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  abide 遵循(…by);容忍 The one thing she cannot abide is lying.

  abnormal 反常的 abnormal behavior

  abolish 彻底废除(法律、制度、习俗等)abolish old custom

  abrupt 突然的,意外的 an abrupt departure

  absolute 纯粹的,完全的 have absolute trust in sb.

  absorb 吸收,吸进 A sponge absorbs water.

  abstract 抽象的 A flower is beautiful, but beauty itself is abstract.

  absurd 荒谬的,荒唐的 The idea that number 14 brings bad luck is absurd.

  abuse 滥用 abuse one's authority(office)

  aaccelerate 加速,增速 accelerate one’s steps

  access 接近(或进入)的机会 have regular and immediate access to the President

  accommodate 使适应,使符合一致 accommodate oneself to changed circumstances

  accompany 陪伴,伴随 She was accompanied to a dinner by her friend.

  accomplish 达到(目的),完成(任务),实现(计划,诺言等) accomplish one's purpose

  accord 使符合,相一致(with) His violent action do not accord with his peaceful words.

  account 记述,叙述 give a brief account of what has happened

  accumulate 积累,积攒,积聚 accumulate wisdom

  accurate 准确的,精确的 an accurate estimate

  accuse 指控,指责 They accused her publicly of stealing their books.

  accustom 使习惯于 accustom oneself to rising (to rise) early

  acquaint 使认识,使了解

  activate 使活动起来,使开始起作用,启动 They have planted secret agents in many countries

  who could be activated whenever needed.

  acute 尖锐的,敏锐的 an acute thinker

  adapt (使)适应 adapt oneself to new conditions

  address 演说 a television address

  adhere 黏附,附着 Paste is used to make one surface adhere to another.

  adjacent 临近的,毗邻的(to) a city and its adjacent suburbs

  adjoin 贴近,与...毗邻 His house adjoins the lake.

  administrate 掌管,料理...的事务 In many Japanese homes, the funds are administrated by the wife.

  adolescent (尤指 16 岁以下的)青少年 a film aimed at adolescents

  advance 使向前移动 advance a chessman

  advantage 有利条件,优点 Sitting Presidents hold built-in advantages when seeking another term.

  adverse 不友好的,敌对的 She felt adverse to her husband's friends.

  advocate 拥护,提倡,主张 advocate self-defence

  aesthetic 美学的,艺术的,审美 an aesthetic theory

  affliliate 使隶属(或附属)于,使成为会员 a government affiliated company

  affirm 断言,申明 affirm the truth of a statement

  aggravate 加重,加剧,恶化 aggravate the declining economy

  aggressive 侵犯的,侵略的 an aggressive weapon

  agitate 搅动(液体等) The machine agitated the mixture.

  alarm 惊恐,忧虑 The bandits scattered in alarm.

  alert 警惕的,留神的 In our reading we should always be alert for new usages.

  alien 外国的 adjust to an alien culture

  allege 断言,宣称 The newspaper alleges the mayor's guilt.

  allocate 分配,分派,把...拨给 allocate funds for new projects

  allied 结盟的,有关联的 allied nations

  allow 允给,准许,允许 He missed her more than he would allow himself to admit.

  allowance 津贴,补贴,零用钱 a housing allowance

  alter 改变,更改 alter an attitude

  alternate 交替,轮流 Night and day alternate.

  amateur (艺术,科学等的)业余爱好者 an amateur golfer

  amaze 使惊愕,使惊异 I am amazed that he should get the post.

  ambiguous 含糊不清的,模棱两可的 an ambiguous answer

  ambition (对名利等的)强烈欲望,野心 His political ambitions still burn.

  amend 修改,修订 amend the spelling in sb.'s paper

  amuse 逗乐,逗笑,给...提供娱乐(或消遣) The clown at the circus amused the children.

  anchor 锚 The anchor catches (drags).

  announce 宣布,声称 It is officially announced that he will not run for reelection.

  annoy 使恼怒,使生气 She was annoyed at (with) his lightheard attitude.

