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  求职信是针对特定的个人而写,而简历的写作却是针对特定的工作岗位,求职信可以说是对简历的补充和概述。 以下是CN人才网小编为您提供的一篇优秀营销部英文求职信范文,欢迎阅读!



  Respect of the Marketing Department minister li:

  How do you do

  I am a graduating college student, I study in jingzhou institute of education. I see your company's recruitment information in recruitment online, we see that your firm to hire a marketing director, therefore, to send my cover letter, your company at the minister li in spite of being very busy toglance take time to read my cover letter. I will be infinitely grateful.

  I read the recruitment information of your company, I think I am capable and competent. Because this position has a close relationship with my major. University for three years, I was in business management, major course of marketing, market research and economics, economic law, basic accounting, basic statistics, management foundation. While learning in college English, marxist philosophy, legal basis and other public courses.

  During the period of school, I learn professional knowledge seriously, are more than 85 points for each course, treatment of learning, I think we should have a good attitude and a high degree of confidence, I take learning as a happy thing to do. I love my professional courses, especially in marketing, so I every time in class for a chance to speak. Through their own continued efforts, I at once passed the English level test, computer level test, statistical qualification examination, mandarin and got the relevant certificates. English has always been my pride, I adhere to the morning reading every morning to improve their spoken English. I think as a marketing director needs certain oral English ability. So I've been strict with myself, both in the cold winter and hot summer I keep practicing spoken English.

  In the class, I worked as a learning committee member is responsible for the students to learn in the class, at the same time to coordinate the relationship between the teachers and classmates. For this post, I constantly improve themselves, improve themselves in all aspects, such as in dealing with people, interpersonal, organization ability and so on. I always all is the work study two not mistake, at work and at the same time I will deal with my study, I will not delay my study because of work, but don't give up work for learning. I can very good deal with the relationship between work and studies, as a learning committee member, let I learned a lot of knowledge, can be said to be a lot!

  I know that only good is not enough in the study, at the same time also requires it, the body, various aspects of all-round development, so into the university. I will submit to party a party membership application form, and participate in the completion of training, now is an activist to join the party. In addition, I also use spare time to participate in school activities, large and small twice to participate in the "voluntary service bus activity", once "tomb-sweeping day" twice "compulsory newspaper" and so on. From these activities greatly exercise my courage and ability of organization, these are all the activities of the youth league. For college, and I also never put department activities, in XX years participated in the college, the organization's "star cup" basketball game and get a ranking, XX years and volleyball "cup" speech contest, and won honorable mention, far from the speech contest has tempered my eloquence and mandarin level, I are a step closer to the requirements of marketing director. To participate in school activities, not only enrich my college life, more importantly, has exercised my various aspects ability.

  We all know that light has theoretical knowledge is not enough, practice is the embodiment of the theory, so it is important to practice, so during the period of school, I use after school time to do some related to this professional work, such as supermarkets, assistants, and so on. These jobs are greatly improved my ability of practical operation. In addition, in order to improve their organization and communication skills, I also served as a freshman counselors for a month, just a month time to make my ability has improved.

  Due to his hard study, so in XX years was awarded the first prize for national scholarship, "miyoshi students," the honorary title of XX years, the honorary title of "outstanding member" XX years

  Although I learn major is not marketing, but I learned related professional knowledge, I believe I can competent for this job. If I had the opportunity to enter your company, so I will keep on learning to strengthen themselves, if not be accepted, then the function to prove that I am not good enough. I will study harder to improve their various aspects ability, thank you in spite of being very busy toglance take time to read my cover letter, the last hope you can give me the opportunity for a interview, I will thank you very much!










  在班上,我担任的是学习委员一职,负责班上学生的学习工作,同时协调老师和同学之间的关系。担任此职务以来,我不断的.提高自己,让自己在各个方面都有所提高,比如在与人打交道方面,处理人际关系方面,组织能力方面等等。我从来都是工作学习两不误的, 在工作的同时我会处理好我的学习的,我不会因为工作而耽误我的学习,但也不会因为学习而放弃工作。我能够很好的处理好学习与工作之间的关系,担任学习委员以来,让我学到了很多的知识,可以说是受益匪浅啊!




  虽然我学的专业不是市场营销, 但是我学了相关方面的专业知识,我相信我能够胜任这一份工作。如果我有幸进入贵公司,那么我会不断学习来强化自己,如果没有被录取,那么职能证明我还不够优秀。我会更加努力的学习来提升自己各方面的能力,谢谢您在百忙之中抽出时间来阅读我的求职信,最后希望贵公司能给我一个面试的机会,我将十分感谢!