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  Dear Sir/Madam:

  Hello! My name is zhaopin, as a civil engineering graduates, I love civil engineering and put it into a great enthusiasm and energy.

  In a few years of study and life, the systematic study of the AutoCAD Tianzheng CAD, Guangxia software structure design, engineering mechanics, structural mechanics, soil mechanics, engineering drawing, engineering geology, foundation engineering, civil engineering materials, measurement, concrete structure, steel structure, civil engineering construction and organization management, seismic design of tall building structure, rock and soil engineering, underground engineering, project management, almost to the budget and bidding professional knowledge, through the practice accumulated rich working experience.

  During the University, I always positive, forge ahead, has made considerable development in all aspects, and comprehensively improve the overall quality of their own. Once served as Deputy Minister of the Ministry of education student sports. I can do the work diligently, serious and responsible, careful organization, and strive to do the best. Study, I seriously hard, pay attention to the basis of professional knowledge of learning, excellent academic performance. In addition to strengthening the study of professional knowledge, I also pay attention to the cultivation of practical ability. Once for three consecutive years team participated in the school of mechanical architecture contest and experimental skills competition, although there is no prize, but I will always be careful preparation, active participants, after the baptism of the contest, I raise their practical ability, cultivate a strong team cooperation spirit.

  In addition, I also use xx years of summer vacation time to go to Guangzhou engineering contract firms to participate in the construction practice, when the project is: Nansha Crystal Bay 2 high-rise residential. My main task is responsible for on-site measurements and the job that put a line, to assist the work of various types of technical staff, during the internship I try hard, on-site construction workers, and supervision engineer with an open mind to learn, learned a lot of site construction technology and skills, and theory with practice, deepen the understanding of the knowledge in the books. In addition, through the internship, I have accumulated a certain project management experience for the future work, lay a solid foundation.

  University four years of study and life experience, so I learned to think, learn how to behave, learn how to work with the people, exercise the organizational ability and communication, coordination ability, train hard, dedication, concerned about the collective, pragmatic, seeking the idea. Heavy in the past, the unit is to the future development and accumulation. My future, is preparing for your company's brilliant future and contribution, hard work! If you do not abandon, please call the inquiry, give me a chance to contact your company.

  Thank you in his busy schedule to give my attention, wish your career flourishing, record breaking success, I wish every success in your career, further! Eagerly look forward to your good news, thank you!






  在几年的学习生活中,系统学习了autocad 天正cad、广夏结构设计软件、工程力学、结构力学、土力学、工程制图,工程地质、基础工程、土木工程材料、测量学、混凝土结构、钢结构、土木工程施工与组织管理、高层建筑结构抗震设计、岩土体工程、地下工程、工程管理、概预算与招投标等专业知识,通过实习积累了较丰富的工作经验




  感谢您在百忙之中给予我的关注,愿贵公司事业蒸蒸日上,屡创佳绩,祝您的事业百尺竿头,更进一步! 殷切盼望您的佳音,谢谢!






  Respect leadership:


  When you hand rev. Read the letter of recommendation to apply for a job, is for me the past four years of hard study review. When you finally closed the resume, maybe turned a new page in my life. Thank you for taking time to read down I offer to volunteer the material, I am confident I will not let you down!

  I am guangdong university of technology, mathematics and applied mathematics with professional a university graduate. In four years,pleted all specified discipline, interdisciplinary study result good! Through the theory and knowledge relative to this professional learning, their professional knowledge to have the system master and ascension. Usually in addition to the courses that learning outside, still pay attention to many software the study, can skilled operation office automation, Auto - CADpro - E, and gains the CAD intermediate level certificate.

  During the period of school main course: higher mathematics, college English, modern drawing, college physics, engineering mechanics, engineering materials, tolerance fit and measurement, basicputer, machinery processing equipment, metal technology, electronic electrotechnics, mechanical CAD, CAM, mechanical design basis, machinery manufacturing technology, electrical equipment and PLC, mechanical equipment maintenance, CNC machine tool processing programming, machine tool fixture equipment course, open up my thinking, improve my inner cultivation.

  As the 21st century college students, I did not only satisfies in the theory of knowledge learning, since since the door, I make full use of his spare time widely to participate in social practice, often to social theory with practice, from the personal practice to improve theirprehensive ability. I believe that I can adapt to the present social fiercepetition environment.






  三年来,作为一名计算机专业的大学生,我知道计算机和网络是将来的工具,我本着学以致用的原则,在师友的严格教益及个人努力下,全面的掌握计算机应用专业基础知识。因此扎实的计算机知识并具有较好的计算机应用能力,可以熟练的进行Windows98/2000/XP/2003 Server等系统的操作,对Linux、Unix、有一定的了解。同时能较熟练操作C、FoxPro、VB、Access、ASP、HTML等语言,同时对SQL、Oracle也有一定程度上的认识,能熟练操作office 办公软件、Dreamweaver、Flash、Fireworks、Photoshop、AutoCAD、 Authoware等。








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