lay eggs

  C. young mosquitoes are found there D. it can find its eggs near wet places

  4.The underline word “it” here refers“_________”.

  A. Bee B. Juice C. Nectar D. Mosquito

  5.What do mosquitoes feed on EXCEPT (除......之外) nectar

  A. Plant juice. B. Meat.

  C. Grass. D. Water.


  Jocelyn didn’t have many friends, but she had lots of books. She thought books were better than friends sometimes. 1. And books didn’t feel sad when you didn’t come to see them for a while.

  Jocelyn liked detective(侦探)stories. When she read a detective story, she felt like she was a part of it , so she could experience all the adventures in that way. 2. Sometimes she liked history books, too. It was interesting for her to see how people lived their lives in the past. 3.

  She liked books about animals and far-away places especially. It made her want to travel around and see new animals living in the strange places. 4. She didn’t care about how people fall in love with each other. She was just into the serious stories.

  Jocelyn didn’t have many friends, but the friends she had also liked books. 5.Books were great, but they were better with friends to talk to about them!

  根据短文内容, 选出五个句子填入文中空缺处, 使短文内容完整正确。答案E用“AB”表示。

  A.It was a great feeling to read about detective stories.

  B.However, she didn’t like reading love stories.

  C.They often talked about books together.

  D.Jocelyn also liked science books.

  E(AB). Books didn’t get angry at you.


  A. surprise B. matter C. sorry D. cooking E. afraid F. carefu

  My mother is a cook in a restaurant. She likes 1. very much.

  Once she wanted to give the family something different for breakfast. She learned to bake bread. But she was not 2.and the bread was burned(烤焦的). She put the bread in front of my father. To my 3., my father took the bread, smiled at my mother and ate it.

  After breakfast, my mother said 4. to my father for burning the bread. And I will never forget what he said, “I love burned bread, dear. It doesn’t 5.at all.”

  A. hurts B. need C. if D. friends E. tired F. what

  Later I asked my father1.he really liked the bread. He said, “Your mother works very hard all day. She’s really2.. And you see, a little burnt food never 3.me!”

  Now I know life is not prefect. Nobody is perfect. What we really4. is to understand each other, whether it is between father and mother, parent and child or between two 5.. So be kind to those around you and a happy life will be yours.


  1.Jimmy is only three years old, but he can wear clothes by____________. ( he )

  2.Laura’s friend Rose is a____________ Russian girl. ( type)

  3.Mrs. Green always treats(招待) children with____________. ( kind )

  4.The Caspian Sea is ____________ than any other salt lake. ( deep)

  5.It’s____________ for a four-year -old boy to write poems(诗) so well. ( usual )

  6.It began to rain ____________ when I was waiting for the bus. ( heavy )

  7.These old toys have given me many sweet____________. ( memory )

  8.Ted was hard-working. His ______________ made him work harder. ( succeed )


  Martin is a famous actor now. But he has some terrible experiences before he became an actor. He said, “It’s hard 1. (make) a living as an actor. I tried many different kinds of jobs. I worked in a shop, 2. (sell) ice cream at the beach and picked fruit on the farm and so on. Well, so far, I 3. (do) more than 20 different part time jobs already.” He also said that the worst job 4.(be)at an egg packing factory two years ago. He remembered at that time, he had to stand for hours at the end of a belt(传送带) and kept on 5. (put) eggs into boxes without a break. And worst of all, the smell was terrible. So he 6. (not eat) an egg since two years ago.

  What is the worst thing that’s ever happened in your life Why not 7. (write) to us Let’s share! Please visit www.paredu.com.


  Hi, my name is Joseph and there’s something I’d like to share with you.

  My 16-year-old son, Dylan, told everyone his trip to South Africa last summer. It was one of the most amazing trips of his life. Most people would think that he was on a vacation there. But Dylan spent almost the whole ten days of his trip building houses for people there. It was volunteer work. It was hard and dirty. I never thought that he would enjoy it, but he loved it.

  It is one of the most important things for parents to encourage teenagers to do volunteer work. And the amazing thing is, once they get a taste of it, teenagers will love to volunteer. And students who do volunteer work do better in school than those who don’t volunteer. In fact, volunteering provides many things for teenagers. They can get a wonderful experience and a good chance (机会) to meet new people.

  It’s not difficult to find volunteer jobs for teenagers. They can find them in hospitals, libraries, children’s museums and so on.

  1.How did Dylan like his trip to South Africa


  2.What did Dylan do in South Africa


  3.Does the writer think parents should encourage their children to do volunteer work


  4.What can teenagers get from volunteering


  5.Where can teenagers find volunteer jobs





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