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Dear Ms. Volitip:


  Do you have need for an employee who can provide management with timely information on which crucial decisions (e.g., marketing of company products, the opening of new branches, diversification of company operations, examination of the effects of new tax laws, preparation of economic forecasts, etc.) are made?

  I hold an M.S. degree in Economics and Operations Research and am seeking a position with a growing organization that can fully challenge my research capabilities in pursuit of the firm's objectives.

  The enclosed resume reflects solid achievement in both the classroom and during my brief professional career. Whether in the classroom or at the workplace, I have been consistently able to meet near-term objectives while developing the tools to successfully tackle future requirements.

  Thank you for your time. I look forward to hearing from you. References will be furnished upon request.



Dear Sir or Madam,

  I’m writing to you to apply for the post of Manager in the market department/ I’ve read your advertisement for the position of marketing Manager in the newspaper. I’m interested in the post and hope to have the chance to join you in the future.

  I’m a graduate from Zhongnan University of Finance and Economics. Undoubtedly, a manager in marketing department needs all kinds of qualifications such as netanizing ability, creative ideas and team spirit. It happens that I major in marketing and thus have comprehensive knowledge needed in exploring market. In the second place, I’m a quite cooperative person and welcome all chances to work with a team. I’m sure team spirit is something essential to marketing work. Last but not the least, as an ex-chairman of student union in a famous university, I have rich experience of netanizing all kinds of activities, which will benefit my work. Besides, I’m so easygoing and can make friends easily that I’m very popular with my classmates and teachers.

  If you’re interested in my application, please contact me by my mobile phone number 138****3853. I’m looking forward to your prompt reply.

  Sincerely yours,


Dear Sir or Madam:

  In an advertisement I know that your company is in need of a secretary. I would like to apply for the job.

  I am a student of business management in Xiamen University. My name is Sara. I am twenty-three years old and will graduate this summer.I am able to operate computer skillfully. I think this is very important for office work. I have learned English for ten years. I am very good at English, so I have been an editor of my department's English Paper in the past two years.

  My grades are among the best ones in my department. Besides,I like office work very much and I can be competent in it. I will be quite appreciative if I am offered the opportunity. Thank you for your consideration. I wish to get your answer soon.

  Yours faithfully


  dear leaders:


  thank you for taking the time in his busy schedule to read myLetter of self-recommendation this.

  i was in heilongjiang province institute of education, department of 06 pre-school session of the students, the occasion of careers, i, an education full of boundless enthusiasm of youth, with one pairs of the persistent pursuit of education, in good faith recommend your own.

  over the past three years in school, i studied hard and seriously treasury study, each semester is to complete the outstanding results of the study subjects, and continuously improve all aspects of their own from. not only in professional courses. skills class outstanding achievements, but also other theory and other disciplines to expand their knowledge. while studying at the school is a member of the school dance. province has participated in performances and other cultural activities, not only let me in the dance disciplines results in improved skills and enhanced their higher psychological quality. and won 2nd in harbin "bee flower cup" young children in an integrated talent contest. youth dance group, "gold award" honor! in the after-school time, i like reading books, from the book draw nourishment to equip themselves with new ideas, to develop mind.

  practice is the sole criterion for testing truth, so i use vacation time to a private kindergarten and special dance classes, training teachers to serve as its efforts to obtain work experience. for the future of early childhood education to engage in the cause of fully prepared. arranged in school internship base, the air force blue kindergarten internship period, reflected in their overall quality higher. received training units at home.

  university life will soon be passed, and i a solid self-confidence in their own professional knowledge, rich in psychological knowledge, organization and management of high capacity and teaching ability, competence and good will certainly be able to complete your work to me, please your school g

  ave me a chance.


  Dear HR Manager,

  I would like to apply for the Global Management Trainee Program. As a third-year-postgraduate student major in Management Science and Engineering, I have some basic knowledge on management science .

  I have a friend who is one of the interns of your last Summer internship Program. She told me many things about her experiences in your company.And that is why I am really fond of that kind of life: to corporate with

  excellent workmates, to solve problems in a challenging circumstance and to enjoy thedelightfulness of

  accomplishing tough tasks. I will really appreciate your kindness if you offer me such an opportunity to join the big family of XXX.

  You can contact me any time at your convenience, looking forward to your reply and thank you for your consideration.

  Best Regards!


  carolyn a. beatty

  400 east 7th street home: (215) 557-4563

  lansdale, pa 19407 office: (215) 883-9856

  april 18, 20xx

  ms. janet n. morse

  vice president of human resourses

  the utica corporation

  100 woodlawn avenue

  utica, ny 27716

  dear mr. morse:

  i am currently seeking a postion as training and development manager for a medium-sized manufacturing company. i am a hands-on, results-oriented leader with a comprehensive background in training design, development and delivery. the enclosed resume details the specifics of my experience and accomplishments.

  my background spans(跨越) over ten years of diverse training and development experience, providing support to a variety of functional clients. in all cases i have been successful in getting strong client support and ownership of the programs delivered. the following highlights some of my key accomplishments:

  -directed training of 200 person field sales organization for a major electronics distribution company

  -used assessment methodology as the basis for constructing "high performance models" for certain key management jobs. assessed key managers against these models as the basis for defining key management needs/priorities.

