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初一英语In the Past测试题及答案

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初一英语In the Past测试题及答案

  初一英语:In the Past测试题及答案

初一英语In the Past测试题及答案

  Unit 10 In the Past

  I. 单项选择(15分)

  1. Mr Johnson _________ a child at the start of the 1950s.

  A. is B. are C. was D. were

  2. -How about the young lady?

  -It’s hard to say, but her voice _________ beautiful.

  A. sounds B. hears C. listens D. smells

  3. The temperature was below zero. It was difficult to _________ the car.

  A. move B. got C. begin D. start

  4. John Lennon and Paul _________ the main songwriters of the Beatles in 1960s.

  A. are B. is C. was D. were

  5. -What do you usually do on Sundays?

  -We _________ at the guitar group.

  A. enjoy B. have good times C. enjoy ourselves D. like ourselves

  6. -May I help you with some jeans, sir?

  -Yes, I’d like to try on the blue _________.

  A. pair B. one C. two D. ones

  7. More and more people in Beijing can talk and write _________ English.

  A. for B. with C. in D. to

  8. George’s records _________ very successful after the Beatles.

  A. was B. were C. are D. is

  9. It’s getting dark, _________ they’re still working.

  A. and B. but C. so D. or

  10. In 1960s, the Beatles were Mr Green’s favorite singers, but now he _________ like them.

  A. don’t B. doesn’t C. didn’t D. /

  II. 完形填空(10分)

  It’s a 1 Sunday morning. Mr and Mrs Green are going to the People’s Park with 2 daughter, Ann. At 8 o’clock they go to the park 3 bus. On the bus there are a lot of people, men, women and 4 . Some are Americans. Some are 5 . Others are Japanese. They are going to 6 , too.

  There are 7 Chinese on the bus. One is a woman. She’s driving the bus. The other is a teacher in a middle school. He 8 English very well. He’s now talking about the park. The people are 9 him. They want to get there quickly. They hope to 10 there today!

  1. A. good B. fine C. well D. bad

  2. A. his B. her C. their D. theirs

  3. A. by B. in C. on D. after

  4. A. boys B. girls C. babies D. children

  5. A. American B. Chinese C. Japanese D. Englishman

  6. A. Tian’anmen Square B. the Summer Palace

  C. the People’s Park D. the Great Wall

  7. A. one B. two C. three D. many

  8. A. says B. speaks C. talks D. reads

  9. A. listening to B. seeing C. hearing D. looking for

  10. A. be friends B. see a good film

  C. have a good time D. buy something

  III. 阅读理解(20分)


  One morning Mr and Mrs Brown get up very early. After they have breakfast, they go shopping at seven thirty. They get to the shop at seven fifty. In the shop they see a lot of clothes. Mrs Brown likes them. So she buys a shirt for her son, a skirt for her daughter, and a sweater for Mr Brown. She buys a blouse for herself, too.

  The shopping bag is full now. Mr Brown looks at his watch. Then he says, “Oh, it’s twelve o’clock. I think we must go home now. It’s quite late.”So they go out of the shop and begin to go home, but they lose their way.

  Mr Brown drives along the street. He can’t find the way. Then he drives over to an old man and asks, “Excuse me. Where am I?”

  The old man looks at him and their car. “You’re in your car, sir.”he says.

  1. Mr and Mrs Brown go shopping _________.

  A. by bus B. by bike C. on foot D. by car

  2. They buy some _________ in the shop.

  A. food B. drink C. clothes D. cars

  3. They are in the shop for about _________.

  A. ten minutes B. four hours and a half

  C. four hours and ten minutes D. five hours

  4. In the story“lose their way”means _________.

  A. 迷路 B. 问路 C. 没有办法 D. 按原路

  5. Does the old man help them?

  A. Yes, he does. B. No, he doesn’t.

  C. I think so. D. We don’t know.


  Jim, Kate and Mingming are doing their homework together. Jim’s spelling of “Monday”is wrong. Kate tells him about it. Mingming doesn’t have an eraser. She wants to borrow one from Jim or Kate. Jim gives it to Mingming. The three children are students in Class 3, Grade 1 of No. 11 Middle School in Beijing. Jim is from the UK. Kate is from the USA. Mingming is a Chinese girl. The three students are good friends. They often do homework together and play together. They often help each other.

