时间:2017-07-26 求职信模板 我要投稿


  Respect of leadership:



  Thank you for taking the time to read my letter! Before I will finish school on the social big family occasion, was lucky enough to have such a precious opportunity to show myself to your company, thanks very much!

  The coming of the new century, the needs of the community is the quality of talent. Today China has successfully joined the WTO, the future competition is the competition of talents, must want in the fierce competition in out, in addition to should learn to master the professional knowledge, but also need comprehensive training their own quality, and strive to achieve all-round development of morality, intelligence, body, beauty. Three years of university life let me learn a lot, grow a lot a lot of. Remember just entered the school gate on the computer still does not understand, but through the three years of study and hard work, thanks to a variety of training opportunities. Now I am proficient in computer debugging, computer network; in addition, but also skilled in the comprehensive utilization of Word, Excel, WPS etc. the arrangement of newspapers and magazines, etc., using FrontPage, PhotoShop, Flash, AutoCAD series software finish the site planning, construction and maintenance. Personally think that my biggest advantage lies in the variety in recent years the accumulation of practical experience and strong hands-on ability.

  The rapid development of computer technology in the world, any one want in the IT industry based on the human must have the extraordinary ability of self-study and keen observation so as to keep up with the most advanced technology. At this point, I can not say I have done well, but I always feel confident that I can do better. This is my biggest advantage!

  To find a suitable for their own characteristics, can give full play to their potential job is my dream, I hope that your company can become a stage for the realization of self-worth. If you can embrace with your company hand in hand brilliant tomorrow it will be a great honor for me to! I will use my results confirm my strength to you!

  Wish work smoothly!