  -desingned and delivered company‘s first highly successful introductory course to total quality management-over500 managers trained across3 divisions.

  -developed methodology for linking training needs with business strategy,and put in place a reliable method for providing quantitative measurement of the effectiveness of management training and development programs.

  based upon my job experience and educational qualifications, i am confident that i can bring effective leadership to your training function and improve the overall human resource effectiveness and productivity of your company. i would appreciate the opportunity to further discuss my credentials with you during a face-to-face interview.

  i hope to hear from you shortly.


  ours very truly,


  carolyn a. beatty



  Dear mr liu,

  application for the position of accounting manager

  in response to your advertisement in today's for the above position, i would like to submit my application for your consideration.

  during the past nine years, my experience has concentrated in the accounting industry with an accounting services firm. being an accounting manager for four years, i assisted in the development of a base reference library for 500 clients. as you will notice from my resume, i possess excellent oral and writing skills. i have trained four new supervisors through coaching sessions, communication meetings and technical skills sessions. i believe this background provides the management skills you require for this position. i look forward to your reply.

  yours sincerely



  dear leaders:


  department of the university of xxxx xxxx i was a student, about to face graduation.

  xxxx xxxx university is our focus on talent training base, has a long history and fine traditions, and are known for their rigorous

  scholarship, and educating people well-known; xxxx xxxx department of the university of xxxx is the national base of disciplines. in such a learning environment, both in knowledge and ability, personal qualities or accomplishments, i have benefited greatly.

  four years, the strict lessons in mentoring and personal efforts, i have a solid foundation of professional knowledge, systematically mastered the xxxx, xxxx and other relevant theories; familiar with the work of common foreign etiquette; have good english listening, speaking, reading, writing and translation capabilities; proficiency in operating a computer office software. at the same time, in my spare time extensively studied under a number of books, not only to enrich themselves, but also develop their own multi-faceted skills. more importantly, the rigorous study and correct learning attitude shaped my simple, stable, and innovative character.

  in addition, i also actively participate in various social activities, to seize every opportunity to exercise their own. four years in college, i deeply feel that working with the best students, so i

  benefit in the competition; challenges to practical difficulties, let me grow up in frustration. grandparents who taught me hard work,

  diligence, kindness, integrity; renmin university of china to develop my pragmatic, pioneering style. i love your organization engaged in

  the cause, eagerly look forward to your leadership, the building blocks for this glorious cause; and continuous learning in practice and progress.

  close pen occasion, solemnly raised a small request: whether or not you choose me, respected leadership, i hope you will accept my sincere thanks!

  i wish your organization flourishing!


  in may xx xxxx



  in reply to your advertisement in the bristol news of june 2, i wish to say that i am seeking the kind of position your offer. i am nineteen years old, and expect to graduate from the bristol technical high school this month. during three years of the course i have been working with many kinds of machinery and have helped to set up and repair the machinery in one of the school shops. my father is a chauffeur, and i helped him in repairing automobiles. last summer i took a party of excursionists on a three weeks‘tour. while we were in west epping, away from repair shops, my machine was badly damaged. i had to repair two cylinders and rig up a temporary steering wheel.

  inclosed you will find a copy of my resume-and my photo. i believe they may be found satisfactory. concerning my character i am permitted to refer to mr. h. l. sled, head of the mechanical section of the bristol technical high school.

  yours truly,



Dear Sir/Madam:


  I am a student of preschool education major of XX teachers college. I am about to graduate. Thank you for your busy schedule to read my letter of application.

  University for four years, in the teacher's strict guidance and personal efforts, I have a solid foundation of professional knowledge, master of system of the relevant theory of the psychology of children, the preschool education management, the scientific education of pre school children "," logic ", the interest hobby is widespread, in basketball, musical instruments, writing has certain expertise; can skilled operate computer applications and office software. At the same time, I used the spare time to learn certain electrical technology, electrical repair foundation.

  In addition, I also actively participate in various social activities, to seize every opportunity to improve their own. University for four years, I deeply feel, the strength of the team is great, is also a must, I love your company's work, like the atmosphere here, the earnest hope that under your leadership, under a cooperative efforts of staff, for the glorious cause of building blocks.

  I am optimistic, confident, self-motivated, broad loving, able to handle interpersonal relationships, have the expertise in coordination and communication, and have a strong sense of responsibility and mission. Now, I am about to graduate, in the face of new life choices and challenges, I am full of confidence. During the school, I actively participated in various activities organized by the school, the school was rated as outstanding members and other awards. In the study aspect, I am earnest, the result is excellent. And make full use of spare time, broaden the horizon of knowledge, improve the knowledge structure. And in the increasingly fierce competition today, I firmly believe that only the multi-level, all-round development, and skilled talents who master professional knowledge, to meet the needs of social development and the demand, so that it can be invincible. Internship period, to see their hard work and sweat in exchange for patients' recovery and smile, which is the best reward for me.

  Among the many job applicants, I'm not necessarily the best. But I still have confidence. Sincere pending the main, to be held by the monarch". I do not beg for trust, prefer action to seek trust. May your company give me a chance to work, to display their potential of space, I will do my best, to do my best, so that your satisfaction with the unit, so that customer satisfaction.

  Attached resume to the next page, regardless of whether you choose me, Respect leadership, I hope you can accept my sincere gratitude!