  6. Jim is _________.

  A. an English girl B. an American girl

  C. an English boy D. an American boy

  7. Kate helps Jim with _________.

  A. his spelling B. an eraser

  C. a ruler D. a coloured pencil

  8. Mingming borrows _________.

  A. an eraser from Kate B. an eraser from Jim

  C. a ruler from Kate D. a ruler from Jim

  9. The three students are _________.

  A. not in the same grade B. in the same class

  C. in the UK D. at the shop

  10. The three students are _________.

  A. doing some reading B. playing games

  C. doing their homework D. cleaning the room

  IV. 单词拼写(10分)

  1. The Beatles were A_________.

  2. Jim Morrison was a singer and a s_________.

  3. Jerry Gareia was the l_________ of the band The Grateful Dead.

  4. It was the first Chinese s_________ with a pilot living and working in it.

  5. There was an a_________ movie with Jackie Chen.

  6. He was the _________(吉他手)of the famous band.

  7. After the Beatles, John Lennon was _________(的)as a solo artist.

  8. Many of his songs were about _________(和平).

  9. There were many sections of the _________(展览).

  10. How was the trip to _________(博物馆)?

  V. 句型转换(10分)

  1. There were many students outside.(改为否定句)

  There _________ _________ students outside.

  2. The weather was fine.(对画线部分提问)

  _________ _________ the weather?

  3. There are many tall buildings in this city.(用in the past改写句子)

  There _________ many tall buildings in this city in the past.

  4. This passage comes from a magazine.(对画线部分提问)

  _________ _________ this passage _________ from?

  5. how old, in 2000, was, your grandfather(连词成句)



  I. 1-5 CADDC 6-10 DCBBB

  II. 1-5 BCADB 6-10 CBBAC

  III. 1-5 DCCAB 6-10 CABBC

  IV. 1. Americans 2. songwriter 3. leader 4. spacecraft

  5. action 6. guitarist 7. successful 8. peace

  9. exhibition 10. museum

  V. 1. weren’t, many 2. How, was 3. were

  4. Where, does, come

  5. How old 初二 was your grandfather in 2000?







  可在系动词后作表语:The old man is lonely.这位老人是孤独的。

  He has many relatives, but he feels lonely. 他有很多亲戚,但感到孤独。

  (lonely 和心理感受有关,而alone和心理感受无关。)

  也可在名词前作定语:a lonely 初中历史 person一位孤独的人

  a lonely village一个偏僻的村庄 (而alone不可作定语)


  feel like用法小结

  1. 表示“感到想要(做某事)”,其后接名词或代词。如:

  I feel like a cup of tea. 我想喝杯茶。

  Do you feel like a drink? 要喝一杯吗?


  He didn’t feel like going to work. 他不想去上班。

  I feel like going to bed. I’m tired. 我想去睡觉,我累了。

  2. 表示“摸起来好像”。如:

  It feels like silk. 这东西摸起来像丝绸。

  The material feels like velvet. 这料子摸起来像丝绒。

  3. 表示“(感到)像是……(的样子)”。有以下两种用法:


  It feels like rain (snow). 像是要下雨(雪)的样子。

  I felt like a hurt animal. 初中物理 我感觉像一个受伤的动物。

  My legs feel like cotton wool. 我的腿感到像棉花。

  I was only there two days, but it felt like a week. 我只在那里呆了两天,但好像过了一个星期似的。


  I feel like catching a cold. 我像是感冒了。

  They made me feel like one of the family. 他们让我觉得就是这个家中的一员。

  4. 后接反身代词,表示觉得身体情况正常。如:

  I don’t feel like myself today. 我今天感到不太舒服。

  有时可省略介词 like。如:

  He isn’t feeling himself this morning. 今天早上他感到不太舒服。




  The plane takes off at 9:20 a.m. 飞机早上九点二十分起飞 初中英语。

  Their delegation arrives here tomorrow afternoon. 他们的代表团明天下午到达。

  I’m in my office from two to five this afternoon. 今天下午两点到五点我在办公室。

  When does the the play begin? 戏几点开始?

