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  文明乘车civil bus ride

  希望工程Hope Project

  以人为本human centered

  主办城市the host city

  综合治理comprehensively administer

  经济萧条economic recession

  记者招待会press conference

  钻坯rough diamond

  先进机器sophisticated machine

  强劲的增长staggering growth

  业界trade union

  统称umbrella name

  濒临停产边缘be close to production collapse

  反省reflect on

  回报期period of investment return

  痛定思痛recall a painful experience

  卧薪尝胆endure present hardships to revive

  兴旺期blossom period

  茁壮成长develop and flourish

  不断扩展的出口创汇者expanding export earner

  定下严格规则impose stringent rules

  市场波动market fluctuation

  协会章程association charter

  总经营额total business revenue



  从头开始from square one


  灌输或强化instill or reinforce

  工作性质job specification

  本土化项目localization programs

  表现评估performance appraisal

  不断调整和日趋完善的阶段the stage of constant adjustment and improvement

  产学研一体化的办学机制the educational mechanism of combining learning with research and


  成人学历教育,高等教育自学考试continuing education and self-study examination of higher


  初露端倪reveal its importance for the first time

  翻译导游tourist interpreter

  复合型,应用型管理人才versatile and practical management talents

  结构性调整structural adjustment

  民俗风情customs and habits

  相伴而生be accompanied by

  学术领域academic sector

  应势而生come into existence as the situation requires

  在职培训part-time training

  专业方向professional emphasis

  资格考试qualification test


  欧洲经济委员会The Economic Commission for Europe

  誉满全球A world-wide reputation

  会议中心Conference center

  世界卫生组织The world Health Organization

  国际事务公务员International civil servants

  国际新闻中心International press center

  艺术品Works of art

  国际贸易中心International trading center

  丰富多彩的文化交融Rich cultural blend

  旅游胜地Holiday resort

  自然保护区Natural reserves

  封建王朝Feudal dynasty

  中国革命历史博物馆the Museum of the Chinese Revolution

  一座历史丰碑a historical monument

  快节奏的社会fast-tempo society

  专题展览exhibitions on special subject

  实地考察on-the-spot investigaion

  经历了数千年的风吹雨打being beaten by elements for thousands of years

  古典艺术精品classical art treasures

  世界文化遗产World Cultural Heritage

  紫禁城the Forbidden City

  文物宝库a treasure house of cultural relics

  私人收藏家personal collector

  证券交易所securities exchanges

  股票交易所stock exchanges

  有组织的买卖过程systematic market process

  大公司major corporation

  纽约证券交易所New York Stock Exchange

  协调税收Tax harmonization

  热门话题Hot topic

  欧盟European Union

  推动力Driving force

  统一的期望Contemplate on the harmonization

  国际货币组织International Monetary Fund

  国内需求domestic demand

  经济全球化economic globalization

  双边渠道bilateral channels

  亚太经合组织Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation

  金融危机financial crisis

  广泛关注arouse wide concern

  国际社会international community

  公正合理的国际经济新秩序a new and reasonable international economic order

  从大局出发proceed from the whole situation

  财政政策financial policy

  共同繁荣common prosperity

  贸易投资自由化trade and investment liberalization

  日新月异progress with each passing day

  知识经济knowledge economy

  教职工faulty members

  订阅subscribes to

  杂志期刊journals and periodicals

  娱乐体育设施recreations and athletic facilities

  文科系arts department

  应用科学applied science

  诺贝尔奖金获得者recipients of Nobel Prize

  文化和个人素质intellectual and personal qualities

  生活费living expenses

  团队意识sense of community

  成人教育学院continuing education school

  仿真实验室simulation laboratory

  教育部Ministry of Education

  土木工程civil engineering

  全国重点大学national key university

  信息技术information technology

  函授生correspondence student

  外国留学生international student

  教育展览会Education Exhibition

  组委会organizing committee

  主要内容main component

  热点话题much-talked-about topic

  共同关心的信息mutually concerned information

  洁水资源fresh water resource

  在过去的二十年里over the last couple of decades

  适耕地land available for farming

  可用清洁水fresh water available

  新兴经济emerging economies

  全球变暖global warming

  生态危机ecological crisis

  通向繁荣之路path to prosperity

  抓住机遇seize the opportunity

  引人注目的环境remarkable environmental progress

  垃圾处理garbage disposal

  生活必需品the bare necessities of life

  消费品consumer goods

  消费习惯consuming habit

  捕鱼量the volume of fishing

  造纸业paper-making industry

  木材储量timber reserves

  森林覆盖面积forest-covering area

  对内投资inward investment


  表示敬意pay tribute to

  津贴和拨款subsidies and grants

  恐怖主义问题problem of terrorism

  将生命献给了最崇高的事业gave their lives to the highest calling

  恐怖主义的目标target of terrorism

  加强力量intensified our effort

  使归案受审bring to justice

  国际条约international treaties

  世界知识产权组织World Intellectual Property Organization