时间:2017-08-28 英文求职信 我要投稿


  Dear Sir:


  I am XX School of Economics and Management University marketing students, will be more than willing to accumulated years of knowledge and training to your organization's ability to contribute and do my best to create opportunities for your company's contribution to the progress and development of the full power of their own.

  XX universities directly under the Ministry of Education is an interdisciplinary focus on a wide range of national comprehensive university. Schools of philosophy, economics, law, literature, history, science, engineering, medicine, management disciplines, such as the nine categories; have 130 undergraduates, 180 master's degree authorization points, 71 points PhD authorization, post-doctoral research center 15; has 16 national key disciplines, the focus of study in Jilin Province to 34, national education and scientific research personnel training base for teaching a , State Key Laboratory 5, the Ministry of Education Key Laboratory of 11.

  In school, I seize every opportunity to exercise all aspects of their own ability to make their own moving in a modern society needs innovative talent development compound.. Expertise in the effort to learn at the same time, learning a multi-electronic, mechanical type of foundation courses and two semesters of college physics experiments and metalworking practice, not only developed a solid knowledge and skills, training, analysis of the thrust and the actual operating capacity, but also established a rigorous thinking and truth-seeking system; completed a professional other than the economic field and more courses, and study after school hours a large number of marketing books, such as the practice of marketing planning, sales channel management, corporate advertising, online marketing, so as to improve the I structure of expertise.

  "Learn to work in the workplace, in learning how to learn." I have a second fall, but another time I stood up, journey, for the optimism, persistence, hard work is my beacon. I have time and again the leadership of the rich vitality of each of the groups, to overcome difficulties and achieved a remarkable success after another. Recognized by teachers, students praise us more enthusiasm to devote themselves to new challenges, and toward the goal of higher impact.

  In social status is about to embark on, I wish to apply, looking forward to the sincere and filled with enthusiasm to join your company, your company culture and enjoy the charm of a dump Evans韬略only give you the effectiveness of intrinsic quality.








  二、在求职信的第一个段落当中应该明确地告诉对方你是在何家媒体看到应聘广告以及所要应聘职位的名称,例如Youradvertisementfor (职位名称)a Network Maintenance Engineer in (媒体名称)theApril 10Student Daily interested me。这样有助于对方了解招聘信息的有效传播途径。


  例如:I have passed CET-6 with a high mark of 96.

  四、重视开头、结尾。在求职信的结尾,我们通常要提及关于希望得到面试的事情。因此,结尾一样要引起重视。在表达自己的这样的意愿的时候,切忌软弱、羞怯的表达方式,例如:Ifyouthink I can fill the position after you have read my letter, Ishallbe glad to talk with you。




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