  The train leaves in five minutes’ time. 火车五分钟后离开。

  Are you free tonight? 今晚你有空吗?


  We leave London at 10:00 next Tuesday and arrive in Paris at 13:00. We spend two hours

  in Paris and leave again at 15:00. We arrive in Rome at 19:30, spend four hours in Rome.




  If I see Nancy I’ll ask her. 如果我见到南希我会问她。

  I’ll discuss this with you when we meet. 我们见面时我将和你商讨此事。

  I’ll tell her after you leave. 你走之后我再告诉她。

  We’ll let you know as soon as you arrive. 你一到我们就告诉你。

  In case I forget, please remind me about it. 万一我忘了,请提醒我。

  I won’t write unless her writes first. 除非他先来信,否则我不会给他写信。


  I hope that you feel better soon. 我希望不久你能感觉好一点。

  Suppose he doesn’t come, shall we go without him? 假如他不来,我们就自己去吗?

  Assuming it rains tomorrow, what shall we do? 假定明天下雨,我们该怎么办?

  I’ll just say whatever comes into my head. 我将想到什么就说什么。

  Come and stay as long as you please. 你来爱待多久就待多久。

  I’ll get the car fixed no matter how much it costs. 不管花多少钱我都得让人把车修好。

  Whatever happens, I’m going. 不管发生什么情况我都要去。

  However long you argue, you will never convince him.


  初三英语作文:严重的水灾 Serious Floods

  The Yangzte River is the longest river in China. And it’s important and helpful to us Chinese. But these days the Yangtze River is bringing us serious floods.

  Many villages were destroyed by floods. The floods made hundreds of millions of people lose their homes, relatives and friends. Many children can’t go to school as usual .Now the foods have drawn the attention of the whole world. People from abroad have offered their help too. In China, millions of soldiers are busy fighting against the floods. They are working very hard. Many of them have lost their lives in their attempt to save the villagers.

  Though we can’t help them to fight against floods, we should help them to rebuild their homeland. We can present them our pocketmoney and clothes. I believe most of the people will return to their homeland in the near future.


  When his wife was expecting their third child, a father decided to tell his two sons, ages seven and nine, the facts of life. He checked out several books from the library on how parents should approach the subject. After stumbling through an explanation, he took a deep breath, and said, "Now, boys, do you have any questions?"

  "Yes," the younger boy answered immediately.

  "Go ahead,&quot 初中生物; said the man, his heart in his throat.

  "Can we," his son asked, "have new baseball gloves?"


  (1) the facts of life(口,委婉语)性(例如讲给孩子们听的)

  (2) check out挑选出;筛选出

  (3) stumble v.结结巴巴地说话



  ① The wife was expecting their fourth child.

  ② The father decided to tell his two sons the real meaning of life.

  ③ The father went to the bookstore to buy several books.

  ④ The father felt shamed to have told the sons about the subject.

  ⑤ The two sons didn't understand what the father had said actually.








  初二英语作文:About Examinations

  I don't remember how many examinations I've taken since I began my schooling. Truth to tell, I don't like examinations at all 初中生物. I dare say that, in fact, no student likes examinations.

  We often hear people say “Examinations are teachers' magic weapon”, so most of us may think it is our teachers who give us students so many examinations. But I don't think so. Almost all of them have once been students before they became teachers. We don't like examinations, and neither do our teachers, which may be reasonably concluded. What's more,the more examinations we take, the more time will be taken from our teachers and the more troubles our teachers have to take.

  It is the system in our country, I think, that gives us students so many examinations. If there were no entrance examinations, and all the students could go up to the higher grades without competition, there would not be so many examinations in primary and middle schools. So it is important and necessary to reform the entrance system. Only in this way can examinations be greatly reduced, and then all the students will be happier.

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