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  英语老师英文求职信 篇一

  Dear leaders:


  I am a Foreign Language College, XX Normal XX-class English-speaking, a student, after four years of study and training, I will be completed in July next year, university studies, the real into the community to begin a new period of life on the road journey.

  For more than three years, school leaders and teachers under the guidance of my efforts to learn professional knowledge, professional skills training, professional standards have improved each year, his sophomore year with good results when the English language through the four professional examinations and early next year to participate in professional examinations 8. Basic to the use of English for ease of listening, speaking, reading and writing, I engage in the linguistics, British and American English and American Literature and an overview of the knowledge structure of the adjustment at the same time, the expansion of the field of vision.

  Know very well that the people of the 21st century teachers on a more rigorous challenge, and I study at home and abroad in the influential theory of education, with particular emphasis on the cultivation of practical abilities, in addition to the active participation of the Department, the hospital and school activities, I enthusiastically into social practice, by doing part-time tutor and teachers for the work to the theory applies to practice, and in accordance with the characteristics of the students to sum up and development of appropriate teaching methods, the initial accumulation of teaching experience, all I can this year education to play a long internship, internship completion of outstanding tasks, have obtained outstanding results.

  Four years of college life taught me learned how to calm and fortitude, so that I can in life to find the coordinates of the location of their own and constantly self-repairing, but also a profound understanding of the people I need to do everything carefully, serious and pragmatic to face every step of life. Therefore, I sincerely hope to join you this excellent, full of vitality of the groups, in your guidance and help to work together in the road of life keep making progress!

  I wish your school career success!


  英语老师英文求职信 篇二

  dear leaders of the school:


  i am the english department, northeast normal university foreign language institute for students in grade 97, will graduate in july XX, i am interested in the educational front to play their own light and heat.

  the influence of the family, forming a hard-working spirit of my many years of honing cast my strong-willed character, school education that i have qualified for the future education of my professional and cultural qualities.

  university for four years, i matured, normal humanities academic atmosphere cultivated my moral character, develop a unique set of learning my way, i always strict with himself, everything strict demands on themselves, so i have a number of aspects have a leap of progress.

  in the study, i know that learning is the bounden duty of the students, if you do not study hard work will not be qualified for future challenges. in addition to his own efforts to study english, but also actively expand the knowledge in the various stages of examination, the results have been good all through the school, has received third-class scholarship, in addition, in order to meet the ever-changing new needs of the times, coupled with their own interest, during the first year to participate in the department of computer training, master the basic operations, sophomore, junior during the minor in computer science, jilin university of technology and graduated with honors .

  at work, i have initially shown their work in coordinating the talents of students. begin as a freshman, i have been sleeping long as the post of counselor actively cooperate with the department prepare students to work.

  dedicated connection, in the northeast normal university high school intern, i have been consulted widely to teachers, serious work, won the praise of teachers and students have achieved "excellent" results. three years, i have not stopped tutor, i taught students of all ages, from which benefit, on the one hand, i understand the psychological development of students and different learning requirements, on the other hand, for junior high and high some initial grasp of the textbooks, which the future of education, there will be a great help.

  in the cultural field of sports, to participate actively in physical exercise, three years, sports has been excellent performance, a former member of the class of the sport. not only that, i have a keen interest in dance, and self-study for many years, actively participated in cultural activities in schools, moreover, i was good at painting, a poster for the class, blackboard newspaper.

  in moral terms, to education, i am passionate about, well aware that "ten trees, takes a hundred years", the success or failure of education in relation to a country and a nation's success or failure, i would like to do in the cause of education a humble. and i believe the school was the school motto in one sentence: do educators, not just jiaoshu jiang. therefore, education in the future, i will continue to work to that end.

  rigorous and realistic in your school's style of teaching attractive to me, i hope that i can become a member of your school, and i will work towards development of education in your school, i believe, i will become a qualified teacher . finally, ask your school to give me a chance to prove himself.

  i wish your school business was flourishing, to go further.

  英语老师英文求职信 篇三

  dear sir / madam:

  my name is wang ying, i am xi an university graduates. i am of the department of education of english majors. i am very glad to have this opportunity to improve our mutual understanding.

  with the increasingly fierce social competition, the personnel requirements are increasingly high, i try to learn all kinds of knowledge in the university for four years, and the measure of my old

  teacher is hard work and i myself; i have mastered english listening, speaking, reading and writing skills.

  in order to better adapt to society after graduation, i learned the computer technology during the summer, and as a english tutor work, counseling a high school student is foreign language courses, was highly praised by parents in the education practice, improve their ability to work. because as in a number of candidates, i may not be the best, but i am still very confident, i will do my best to become an excellent primary and secondary school teachers, sincerely hope that i can make i can in the future in the school a hard gardener.

  finally, wide na xiancai wish expensive unit.

  sincere candidates: wang ying