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英文简历模板Jane P. Jones

  57 Clark Street Work:(212) 555-3427
  Murray Hill, New Jersey 08030 Home:(201) 555-4243


  A lead developer role in applied research and/or product development


  --Master of Science in Electrical Engineering--March. 1976, from the University of California at Berkeley.

  Master´s Thesis: "Piezoelectric Oscillator."

  GPA 3.7/4.0.

  --Bachelor Science in Engineering--Electrical Engineering--June. 1974, from Princeton University with Honors in Engineering.


  Member of Technical Staff, AT&T Bell Laboratories--1976 to present. Communication Applications Development--1983 to present

  --Lead developer for projects merging our PC communication products with the PBX line including System 75 And Merlin

  --Led the team which wrote protocol drivers and application code to manage resources such as available lines, trunks, common equipment, etc. for the AT & T System 30 PBX. The team developed new techniques for this effort. Much of it written in C + + on an AT&T 3B2/600 in a UNIX System V Release 3 environment

  ·Systems Engineering for Special Services installation and Maintenance (SARTS)--1980 to 1983

  --Defined SARTS test position requirements and project managed test position development process from Requirements Phase through Beta Test Phase.

  ·TIRKS Development--1976 to 1980

  --Lead developer of TIRKS (Trunk information Record Keeping System) Circuit Order Control Subsystem. Worked in an IBM MVS/IMS environment in PL/I and 370 Assembler.

  --Inventor and lead engineer of the TlRKS Terminal Subsystem. a set of programs, screens, and a database which simplified and made uniform the procedures for entering small amounts
of tabular data permitting customer tailoring to the TIRKS system.

  Memberships and Awards

  -- Two patents pending on System 30 related work.

  -- Member Association for Computing Machinery.

  -- Member IEEE Computer Society.

  -- Member Eta Kappa Nu.

  -- National Merit Scholar.

  Publications: See attached.

  The Sample of Functional Resume

  Mary Jane Doe

  Home Address School Address
  23-40 Longfellow Street Hamilton Hall, R-226
  El Segundo, CA 90245 State University
  (213)555-6582 San Jose, CA 94587


   A training program with a social service or government agency, leading to management position dealing with the public.


  Communication Majored in English; minored in speech. Skills Reporter for school newspaper; covered political government news beat. Dormitory representative on student council Member of varsity debating team. Leadership Elected as representative to the Junior Skills Class Government council Editor, The Scholastic (college literary magazine) Student leader of orientation program for 1,500 incoming college students. Community Office of the Attorney General, Division Skills of Consumer Protection Office--summer of 1988, assisted in handling consumer complain and mediating solutions. United Way--summer of 1987, served as an intern observing, interviewing and training volunteers. Robbins Library--three school years as
weekend assistant. Filed books and magazines, helped catalogue incoming materials, served
the public by providing information and assistance.


  B.A. degree, June 1989 from State University, San Jose, CA

  Major Subject: English, Minor Subject: Speech.

  Scholarship: Upper third of class; Dean´s List last two years.


  Interests include research, planning social and community programs, reading, League of Women Voters, and spectator sports.


  Will be provided upon request.

  The Sample of Cover Letter

   1045 Drake Place
  Ellisville. MA 01047
  March 27, 1987
  Mr. Adrian M. Mantee
  Director of Personnel
  Blackwell Manufacturing Company
  Plattsburg, IN 47401

Dear Mr. Mantee:

  In the March issue Of What´s New in Manufacturing. I read your advertisement seeking supervisory personnel for your multimillion-dollar plant expansion program:. Please consider
this letter as my application for a supervisory position in Quality Control.

  Presently I am Assistant Supervisor of Quality Control at Barron Enterprises, Engineering Division. My work here is pleasant and I enjoy it, but my wife and I want to move back
to Indiana because of the failing health of our parents, who live here.

  The enclosed resume gives a brief outline or my training and experience. From my earliest job while a sophomore in high school. I have liked working with machines of any kind. This
keen interest developed by my formal education and experience in various aspects of mechanical technology, has given me a background that should be of immense value to a supervisor. I will be happy to supply any additional information concerning my background or present employment. My immediate supervisor here at Barron Enterprises is aware that I am looking for a supervisory position with a company in the Midwest and why I am doing so. I would like to have an interview with you and although distance is an important factor. I would be glad to fly out at your convenience if I had at least a week´s notice.


Thomas D. Davis
Enclosure: Resume