  annual 每年的,年度的 the annual output of steel

  anonymous 匿名的,无名的 an anonymous letter (phone call)

  answer 回答,响应 Henry took ages to answer the door.

  anticipate 预期,预料 The directors anticipated a fall in demand (that demand would fall).

  anxious 焦虑的,发愁的(about, at) They become anxious at her delay.

  apart 成零碎 Such cheap clothes come apart after a few washings.

  apparent 显然的,明明白白的 It was apparent that they all understood.

  appeal 呼吁,恳求 I appealed to the children to make less noise.

  applaud 鼓掌,喝彩,叫好 The audience applauds the performers for three minutes.

  apply 涂,敷 He applied two coats of paint to the table.

  appoint 任命,委派 They appointed his father (to be 或 as) postmaster.

  appraise 估量,估计 appraise the infant's weightappreciate 感激 I appreciated your help much.

  apprehend 对...担心 Do you apprehend that there will be any difficulty?

  approach 靠近,接近 John is approaching manhood.

  appropriate 恰当的,相称的 Plain, simple clothes are appropriate for school wear.

  approve 赞成,同意 I couldn't approve his conduct.

  approximate 大概的,大约的,近似的 The approximate time is 10 o'clock.

  apt (习性)易于......的,有......倾向的 A careless person is apt to make mistakes.

  arbitrary 随心所欲的,个人武断的,任意的 an arbitrary choice

  arise 起立,起身 arise from one's seat

  arouse 使......奋发 A man like Tom will be aroused. Don’t worry.

  array 排列,队形 The troops were formed in battle array.

  articulate 发音清晰的,善于表达的 He is articulate about everything in the field of economics.

  artificial 人工的,人造的,人为的 artificial price controls

  ascend 登高,(渐渐)上升,升高 The airplane ascended into the cloud.

  ascertain 查明,弄清,确定 I ascertained that he was dead.

  ashamed 惭愧的,羞耻的 I am ashamed for being so stupid.

  ashore 向岸,向陆地 He swam ashore.

  aside 在旁边 We stood aside to let her pass.

  assault 攻击,袭击 We made an assault on the enemy fort.

  assemble 集合,召集 assemble the members of Parliament for a special meeting.

  assert 肯定地说(出),坚定地断言 He asserted his innocence.

  assess 估价,评价,评论 assess the present state of the economy

  assign 分配,布置(作业) The teacher assigned (us) a new lesson.

  assimilate 吸收,消化 He is quick to assimilate new ideas.

  associate (使)联系,(使)结合 We naturally associated the name of Darwin with the doctrine of evolution.

  assume 假定,假设 Farmers will have a bumper harvest, assuming (that) the weather si favarable.

  assure 深信不疑地对......说,向......保证

  assurance 保证,把握,信心 He gave me his assurance that he would help.

  astonish 使惊讶 I was astonished at his sudden appearance.

  attach 系,贴,连接 attach a label to a suitcase

  attain 达到,获得 attain one’s goal

  attend 出席,参加(会议等) attend a wedding

  attendance 出席,参加,出席人数,出席率 Our class has perfect attendance today.

  attentive 注意的,专心的 an attentive audience

  attribute 把归因于,把......(过错的责任等)归于(to) He attributed his success to hard work.

  auxiliary 辅助的 an auxiliary rocket

  avail 有利于,有助于 Will force alone avail us?

  average 平均数,平均 The paper receives an average of nearly 100 articles a day.

  avert 挡开,防止,避免 Many traffic accidents can be averted by courtesy.

  awake 醒,觉醒 awake from sleep

  award 授予(奖品等) The university awarded him an honorary degree.ban (以官方明令)禁止,取缔 He was banned from entering the city.

  bang (突发的) sudden loud bang

  bar 条,块,杆,棒 a bar of gold

  bare 赤裸的,光秃的,空无内容的 walk in bare feet

  beforehand 预先,事先 If you wanted soup for lunch you should have told me beforehand.

