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  Respect leadership:



  Your trust is my power!

  My name is XXX, xx years old this year. Now studying in chengdu information engineering college level 11 xx professional college. Normal colleges and universities, normal but I have a heart does not dare the ordinary.

  I, confident, optimistic, dare to meet all challenges. Although only an ordinary college graduates, but young is my capital, fighting is my nature, effort is my responsibility, I firmly believe that success will become inevitable.

  After three years of university, in the face of future career choice, I had a more sober understanding to myself. I pay attention to professional knowledge study, extensive study interdisciplinary knowledge and skills, with an unyielding, for knowledge. At the same time, absorb other domain knowledge to enrich themselves, widely read books, mastered the basic knowledge of accounting, commonly used operation and office software. Through their own efforts, I won a third prize scholarship, the school outstanding student cadres, cadres from worked as a community.

  I worked in the university during the summer vacation to the "China mobile" - "mianyang, the communication of the king" division made phone business extension, to learn the practical knowledge at the same time, will I learn in school marketing knowledge applied in my job, cultivated my feet on the ground, serious and responsible work style, innovative work way of thinking; I lead by example, generally pragmatic work principle, the ability to work and the principles of honest and tolerant person has won the trust and support of colleagues. Volunteers took the 20 xx meteorological disaster prevention and mitigation propaganda line of China's large popular science activities ", during the period of volunteer, to know that the power of unity and cooperation, also has exercised my ability of communication and collaboration.

  A person to do well into the society is the only thing to realize self value. Others don't want to do it, I'll duty-bound to do; Others can do, I will try my best to do it better! Play their own advantages, I would like to work with your colleagues hand in hand advance together, altogether creates magnificently!

  Thank you in spite of being very busy toglance reading my resume, sincerely wish business is thriving!

  Advance salute!


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  此致 敬礼!




  Respect of company leaders:

  hello! First of all, thank you in spite of being very busy toglance reading my cover letter.

  I am a xx school of finance and economics of computerized accounting major graduates, I come from shantou, my hometown simple morals formed my thrift, diligent and kind. Three years of learning career training I seek truth from facts, positive attitude, I set up the correct outlook on life, values, formed the enthusiasm, enterprising, indomitable character and honest, and trustworthy, responsible, caring, solid credo.

  The school for three years, I study hard, performance is excellent, won a miyoshi students in the class and excellent, excellent class cadre. In teachers and strict instructive and personal efforts, I studied professional courses: basic accounting, commercial accounting, corporate accounting, cost accounting, have the solid professional knowledge. I can skilled operate the accounting computerization system software module, also familiar with the manual bookkeeping, the school the teacher training, complete a set of manual bookkeeping accounting graduate training, as well as about financial cashier practice knowledge, as well as statistical knowledge!

  Make full use of my spare time widely participate in social practice activities. Three years in school, I attended the school organization of a two-month school social practice: XXXX to xx city printing co., LTD., intern, was named "outstanding intern", this not only make my professional skills got the sublimation, also make my management and organization to play and further exercise, more get the department leadership and the teacher's affirmation and praise. In addition, I took part in the winter vacation, China mobile company organization of "college students graduate student fund" interview, to stand out from them in communication 100 halls began a six-month part-time job, this experience made me has the certain marketing experience and social experience, and remarkable achievements. In addition, during the period of school, I worked as a vice President of the student community speech association, association of marketing communications department minister, many organizations, participation in social practice activities, accumulated the rich practical experience.

  I always believe that as long as there is perseverance, the iron pestle can be ground into a needle, so I hope to be able to rely on his own skills have a stable career. If I have the honor to be admitted to your company, I will study diligently, strive to do more contribution to the company, I have a heart of upward, and strong professional level, I can bear hardships and stand hard work, obey the arrangement, collective concept is strong, has the dedication, I sincerely hope your company give me the opportunity of the interview and apply for, I will work with my job performance and results to prove everything.

  Advance salute!


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  在校三年来,我学习刻苦,成绩优异,曾获得班里三好学生和品学兼优生,优秀班干部。 在师友的严格教益和个人努力下,我学习了专业课程:基础会计,商业会计,企业会计,成本会计,具备了扎实的专业基础知识。我能够熟练的操作会计电算化系统软件模块,也熟悉手工记账,在校经老师培训,完整的完成了一套手工记账会计毕业实训,同时也掌握了有关于财务的出纳实务知识,以及统计知识!



  此致 敬礼!




  Respected leaders:

  hello! First of all, hard work to extend my deep respect to you! At the same time also thank you in spite of being very busy toglance reading my cover material. I am sichuan chengdu foreign language university college English major, a student of the class of 20x will face graduation. After four years of college education and university life, in the face of new opportunities and challenges, I am more determined the "self-confidence, self-improvement, hard work and modest" credo.

  Sichuan foreign language college is China's famous English talent training base, has a reputation for scholarship and education well. Under such learning environment, I truly realized the fun of learning English and determined to be a people's teacher education career to devote himself to English, both in the intellectual capacity, or in terms of quality accomplishment, I benefit a lot.

  "Learn Gao Weishi, the body is for fan" is I always remember the key word. As a guide, I study hard in the university four years, constantly enrich self, self adjustment. During the period of school, ideological progress, and actively seek diligently closes up to the party organization, the firm faith, pay attention to the cultivation of their moral accomplishment and improve. Learning attitude, have the courage to explore, work hard, and get scholarships for many times, trying to construct their own knowledge structure and enrich the perfect it. In addition, on ability training and take an active part in the school, the department activities, efforts to explore their potential in many aspects, play a special skill.

  I character cheerful, optimistic, self-confidence, steady heavy, humor, honesty pragmatic, treats people the enthusiasm, sincerity. Serious and responsible work, initiative, can bear hardships and stand hard work. Has the strong organization ability, reality get to work the ability and the group are synergetic spirit, can rapid adaptation each kind of environment, and fuses. Relationships with classmates at school, in all kinds of social practice activities, such as tutor, such as sales and marketing work of various enterprises and institutions established good relationships with my colleagues. These social practice work make me have a keen insight, independent thinking, judgment, determination of style and team cooperation spirit, the most important is learned the way of life. Solid professional ability and the accumulation of social practice experience makes me confident qualified for your school work required.

  My knowledge, courage and insight are looking forward to your appreciation!

  I really, love and confidence will also help you achieve great ambition!

  Wish your university education finally cause a wave height. Tomorrow more than today!

  Advance salute!


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  此致 敬礼!