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英文求职信 篇1

  Dear leaders:

  Thank you for your concern about the use of the valuable time of my cover letter!

  My name is xxx, XX, and this year's 22-year-old, X years in XXXX on XXX graduated from the University, his loyalty to honest and reliable; will be day-to-day operation of computers,has won numerous awards in the student and to participate actively in hospital the activities of school organizations,have a good life style and high sense of discipline in mind,the awareness of higher consciousness,to the implementation of good order, a strong sense of teamwork, hard work style,not afraid of hardship,and the courage first to. the work of a sense of responsibility strong, and ready to help others on the tasks assigned by the superiors motivated and good at learning on their own hard work,a certain degree of grass-roots management experience.

  I have learned is the professional management of industrial and commercial enterprises,but I do not rigidly adhere to professional constraints,of all walks of life are full of confidence and love. Of course, in the spare time,I like to do is to read the Exercise and Sport . I like to see some kind of inspirational books,like her spare time for basketball,soccer and other ball games! I think that there is no good physical work conditions can not be backed up,there is no more flexible mind can not be!

  Optional wood and good bird habitat,allow disabled persons to friends. An opportunity to co-operate,to me is a good start,for you are a wise choice. I was a Chollima,as you are pursuing the ability and insight to such a re - The horses only. sincerely hope you can give me a play to realize the value of life,in order to effect social development opportunities. language can only be moved by the people of time,the ability to prove I can. I believe that under your wise leadership, in my diligence efforts,tomorrow I willbecome a member of your organization best. My credo is: Opportunities favor only those people who are fully prepared.

  I wish you every success for the cause。

英文求职信 篇2

  Dear Mr. Byron,

  I am writing to express my interest in your recently advertised position for a waitress. Enclosed with(附上) this letter is my resume, which further details my qualifications(资历) and previous work experiences.

  Not only do my qualifications and work experience make me a perfect candidate(完美候选人) for the job, but my personality is well suited to(适合) working as a waitress. I am a very friendly person who can quickly establish rapport with people of all ages.

  I would like to meet with you at your earliest convenience, to discuss the possibility of working at your restaurant. Thank you for your consideration of my application. I look forward to meeting you in the near future.

  Yours sincerely,

  Li Ming

英文求职信 篇3

Dear Mr。 Courtsworth:

  I am seeking a CEO position in the chemical industry。 My professional career exhibits a record of strong achievement and significant contributions。 I am a top performing chemical industry executive with an extensive sales, manufacturing, research and operations background。

  Throughout my career I recruited selected and developed very talented managers。 I utilized persistence, technical expertise and interpersonal skills to establish and build long-term relationships with diverse customers。 I analyzed, evaluated and led entry into new market niches enabling the company to generate significant profits, and am recognized as a creative manager with strong strategic planning, communications, listening, and operational skills。 The following highlight some of my key accomplishments:

  Analyzed markets, determined special market niches, shifted product line and aggressively led entry into new markets resulting in sales growth of 300% and a sizeable profit improvement 。

  Exercised operational PL responsibility for a $30 million corporation manufacturing industrial specialty O。E。M。 paints and coatings。

  Landed major industrial accounts by building solid relationships through persistent and creative presentations, development of superior products, and quality service。

  If my qualifications are of interest, Mr Courtsworth, I would be delighted to meet with you to further explore opportunities with your fine company。 I hope that we will have the opportunity to meet shortly, and I look forward to hearing from you。


  Randolph B。 Mannington



英文求职信 篇4

  Dear Sir/Madam:

  Hello. The bank has been a good image in the social reputation, I am about to graduate, if there is a chance is willing to your company can effect a modest! My name is XXX, graduated from the China University of Mining and Technology, was studying financial management specialty. The following is my personal letter of introduction.

  I to your bank for some basic understanding. As a newcomer students finish their studies, I have the confidence to accept the social test and the challenge from its own. During my college study hard, strict demands on themselves, respect for teachers, and actively participate in various activities organized by the school. On weekdays, and teachers and students live together in peace together. In English, passed Band Four six examination. I know, the bank clerk is the need to have a strong sense of responsibility, practice. Therefore, in school period, I tried a different practice and work. I do Secretary, did the promotion, has made the family, worked as a waitress, different occupation has given me a different experience let me gradually from a silly little girl into an independent thinking, problem solving skill and teamwork spirit. In order to remain invincible in the work, do a better job.