  behave 举止端正,听话 Do behave.

  bewilder 使迷惑,使糊涂 I’m bewildered as to which one to buy.

  bias 偏见,偏心 have a bias against sb.(或 sth.)

  blame 责备,责怪 Public opinion blames Mrs Smith for leading the girl astray.

  blast 一阵(风),一股(气流) a blast of wind

  blaze 火焰 The fire sprang into a blaze.

  blunt 钝的 The sunwas blazing down and the heat was oppressive.

  blush (因害羞、激动、窘困)脸红 blush with(或 for) joy

  boast 自吹自擂,自夸的话 He is full of boasts.

  bolt 螺栓,(门,窗的)插销 a small bag of nuts and bolts

  boom 低沉有回响的声音 The great bell tolled with a deep boom.

  border 边界,边境,边沿 a district on the Kampuchean side of the border with Thailand

  bore 钻孔,挖(通道) bore through a wall

  bounce 弹起,反弹 The ball doesn’t bounce well.

  bound 跳跃,弹回 She bounded to her feet andwaved her right hand triumphantly.

  boycott (联合起来)抑制,拒绝参加 boycott uncooperative manufactures

  brace 托架,支架 He braced his muscles and lifted the weight.

  breed (使)繁殖 Rabbits breed families rapidly.

  bribe 贿赂 accept(或 take)a bribe from sb.

  brief 短暂的,简短的,简洁的 a brief holiday

  brisk 轻快的,生气勃勃的 a brisk pace

  brittle 易碎的,一碰就破的 brittle glass

  brush 刷子,毛刷 a laundry brush

  bump 碰,撞(against, into) The truck bumped against the wall in the dark.

  burst 爆炸,爆裂 The boiler burst.

  calculate 计算,推算 calculate the distance between New York and Chicago

  call 喊,叫 Please call the names of all the people who are present.

  cancel 取消,废除,删去 cancel a trip

  capture 俘虏,捕获 capture butterflies

  case 事例,事实,事情 This is a case of poor judgment.

  cast 投,扔,抛,撒,掷 cast doubt(s) on the feasibility of a scheme

  casual 偶然的,无计划的,随便的,非正式的 a casual meeting

  cease 停止,终止,结束 The music ceased suddenly.

  certify 证明,证实 The accounts were certified (as) correct.

  challenge 向...挑战 Our school challenged the local champion team to a football match.

  character (事物的)性质,特质 The furniture in Tom’s apartment was pretentious and without character.

  charge 要(价),收(费) The airlines charge half price for students.

  charm 魅力,魔力 This thriving resort town has retained its village charm.chase 追逐,追求 The police chased the escaping thief and caught him at last.

  check 使突然停止,制止 check one’s steps

  cherish 珍爱,珍视 cherish one’s native land

  chew 嚼,咀嚼 He chewed a mouthful of meat.

  choke 窒息,噎住 be choked by smoke

  chorus 合唱队

  chronic (疾病)慢性的,(人)久病的 chronic indigestion

  clarity 澄清,阐明 clarify an issue

  cling 粘着 The frightened child clung to her mother.

  clumsy 笨拙的 a clumsy boy

  cluster (果实,花等的)串,束,簇; (人或物)的群,组 a cluster of tourists

  clutch 紧抓,紧握 clutch at an opportunity

  coherent 一致的,协调的 lack coherent political goals

  coin 硬币,钱币,金属货币 a silver coin

  coincide 相符,相一致 100 Centigrade coincides with 212 Fahrenheit.

  collaborate (尤指在文艺、科学等方面)合作,协作 He and I collaborated in writing plays.

  collapse 倒坍,崩溃,瓦解 The roof collapsed under the weight of the snow.

  collide 碰撞,互撞 The car collided with the truck.

  come 来,来到 Will you come to the dance tonight?

  commemorate 纪念,庆祝 commemorate a holiday

  commend 表扬,称赞 commend a soldier for bravery

  compact 紧密的,坚实的 a compact piece of luggage