  I hope to go to your bank to work, to learn the theory of combination of knowledge and practice, so that their life can have a qualitative leap. I believe that your bank is whole image, management mode, working atmosphere will be more attractive to me in my mind, is the pursuit of the ideals and goals.

  We enclosed a copy of my resume, hope to be able to notice will have the opportunity to meet.

  Sincerely yours


英文求职信 篇5

Dear Sir/Madam:

  Your advertisement for a Network Maintenance Engineer in the April 10 Student Daily interested me because the position that you described sounds exactly like the kind of job I am seeeking.

  According to the advertisement, your position requires top university, Bachelor or above in Computer Science or equivalent field and proficient in Windows NT4.0 and LINUX System. I feel that I am competent to meet the requirements. I will be graduating from Graduate School of Tsinghua University this year with a M.S. degree. My studies have included courses in computer control and management and I designed a control simulation system developed with Microsoft Visual InterDev and SQL Server.

  During my education, I have grasped the principals of my major and skills of practice. Not only have I passed CET-6, but more important I can communicate with others freely in English. My ability to write and speak English is out of question.

  I would appreciate your time in reviewing my enclosed resume and if there is any additional information you require, please contact me. I would welcome an opportunity to meet with you for a personal interview.

  With many thanks,

  Wang Lin

英文求职信 篇6

  Dear leaders:


  I would like your company to apply for the post of foreign trade salesman, so take the liberty to write a letter cover letter, a dream of college graduates will be the beginning of your company from ...... I am a student of the University of Nationalities, senior, applied psychology professional. I am very interested in foreign trade, from the third year after the beginning of my intention to engage in import and export business after graduation. I understand that this is not for me a very easy thing, because I am neither a professional international trade professional, nor is it in English or other foreign language professional, but the application of

  psychology, I have never had work experience in foreign trade. Step by step but I believe that is the best shortcut, the greatest success comes from a large number of failures. "Volume in sheep's clothing" and then I have been inspired to do so, "as long as perseverance, anything can be done." Almost every day I am studying Business English, a large number to listen to and practice writing business letters and business English, learn the basic knowledge of

  international trade, with import and export trade of the business processes and terminology, documents and so on. In addition, I also learn from some of the daily life of Japanese and Korean conversation, often online through msn and other countries using the English

  language users, the e-mail and so on, in the process, I can see their own progress, as well as experienced full satisfaction and fun.

  I know that everything is hard in the beginning, to the threshold of entering the foreign trade sector this is my first step, if

  employed, for giving me this opportunity, I am willing to start from the most basic. With the first step I believe, my second step, third step ... ... to be more confident going, but it all depends on your company's support and help, I hope you can give me this opportunity. Thanks to examine deeply grateful. If an interview appointment, I immediately started training can begin to participate in the work. Sincerely,


英文求职信 篇7


  414-806 Taylor Avenue

  Winnipeg MB R3P 2R2



  Carla Donato


  Lawn Park Day Care Ltd

  2159 Notre Dane Avenue

  Winnipeg MB R3H 2J9

  Dear Mrs. Carla

  Hello, thank you very much for talking the time to review my cover letter, and give me the opportunity to apply. As an accounting professional graduate. I enjoy the accounting major and have invested enormous enthusiasm and energy. In a few years of study life, I have studied the accounting professional knowledge, I through the practice has accumulated rich experience.

  During my university career, I was always positivism, strenuous, enterprising, and have achieved rapid development in various aspects, improving thEir comprehensive quality. On the job I can diligently, seriously and responsibly, elaborate organization, and strive to be the best.

  A series of internships helped me to accumulate precious experience in my field, I learned to think, to learn the personhood, learned how to work with people, to exercise the ability of organization and communication, coordination ability, cultivate the concerned about the collective, a practical person. My plan in the past, was for the sake of a company’s future development and to accumulate knowledge. My plans are to prepare for a brilliant future in your company and to contribute! I wish to assure you that, your company telephone enquiries, please, give me a chance to contact with your company.

  Thank you in spite of being very busy for glancing at my resume and for giving attention, wish your company business progresses day by day, repeated success. I wish your career progress further! Eagerly looking forward to your favorable reply, thank you!